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Minister Denby at Pekin, has reported to the secretary of the state two cases of recent ou trage perpetrated by the Chinese upon Americans. Rev. A. A. Fulton and wife, and Miss Mary Fulton, M. D., and all of the American Presbytorian Mi.ssion in China, established a mission hospital and station at Kwai Ping, about 400 miles Southwest from Cantón. When they had expendod a considerable sum in putting up tlio buildings plueards appoaredon the walls declaring that the ''foreign devils must go in three days and their buildings be destroyed." The Literati as usual were at the bottom of the disturbanco. A crowd gathered near the hospital and Mr. Fulton set out to secure the protection of the militia. He was stoned on his way and not permitted to return, and no soldiers werc sent to protect the mission. On May May 6 the mob piled straw and faggots against the building ococcupied by Mrs and Miss Fulton and a little daughter of the former, upon which the inniulrs fled and the house was looted and burnt. The ladies sought refuge on boats, but the mob threatened to destroy any bont that should receive them, and after soine delay thoy reached the point where Mr. Fulton had been compelled to remain. Two days later they were put on boats and conveyed to Canton. The value of the property destroyed is about $5,500, and Consul Seymour is pressing a demand for the payment of this amount in damagesThe second case is of a still more recent date. On Sunday June 6, in the abscence of all the gentlemen connected with the Methodist Kpiscopal Mission Hospital at Chung Kipg, and while only one lady was present, a mob eollected, threw stones at the lady, one of which cut open her index flnger lts ontire length, while she was otherwise injured about the head and arms. Complaint was made to the officials, but the malter was treated lightly. "This is a serious case," writes Mr. Denby, "andmay be a test one. It grew, as all our evils in China do, out of trouble in the United States." Still later- July 19 the mob attacked the Mission property at Chung and destroyed it. Mr. Denby liled a protest. _


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