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Counoil meeting next Monday eveuing. A. B. Oole is buying apples D. Henning. Examinatiou of teachers at Manchester to-day. Milán has a jelly man ufuct uring establishment. This is the last day of the fair. Haces this afternoon. D. C. Fall and wife were in Detroit the last of the week. Seth Bandall is visiting his old home in Oakland county. No further developments yet as to Parker's brown stone front. Miss E. E. Bower has returned from a three weeks' visit in Detroit. Gil Snow has moved into R. B. Week's new house on North Fourth street. Edward Corselius of Midland, spent Sunday with his mother in this city. There is to be a yacht race ou Wampler's lake to-day, for three silver cups. The Manchester Enterprise is twenty years old, and a lively, spicy paper it is, too. Flour in Lansing retails $4 per barrel; here it is $5. Why tliia differenoe? Tnere is every prospect of a larijer attendanoe thaa usual in the homeopathie ooilege. Jno. W, Wise of Ypsilanti, is canvassiDg for Gen. McClellan's own story of the war. Jno. T. Raymond appear at the opera house nextlionday eyening. He is simply immense. Milo E. Gould and Ada E. Bibbins were married last week by the Rev. A. F. Bourns. It would be cheaper and a better light would be afforded to light the city with electricity. South Lyon papers are urging upoa the village authorities the necessity of fire protection . Moses Seabolt and daughter Grace, left Tuesday for Council Blufls, Ia., on a ten days' visit. It has been fully demonstrated that Jackson is too emall a which to hold a state fair. Mrs. S. F. Dillon and Mrs. M. F. Quinan of Petoskey, are in the city on a two weeks' visit. Geo. S. Brush, aged 63 years, 2 months and 27 days, died last Friday inoruiug, of Bright's disease. Pension attorney Matthews linds it Êrofitable to take a trip to Milán and tandee, now and then. Business of all kinds is picking up about the city, and the merchants are correspondingly happy. Prof. de Pont, who has been visiting the past two months in Canada, returned home the last of the week. Prof. Cady of tl.e school of music, was in Dundee a portion of last week, visiting bis cousin, M. O. Cady. In Manchester the 'bus men are a very accommodating lot, and they only charge passengere 5 cents for a ride. Rev. I. N. Elwood, who preached in this city some years ago, is on the retired list now, on account of poor health. Good speakers will address the temperance meeting Sunday afternoon at the old Baptist church. E very body invited. The wind, Thursday last, raised havoo with some of the telephone linón, but Manager Keech has had them all pairea. Democratie connty convention next Tuesday at the court house; senatorial convention the following Thursday at Dundee. Next week look out for Arnold's adver tisement. He will have soinethinu to say to buyers of jewelery, watolies, clocks, etc., that will be of interost. A new wiilk, on improvomciit on some of the otheis, haa been pot down on South Main street, f rom .Toe T. Jacobs' store to Eberbach's opposito. John Beloher, in the town of York, has an artesian well on bis farm that ñowg a largo otream of pure, cold water whioh rises three f eet above the ground. ' The school ohildren attended the fair yesterday. Glen Miller, of Detroit, spent Sunday in tb e city. The bicycle club have rooms in the Masonic block. Mra. Jennie Norton of Detroit, was in the city this veek. The book men are flghting out a rate war on cheap literature. Geo. J. Greene and Ida M. Curtís are to be married next week. The city band gave an open air concert Wednesday evening. Titns Hutzel and family Sundayed witli Otto Behr in Detroit. The buttle of Vicksburg painting is boing exhibited at the fair. Chas. Fantle of St. Paul, bas been renewing old acquaiutance here. W. W. Watts has been appointed a correspondent of the Tribune. Miss May Break.y left yesterday for the east, to spend several months. The Germán Lutheran ministers conference is to be held here next month. A Miss Hitchcock, f rom the Handwich Islands, is to enter the law department. The Dotroit Knight Templara captured the first prize at the Kt. Louis conclave. Dr. Harold Wilson has returned from Cleveland and will practice with hia father. The temperauce poople will give a melón social at the olil baptist church, to-morrow eveniüg. The Free Press thinks John J. Robiaon will be nominated for state senator in this district by the democrats. The protection hose company gave a pleasant dauce last uight at Firemen'a hall, and the city band gave one in Beethoven hall. The Two Sania' chauge