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Hon. James S. Gorman Of Lyndon, Is

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a candidato for state senator in this district. Mr. Gorman is a representativo of the young democracy and if nominated would be elected. The Courier very appropriately calis him "the silver-tongued orator of Washtenaw." In Hillsdale oounty the republicana are running the canipaign on " boodle." They think it necessary to Hpend two thousand dollars to aid in the eleotion of Capt. Allen. It is just so much money thrown away, but, of course, it is neceesary to make some kind of a showing in the distriot this fall. It is quite probable that the friends of the gas company will attempt to kill the report of the committee on electiric street lighting. But we believe that the efforts of Douglas & Oo. will have iittle weight with the common council . The way to assist in booming the city is to have it finely lighted,and if it can be done with electricity at about the same expense as is now paid for gas and oil, or even if it costa a Iittle more, let the electric light be adopted. Business men generally are in favor of it. Eahthquakes, considered in connec tion with the Bize of the earth, are slight affairs after all. A depression of the land sufücient to have submerged Charleston, would, according to a writer in the Scientific American, have in vol ved a lowering of the surface equal to about one three-hundred thousandth part of the diameter of the earth, but the depression at Charleston was one fiftymillionth part of the diameter. To make it still plainer, a proportional depression on a twenty-inch globe would be about one-twentieth the thickness of a piece of gold leaf. Thb democratie oonveution which meets next Tuesday, must not conclude that anybody nominated can be elected. We happen to know that the republican leaders are watching for a weak spot in the Democratie ticket, and will make a break for it if there is one. The eleotion is certa in to be close on congressman and the state ticket, and it is very important that at least two men should be on our couiity ticket who are able to appear in public aud make a thorough canvass of the oounty, holding meetings in every school district if necessary. A party can not be built up and maintained by nominating a ticket of which every man says, "I go in for myself and let the devil take the hindmost." It is not only for the trood of the party as a whole, but it is also good for all the candidatos that there should be at least two men on the ticket who can make a thorough canvass of the county. The courae of our eeteemed o o nteinporary, the Ann Arbor Register, in dwelling bo persistently on the possible defect'.on from the democratie ranks in Washtenaw county because of ihe failure of their candidato to secure the congressional nominalion, thus arrousing sectional jealousy, is very unwise in our opinión, and may prove a disastrous boomerang. Sectional prejudice ia always an unknown quautity, and any attempt to make pohtical capital out of it will prove a disappointing failure. It is not improbable that Mr. Salsbury will poll hia f uil party vote in Wasbtenaw county. - Ypailantian. From the above it would seem that which we have said as to the Kegister's oouree since the nomination of private fcjalsbury, is now corroborated by one of the strongest republican paper in this oongressional district. There is no doubt the Register has been making votes for the democratie nominee, and we shall be pleased to see the same line of argument continued through the balance of the campaign. The oommon counoil and the business men's oonunittee ara oonsidering the projeot of lighting the whole city with eleotricity. We uuderstand that it can be done at a email coat above the present expense, which we believe ia about four thousand two hundred dolíais. The ptesent lichting, for the sum it costs, is a failure. The truth is the tax payere do pot get the worth of their money. Give ub the eleotric lighting by all means. Let us see for once where pur money goes. Thousands of dollars are spent every year by the city in putting a load of gravel here and taking it off there, without any resnlt or proüt to the pub lio - indeed, it is money thrown away. Let this nonsense stop. Nothinj would boom the town so well as to adopt a general ttystem of electric bghting. The people will endure it if doea aot cost too much more than the present hghting. Next Tuesday prosecuting attorney Norris, register of deecls Kearns, sheriff Walsh, oounty treasurer Belser, and Sir Knight McKernan for circuit court commissioner, will be renominated by acclamation. This is the cuatom, it being their second terma. They have made good ofBcers and their noinination is a mere form. The only new men on our oounty ticket will be clerk and senator. It is certain that the republicana will concéntrate all their strength to secure one of these offices, and it behooves the conventions to select the two best and strongest men. They should be men who can secure their own election and give strength, weight and dignity to the whole ticket; men who can represent the great masses of the party, heal ite dissensions and lead it to viotory. Let the best men win! Lestek H. Sambury is the only private soldier that was ever nominated for congress in Michigan. He not only served as a private during the war, but after the fight he went to work on the railroad with a shovel to raiae money to secure his education. He knows how to sympathize with the private soldier and the laborer, for he has been there himself. He is emphatically the plain people' s candidate. His hat is not quite so gloaay as Crozier's nor his necktie and gloves quite as nice as Allen's but he is going to oongress, all the same. A prominent citizen of Adrián offers to bet one hundred dollars that Salsbury will carry every county in the district. We think this doubtful. It is likely that Allen or Orozier will oarry Hillsdale. We understand that Allen is claiming to be a prohibitionist. Now why could not he and Crozier divide Hillsdale bot ween them?


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