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The demooracy will find notliing to discourage tbem in the result of the Maine eleotion. While the Republicans have elected their stato ticket and congressmen, satisfactory gains were in the election of members of the legislature and reduoing the majorities of othera. The independent labor party assisted the election of republican congreesmen by running a separate ticket in three of the districts. A united opposition can redeem even Maine.- Pontiac Democrat. Ever since fusión began to out down republican victories, republicans have been trying to work upon the jealousy of greenbackers by taunting them with beng s wallowed up by the democratie party. Bat the greenbackers kept on fusing all the same, and now republicans have turned to tauntiug democrats with being swallowed by the greenbackers. No ubo. Fusión will go on with its victorious march, regardless. Democrats will be no more moved by taunte than were greenbaokers.- Owosso Press. " Luce claims to be a farmer when, in tact, he is a banker and shavas notes for the Bohemian oat swindlers. He is at the head of the state grange, and claims to carry the grande vote around in his hip pocket, but the farmers are deep khinkers and can't be hoodwinked. They are tired of Brother Luce using their organization as a stepping stone to attain his own politie U ends, and they won't hesitate to set down upon him at the polls. Geo. A. Smith is a true farmer, in honest man, is not a victim of ohronic itch for office." - Lanaing Journal. We notice that several of the lower península republican papers are charging Uon. S. 8. Uurry, the fusión nominee for lieutenant-governor, with being a lawyer. While it would be no reproach ;o Mr. Curry if he were a " limb of the law," there is no trutli in the statement that he is engaged in the practico of that noble profession. He knows a good deal of law, but doesn't practico it, not even a "little bit." Whatever of this world's ïoods he possesses has been acquired by Mr. Curry m exploring for and developing the mineral resources of the upper :KnitiHiila. He doesn't o we a dollar of it to the law, save in a sense that the luw p rotéete 'lira in the possession of what he das legitimately acquired by his own industry and thrift, just as it does milhons of others in this great state of Michigan. - Marquette Mining Journal. The republican state conveotion has challenged the people of Michigan to a square flght with the "millionaire syndicate. " The head of its state committee is president of the Miohican car works, president of a national bank, president of the malleable iron and steel company, president of a land grant railroad company, president of numerous transportation companies, and a large shareholder in about every Corporation that has struck anything rich in Michigan, and is par excellence, the head of the Michigan club. In other words the hydra-headed syndicnte,wliich control al) the monopolies in Michigan, and whose tentacles are upon every industry in the state, is chairman of the republioan state central committee. The " farmer candidate " dodge is too thin, when the entire machinery of the party is in the hands of such a monopolizing syndicate. Who can fail to see that the success of the republicans in Michigan this fall, means handing over the control of the state to thoae who have control of the party machine? Is it worth a struggle, people of Michigan? Shall the state be taken into the insatiate maw of the Corporation octopus? - Lapeer Democrat.


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