of advertisement this week, announces an immense stock of gooda and astonishingly low prices. Give them a cali. John Gough, who charged Chas. Fox with nsHaiüting him, didn't appcar before Justice Frueauff Wednesday, and he will have to pav the costa . Mre. Hill who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Knnly Loomis, and her mother, Airs. Powell, for several weeks, returned to her home in Dakota, Tuesday. . The lighting committee which visited Fort Wayne, Ind., and Kalamazoo, seem to think the latter city, where the Thomp son-Hueston light ia used, the bttter lighted. Beakes & Morton have rented the north half of the JJufly block opposite the post oflice, for the Argus establishment. A water motor will probably be put in for the presses. Water motors are going to come into genend use herefor muil man ufactu ring purposes. Gapt. Schuh had u small oue on exhibitiin lasf. week which ran a sewing machine nicely at any speed. Ann Arbor Commandery, K. T., some 25 strong, left for St Louis, Mo., Sunday, in palace oar handsomely decorated for the occasion. Sir Kniglits Sorg, Clark and Fall, did the artistio work. The prohibitionists got ahead of the repubhcans by securing the court house for their county convention, October 5. The republicans, wlio meet the same day, will haye to be satisüed with Firemen's hall. One day this week, Henry Q. Bennetl, who left here 13 years ago and moved to Passadena, Cal., come back to accompany his paren ts, Mr. and .Mrs. Henry DBennett, back to the golden state. .Man y think tliat natural gas would be found here if bonngs were made. When the artesian well was bored in 1876, Dr. Kominger reported gas at a depth of 305 toet. The gas bearing stratum was 18 feet thick. It is worth the trial any way. Hon. B. F. Shively of South Bend, Ind., well known to many of our citizens, and who graduated from the law college last year, has been nominated for congress by the greenbackers and democrats, and endoised by the knights of labor. There is to be a grand base ball tournament at Milan, commencing Sept. 29, lasting four days. Clubs from Ann Arbor, Adrián, Ypsilanti, Wayne, Dundee, Milan East Milan, Saline, and elsewhere, will participate. The prizes are $5U, $25 and a silver cup. W. A. Blakesley, ht '87, has returned to make arrangements for the new $30,000 Chi Psi chapter house, which is soon to be erected ou the old Bishop place. He has spent the suminer iuttpecting college chapter houses. A Boston architect has been secured and it is expected that the house will be the finest hereabouts. The law faculty has issued a supplementary announcement, in which a radical change in the method of instruction is outlined. The work of the junior and senior classea is to be separated. Two lectures a day are to be given together with quizzes and text-book instruction, and in short the school is to be thoroughly graded. The división of subjects bétween the various professors is annouuced. In General Joseph Limber, John T. Baymond gives an exaggerated yet a lifelike portrait of the unprincipled wirepuller. Although he has, of course, the burden of the piece, he plays it with a homely truth and spontaneous unction wLich puts liim in immediate rapport with every one in the house. He takes the audience so thorougüly into bis confídence iu five minutes that they follow his every look, word, and action with delighted interest. Edward A. Shirley, a man 50 years old, was discovered ouuaay wita a rour-year old daughter of Theo. A. Pack in a shed back of the Firemen's hall. He was attemptiug to outrage her person when discovered, havinjj enticed the little one there with candy. It's alleged that be has been plaving the same trick with several other innocents of tender years. Policeman Amsden arrested him and Wednesday Justice Pond Bentenced him to 90 days in Ionia. Shirley carne here three months ago to labor on the water works. The annual fair of the Washtenaw agricultural and hortiuicultural society began Tuesday with a large number of eutnes in most of the departinents, in spite of the unpropitious weather. The crowds, however, have not been very large up to Thursday night, but better luok ih hoped for to-day. The display of cattle and stock is especially praiseworthy, and the spaoe in Floral Hall is as usual all taken and most of our merchants hava rendered their epace very attractive. The departments of farm and garden, fruits, poultry, agricultural implement8 &c, are fairly well tilled. Dudley J. Loomis, Esq., of the fourth ward, has almost completad his new work on "Pedro." An examination of the proof sheets shows