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A plan of promotion has been prepared by toe civil service coniaiissioners and will probably be submitted to the president for his approval soon aftor his return from the Adirondacks. It contémplate the formation of boards of promotion in each department of Washington, to be assistod by an auxiliary number from each bureau, to whom applications and candidates for promotion are to he presented. Applicants are to be subjected to practical examinations, and are to be rated and marked after examination and certified for promotion four at a time, just as candidatos who are succossful in the primary examinations before the commission. The heads of bureaus of diyisions are to have the privilege of marking the papers of candidatos as to efficiency. Attention was directed in April last by a raember of the board of, departmental examiners to the fact that a few of the fourteen examiners on the official list were marking all the papers and passing upon them and that the excuse was made by most of the examiners that they could not altend to their official duties and find time to mark examination papers. The proposition will be made to have a board of one momber from each department to be constuntly employed in marking papers, sotne of which a year old and not yet niarked up are in the office of the commissioners. It is in conteruplation to have this proposed board mark all papers not only for the department but for the customs and postal service, so as to insure perfect impartiality by having them judged by absolute strangers and not persons who will soon become experts in discriminating between papers.


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