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Wiikat - There is a fairly active speeulation in wheat, but the market is somewhatjunsettled. White wheat is quoted at 76@7Xc, and Red wheat at 76@79 cents. CORN" - The trading in corn is only moderately active, at 41@42% cents. Oats- Market very quiet, at 29@31cts. Potatoes- Quoted at $1 40@l 60 per bbl. out of store. On the street, iirra at 50@55c per bu. Market easier tban last week. Pocltry- The market active at 8@8)Lc per lb for spring chicks, 10c for spring turkeys, 4L@5e for roosters, 8c for ducks 7c for fowls and 10e turkeys, per lb. live. Pigeons, 20@25c per pair. Pkovisioss- Mess pork, f 11; family, $13 50; ex-family $14, clear family, $14. Lard in tierces, 7íc ; kegs, 7%c ; 20 to 50 lb tubs. 7?fc; 3, 5 and 10 lb pailn, 8@S-Séc. Smoked hams, 12)c; shoulders, 7c; breakfast bacon, 8%c; dried beef hams, $13; ex-mess boef, $7 50; plate beef, $7 75. Bablet- Market dull at $1 30. Rye- Very quiet, 52cts. being the ruling price. Cloveb Seed- Merely nominal at $4 80@ Feed- Bran quoted at $!0 00@10 25, and middlings at $10 25@13 75. Keceipts liberal. Flour- Prices steady as folio ws: Patent process $4@4 35; patent, Michigan $4 5ü@ 4 75; stone process $3 5O@4; low grades $2 8Ö%@:(25; patent Minnesota, $5@5 25; nesota bakers', $4 00@4 30; rye, $3 50@365. Haï and Straw - Car lots of choice baled timothy, buying at $12@13 ; store lots in small bales solling at $14 00@15 00 per ton; straw in car lots, Í 5 50@ÖOO, and from store, $ö 50@7 per ton. Hiuks - Green dry, 6)c perlb; country, 7c; cured, 8c; green calf, 8@9e; salted do. 9@10c; lambs and shearlings, 25@75c; sheopskins with wool, 50c@$150; bulls, stags and grubby, % off. Sweet Potatoes- Per bbl, Jerseys, $3 25@3 50 per bbl. Baltimore quoted at $2 25a2 50. The supply good and market quiet. Hops- Best eastern, 30@33c per lb. Fair to good Michigan, 20@25c. inferior grades BcTTEii - Dairy receipts, best selections, 15@16c; Creamery, 21@23c; low grades, 6@íi; butterine, 12@14c per lb. Frütt- Apples, $1 25@1 75 per bbl. BartlettB $(i@7; other varieties $3@5 per bbl; white peaches, $1@1 25; yellow peaches, $2@2 50 per bu; plums, $2@2 50 per bu : crab apples, 75c@$l. CirEESE- New York full cream, 10@10}Lc and Michigan, lC@103c; Ohio grades, 8Ú@ 9íc. Eoos- The market fairly active at 15L@ 16c. The supply limited. Gjupes- Dull and over plentiful at 2@3c for Concorda and (j%@6c for Delawares and Catawbas per lb. Game - Per doz. woodcock, $3; snipe, $1 50; per pair partridges, 65@70c; wood duck, 30c: Mallard, (X)c; blue wing teal, 40c ; per lb bear saddles, 8@8Lc. Beeswax- Inanimate at 22@30c per lb, as to quality. Bean-s- Quotably steady at $1 42@1 45 per bu. Unpicked, 60c@$l per bu. Craxdeuries- Nominal at $1 50 perbu. LIVE STOCK. Cattle - Market slow and shade lower; packing shipping, 950 to 1500 lbs, $3 40@ 5 10; stocker and feeders, $2 10a3 a5; cows, bulls, and mixed, tl 803826; bulk, $2@2 60; bulk $2 15@2 75; through Texas cattle a shade lower; cows $2 25@2 75; steers $2 75 @3 35; Western rangers, 5@10c lower; nativos and half-breeds í@4; cows, $i 50@ 3 90; wiutered Texans, $2 7ó3 50. Hoos- Market slow at 5@10c lower; rough and mixed, Í4@4 7O; packing and Bhippine, $4 75@5 05; light, $3 95@4 80; skips, $2 50. Sheep- Market steady; natives, $2@3 75; Western, $3 25@3 40; Texans, $2@3; lambs, $3 30@4 75. The DroverB' Journal's special cablegram from London denotes a weak market at last weeks decline; best American steers selling at ll@12)c per lb.


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