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Our Indians--a Suggestion

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The Indiana in our souhtern borders are rcported to have a habit araong thcm of tightening up thoir belts whenever they miss a nieal. That is, if they miss breakfast they tighten up the bolt ouo hole. IL they miss dinncr they repeat the tightening, thus seeking to diininish the size of the oavity on the inside of them, which is usuallj filled up at meal times by eating, by pressure from without. Those familiar with the Iudians and their way of lile hold that the practice is a good substituto for the missed nicals. but itis only for temporary benetit. You oan'l go on always drawing in the belt. The worst will come at last; yt it does help some, so they say, and thal being the case, the Hcrald in its solicitudefor the welfare of curtain United States oflicials who will be deprived of a hearty meal or so, through Congress cutting down the Utah appropriations, calis the attenüon of those certain offi -ials of this practice among the half-staived Southern Utes. Draw u]) our belts, gentlemen, a hole or too. and console yourself with the reflection that republies are ungrateful to their serv&nt? any way. - oalt Lake Herald.


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