ït to be an exhaustivo trcatise on the subject. Much time and labor have been expended in makiDg the first edition f uil and acouraie. I'he marginal notes are by Charley Clark and tbrow much light upon some of the obscure portions of the work. It is the inteution of Mr. Loomis to open a school for special insiructiou at the old B iptist church. Supervisor Butts has already subscribed for the book and will join the class for instruction in the higher brancnes W. H. Powers' "Ivy Leaf'will be given at the opera house morro w evening. The Indianapolis Kecord eays: It is by all odda the cleaneat and most characteristic Irish play that has been placed upon the boards in this country. It is a noted and laudablo departure froni the caricatures that are usually presentod as Irish to Anwrican audiences, and which are a reproach to and a calumay on the Irish name and people. "The Ivy Leaf" is a drama of more thau ordinary artistic excellence, whether we look at it trom a hterary or dramatic standpoint. The soenic and mechanical effects are truly beautiful, together with having the addi tional merit of originality. President Angelí bas returned from Europe. Grose & Lodholz have sold the little board of trade. Jno. J. Foster has removed again, tUis time over Volland's shop. Dr. O. G. Darling has a boy - came Sunday - and hes a darling. Jno. T. Raymnnd is simply immense in the play " For Congres?." At the Ypsilanti fair $1,400 in special speed premiums were trotted for. There were 60 entries for the Ypsilanti fair races ; here less than a dozen. The K. of L. of Jackson have nominated a legislative and couuty ticket. Keek & Co. chungo their advertisomont again this week. It w il I pay you to read it. Mrs. W. H. l'ayne feil from a stepladder, Monday, and fractured both her limbo. L. H. Halsburv addressed an enthusiastic political meeting in Jonesvüle, Tuoaday. There will be fouud a cali for a greenback labor county convention on editorial page. The senatorial convention at Dundee, next Thursday, can name the senator for this district. Wm. Faun paid the costs, Saturday, in a suit brought by VV. J. Whitlark, for etealing peaches. Joseph Armbruster paid $9.20, Friday, for aasaulting his brother. Justice Frueatill' as tho arbiter. The Ypsilanti fair has been wellattended as usual. The exhibition is fuüy up to those of former years. In East Tawas traveling quacks are arrestod, convicted and ilned, for not showing regular certificates. Some of the city papers were a little premature in announcing the marriage of Mr. Ab. Alann, last week. Mrs. N. B. Eldredge, wife oí Congressman Eldredge of Adrián, is slowly recovering from a severe ïllness. Qibson, the tonsorial artist will occupy the seoond story of Clarken's new block for a barber shop and bath rooms. Andrew Campbell was nominated by the republican senatorial convention in this city, Tuesday, for state senator. A special T. & A. A. train ran into a lot of side tracked cars at Howell last week. Bad wreek, but no one hurt. The iron on the Toledo road has been laid to Whitmore Lake, and a gang of men are busy gravoling the road bed. Floral hall, on the Livingston county fair grounds at Howell, burned Monday aftarnoon. Tliat settles the fair there. Mr. Peter McNally and Miss Margaret Thurston, both of this city, were mar ried Wednesday, by the Rev. Fr. Fierle. The north side of Claken's building, exposed by i he tearing down of the Parker building, has been lathed and plas tered. Wm. Ball of Hamburg, and W. E. Boy den of Delhi, hold their second joint sale of short horns at the Lansing fair, öept. 29. Several Ann Arborites went to Detroit Monday, to witness the game of base ball between the Detroit and Chicago clubs. The management has our thanks for a complimentary to the Washtenaw and Jackson fair to be held ut Chelsea Sept. 28-30 and Oct. 1. Mr. G. B. Sudworth, lit '85, left Monday to fill an appointment in the department of agriculture, forestry división, Washington, D. C. Kev. Samuel Clemeuts, who has recently been on a trip to the far west, writes encouragingly of the prospects of the star mountain mines in Colorado. A stone sidewalk is being laid in front of ötein's meat market on Huron street and the place next east. A boad sidewalk was vetoed by the authorities. Tuesday was a bad for the opening of the fair. The threatened rain in the morning kept almost every one at home, and the entries were few and far between. lt was better Wednesday. The T. & A . A . road begins business over its whole line, from Toledo to Mt. Pleasant, Monday, Oct. 4. Gov. Ashley expects to build a new brick depot here