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The Execution Of Maximilian

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The moment bad come; cach of the condcnwed men mounted tlie carrlage whlch waited them, and they traversed the itreet ol Queretaro la the midtt oí a motley multitnde, wbo, repectlul and affllcteil, crowded round on their passage; handkcrchiefi wtre vmved, and dow and agaln a ob wguld reach the prltoners' eará. The condemned men bewed on eaeh ide as they recognized In the erowd many a familiar face. Some minute before 7 o'dock they arriyed on the Cerro de Ut Campanas, a little more than half a müe dutant from the town ; here they descended from the carrlage, walkrd on foot balf-way up the hlll callcd Cerro de las Campanas, and turnod thcir liacks agaiust a clump of caetua. The general in ooramantl o" the troop, 8. Gracia de Leou, cause. 1 au order of the ilay U be red, it a penalty of death for any pertou who lioiild try to prevent tbe eiecution; and tlie prlsoners werc then given leaye to addre.u tlie crowd. Tbe uu waj by now hlh in tbe blue kT, glowing over tbe profound azure of the lbfty inouiilains and bathIng the Talley with aii intense flood of light and heat. Tbe Cerro, Hc an immense rock throwu iu tbe val:ey, ttood forth bare and yellow-looking, green in places, with patcunj of cactus aud nopals; a rquare of four thuusaud men siirrounded tbc base of the hill, with lts fepular linea and it uniform and baronet ghttcring in the euu. Outside the medley of the undulnting crowil, ton-ard the eat' appcared the linos of the white house of Queretaro, all nearly covcred with ioliage and surmmintcd with numerou cujiola aml crosses: in the far dlstance the dim, blu!sb outllne of the Cordillera. The aflicer in cUninaild of Vie file of execution itppnoicbed Muximllfan nnd askcd hl sardoa for bar ng to fnlnll bis duty. Tbc rmperor litributed sevcral pieefs of gold bearlng bis ofilgy to the eoldler, reeommendIng them not to alm at lus face. He tben embraced Gons. Mejla and iUiramon, and as the latter bad placed hlmself on bis rlpht, he aidtohim lqud: "Brave men Ehould be repected by their Bovereiarnt to the brink of the erare. General, pass to the place of bntior." Miramon tepped to the center. Thcn wilh a flrm volee, the emperor addressed the cron-d: "Merlcans! Men of my race and orlgln are bom fühe: to make a people' bappiaess or to be martyr. God graut that my blood niay be the last hed for the reJemptlon of thig uqhappv countrr. Long lire Mexico!" ImmedJatcly Gen. Mlrr.mon, at the top of hls voice, a when he commanded hls troop on the battle field, crlcd: "Mexicans! Before the court-inrtial my defender onlv sought to ave my life. At be moment I am about to appear t'gfoie my Goil I protest ascalust the Mime of Usitor vhich tbey hsye Ihrown In my Ree to juatifv my coudeinuntion. Let tbli pot of Infnmy be removed from my cblldren't name, and Gud fiiant that my country niav be happj. Louq; live Mexico I Gen. Jfejla ra'ised his eyc toward the heayens: "Very holy mother. I beicech thy Son to pardon me, as 1 pardon tho'o who arê about to facriflee me." A 11.115 ot from the Me of aoldiers, and, amidst the clouil of smoke, whlch lovrly drifted anay, Xlaximillai anpesxed writhing conyulsivtily In a pool of blooa, and groanlng: "hay Hi'tnbrt."' The con dl gract put hun out of hls agouy. - Paris Figaro.


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