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Ed. Demockat: - 1 desire to draw the attention of the school board to a very radical defect in the plan of the proposed extensión of the high school as outhned in the city papers. As there published the extensión is to be made on the north side of the old building. This plan robs the old building of the light of lts entire north side - fourteen large doublé windows - and the extensión loses the light of its entire south front, some seventy wide. Among the primary and indispensable necessities of the school-room, if the welfare of the pupil is of any consideration at all, we count proper temperature in winter, and plenty of air and light at all times, and all plans of school houses should be made subservient to these primary demanda of proper school hygiëne. Arohitectural taste and designs vary with the generations as they come and go, but these principies of the sehool-room are unchangeable. Shortsightedness, the result of improper and insutfloient light, is dreadfully on the increase in our school population in the higher grades. And right here in a school of the highest grade, in which every scholar has to spend from four to six years in order to pass, a plan is proposed by which the entire building will lose one-quarter the amount of light which might be attained by locating the extensión in the northeast corner of the grounds, thus giving both buildings the four sides free to light. In my opinión the light of those fourteen large doublé Windows of the north front of the old building should not be sacriflced to any urchitectnral wli n us. That light should be maintained, and the new building should be so located as not to interfere with the light of the old building or its own light. Our citizens have voted, on the recommendation of the school board, without a moment's notice, the sum of $24,000 for a high school extensión, and now it is the bounden duty of the board to see that this extensión of school room is not made at the expense of light, which is a consideration of equal importance with that of air and warmth in the school room. Kespectfully,


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