as soon as he oan get to it. Candidates for representative on the democratie ticket: N. H. Sutton, Geo. A. Peters, J. V . N. Gregory. Bepublican, Jas. A. Gilbert of Chelsea. Jno. F. Lawrence of this city, is also talked of. John Muehlig went to Grand Kapids Wednesday topurchasefurniture. He has aiso oeen oüiigeu to procure me services of another upholsterer, lm. incs.s in this line having inoreascd considerably of late. Louis G. Penny died Monday night, of typhoid fever, aged 17 yeare. He had recently come to this city with nis parents, from Jackson. The remains were taken to the latter place, Wednesday, for burial. Prof. E. Stone Wiggins of the meteorological bureau of Ottawa, Can., who predicted the earthquake tliat partially destroyed Charleston, says that next Wednesday, Sept. 2t, will witness th9 destruction of a of southern cities from the same cause. Pitteburg Diapatch: "The Ivy Leaf" made a hit at Library Hall if generous and herty applause may be taken into account. One thing that goes far toward making this play a success is its freedom from those hideous burlesques on Irish characfcer which are so often seen. The stage effucts are taking. Nearly all of the songs were so well rendered that they received encores. A committee consisting of the mayor, and Aids. Martin and Allmendinger, from the council, and A. L. Noble and 1. J. ü.eecn trom tne business men b association, were ïu Ft. Wayne, Ind. , Tuesday, examimng the Jenny electric light, and Wednesday they looked at the Houston & Tliompson light, which is now lighting the streets of Kalaniazoo. A report will be made to the council at the next regular meeting. Married, ut the residenoe of thebride'e párente, in Ann Ai bor town, on Sunday last, Mr. Leonard A. Bluke and Miss Mary A. Huddy, Rov. Samuel V. Earp oiHciatiug, Both parties have many warm friends in this city, the bnde having been a suoceusful teacher, and at present is cbairman of our board of school inspectora. They will make this city their future home. The happy couple left on the 3 o'clock train for 8t. Louis, Mo., in company with the Knights Templara, of which organization Air. Blake is a member. The Chicago Herald, in speaking of Raymond's play, For CongresB, saya: A large and enthusiastic audience greeted Mr. John T Kaymond at Hooley's. His play "For Congress," while called new, is only new because ït is so very much newer than " Colonel Sellers" that the public long for any change. The piece was plnyed hcre last year, but ït has since been rounded out and perfectod, and it must be admitted that now, in the hands of Kaymond, it is in two acts at least, the most delicious bit of political satire seen on the stage in many a day . Florence's General Gilfiory is not even a suggestion of the possibilities in the burlesquing of political methode. General Josiah Limber is a typical political worker of the semi-rural type. He has just euough of the suggestion of hay seeu aoout mm to lurmsü larce lor tne ruralists, but beland that be bas tbe training of a metropolitan worker. Tbere can be notlung more laughable than the way liaymond, ;is General Limber, seizes upon his innocent but wealthy yi( tim and cajoles bim into a Congressioual candidacy, and tben secures his nomination in the convention. 'I beie were scores of pohticians present last night and all screamed with laughter at the happy reproduction of well-known preliminaries and scènes. The way the general got his strikers in a private room and instructcd them how to bring a bout the nomination of Mr. Wooley, " the people's fnend, " in the convention drew howb of laughter f rom a score of genuino ward workers in the parquette Electricity in Franklin's time was a wonder. Now we make light of it. "The Ivy Leaf" is a typical Irigh drama. lts story of a betrothal by tho edict of a dying father, and well nigh thwarted by the machinations of a 1 ous and designing villain, who is at last overthrown with the aid of a light-hearted, fun-loving and shrewd Irish lad, is told in chaste language, olearly and well, with considerable attractive embellishment in incident and soenery. The interest never flags but grows gradaally and legitimately in iutensity to the final denouement in the fifth act,when the opportune arrival of tbe light-hearted Irish lad puta an end to an uxecution which bas been ordered for the hero and lover, falsely acoused by the villain of a crime. The novelty is chieHy in seeuic effects and an absence of boisterous element which has come to be regarded as a necessary adjunct to the Irish drama.


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