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The Power Of Perfumes

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It has been shown that the odorlferous molecule of musk is infinitcsimally smail. No power has yet been conceived to enable the human eye to see one of the atoms of musk, yet the organs of smcll have the sensitiveness to detcct theni. The ir smallness can not even be imagined, and the same grain of musk undergoes absolutely no diminution in weight. A single drop of the oil ot thymc, ground down with a píece of sugar and a little alcohol, will cominunicato its odor to twentyiive gallons of water. Haller kept för forty ycars papers perfumed with one grain of ambergris. After this time the odor was as strong as ever. Bordenave has evaluated a molecule of camphor sensible to the smell to 2, 262, 584, OOOth of a grain. Boyle has observed that ono draclim of asafetida exposed to Iho open air had lost in six days the cighth part of a grain, from which Keill concludes that in one minute it had lost


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