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Aïrigbtful sliooting affrny ooeurred on the r&uro&d track of the Detroit, Grand Baven V' Milwaukee railroad two miles easl of DnvitburK about 10 o'clock Monday afternoon, in bicha young man ñamad Hollister shot and fatnfly woundprt n man 1 by the name of Herman Van Statten. Tho facts of the oase ns furnished to a Detroit morning paper are as fpDowa: Yniiii Hollister lias been quarreling witll .in Statten and th latter's half . broihiT. Henry E!, l'iske. almost eonstant ly daring the past two months. The three ; men live neerr together in SprinefMd in : Oaklnml Co., and it secins rhai Figk cfiarged Hollister, some two months ago, with : def adïitg a' sign board warning pêopie not to enter Fisk's huckleberry swamp. This led to a bitter quarrel. A short time after, Van Statten had Hollister arrested [or stenling craniierrifis front the former'a premiges. Hollister was discharged, but the parties kept , getting moro bitter in their feeling tovrards each other until last Saturday night when Bollister and Van Statten met in Davisbiirg and renewed their hostili. ti(s. After quarreling for some time tliey i agreed to meet yosterday morning at !l !-k on the railroad track and "llht it out,'' and see wlio was the botter man. The}" met yesterday, accoriiing to the agreement. and Fiske wnsalso ]resent and took part in the fight. Hollister and Fiske and Van Statten, according to tlw report, ' entered into a fearful fist fight. and the result was unoertain. when. as Bollister ; tells, Fiske produced a big navy revolver and clicked the hammer. Hollister then drew his revolver and shot at Fiske, but misaed liis aim and shot Van Statten through the body, tlie btill entering his siile aoove the hip and striking the back bone. Van Statten was taken homo and physiei.-ins from Davisbnrg and Clarkstoü were ai min' siimmoreJ and ]robel for the, haTl. bnt could not Bad it. The man v;is still ali'u when last heard from. bnt cannot live. Hollister was arrested, taken before a Davisbiirg magistrate and brought to the ail at Fontiac by Deputy Sherill' McKibbin All three of the men were badly out in tho fist fight. Van Statten is a inarried man. abo ut 30 yc-.irs old and lives with bis wife near the railroad track wliere the afTray took place. Fiske is abont 2S years oid and also married. and lives in Springlield. llollisterisaboy about 0 years oíd, has no fainilj' and works for Clark Swayze, a SpringSeld farmer. Hollister was visite d at the jail by several parties. He has little to say about the matter except that he regrets that the sliooting occurred. He ia smooth-faced. raw.boned and about five feet eight inches in liight. and weighs perhapg liO to 160 pounds. Sheriff oorhees nnd Prosecuting Attorney Tripp went to Springfleld to investígate tho matter, but it is nut vet known what stops will be taken sn the premisos by the prosecuting (illiii rs. Ir is some time since there have been anv cases of this character in üakland county, and the afïair causes couglderable excltement. Michigan is in the Deal. A syndicate representing prominent millers in New York state, Micuigan and Soptland has arranged to buy up all the genuine Ko. 1 hard wheat raised in the valley, not to speculate with but to grind. mtherto lts members have beeueompellpil to put the produiHs oL the milis upon the inarket in oompetitton with western milis grinding Red Kiver Valley No. 1 hard wheat. As the No. 1 hard wheat is worth f rom 10 to 15 cents more per bushel for actual grinding purposes than any other wheat raised, in order to protect their business they must grind rliis wheat. They do not propose to buüd elevators uuless compelí ed to. _ A Big Haal. Between the hours of 12 and 3 o'oloek the other morning Orville VV. Greene'fl jewelry store in Greenville was robbed of all lts contents, watches and jewelry. to the vnlue.of $5,000 or $f,000. A hole was drilled throuEh the safe near the oombination, and the lock was then picked. The safe was of Detroit make. The tools with which the job was done were stolen from a lilnrksmith shop near by. Jlisfortune seems to follow Mr. Greene. A year ago he lost his dwellinR by fire, and this affair almost completes his finaoial ruin. There is no clue to the perpetrators yet. Killed withan Awl. Michael Hadley and Douglas Taylor of Eau Claire, in Berrien county. had a qurrel, resulting with Hadley killing Taylor with a carpenter's awl. The murderer escaped. MICHIGAN NE7S CONDENSED. Lansing will hold a special electiqn October 18, to vote upon the proposition to purchase Buck's opera house and convert II uno a city nuil. At Deer Lake, Frank Ducett, was struck on the head with a beer gloss by a drunken companion and nis skull fractured. The assailunt then escaped and Ducett will die. John, a 10-year oíd son of John Worth of Au Sable, feil from a train the other day, broko both arms and crashed his forehead. He cannot recover. H. C. Olds of St. Louis, has been bound over for trial at the next term of the United States couri for selling cigars without a license. The appraisers of the real and personal property of the Jackson state prison ro port $039,790.83 worth of real estáte, and $50,541.27 worth of personal property. The state board of health reports diph theriaat 27 places; scurlet fever at 12 places; typhoid fever at 23 places; measles at three places and smallpox at Detroit. Hugh Dyer and A. W. Young rifled th safe of Frank Dyer, jeweler of Caro, taking $500 worth of watches and $200 in monoy, They were overtaken at Vassar ■fend the watches and money recovered. Dyer has been in the employ of Dyer for a number of years, and was greatly respected. Kot much is knowu of Young. The grand lodge of Kniguts of Fythias has chosen the foUowing offlcera: Urand chancellor, E. T. Bennett, Bay City ; vice chancellor, T. S. Barclay of Detroit; grand prelate, V. S. Kobertson, Breeds ville ; keeper of records and seáis, J. TV". Hopkins, Lansing. John Boyd, who deliberately murdered William B. Johnson, at Koekford, Kent county, August 14, has been sentenced to imprisonraent for life. The evidence showed that the killing was premeditated and unprovoked. Bert Stevens of Chase, a brakeman, was run over by an engine on Dunham & Peters' logging railroad and instantly killed. He had been niarried but a few weeks. The interest in the recent oil discoveries at Manistee eclipse anything ever feit there in connection with salt. All government lands available in that section have been eagerly bought ui, and the annual tax sales devejoijed lively bidding, and no land begging for a purchaser. The pure white crane killed at Edmore recently is snid to be the second of the kind ever found in the United States. They are considerubly smuller than the ordinary crane. The burnlng of the Alden canning factory at Benton Harbor is a very serious blow to that section. Not only are 150 persons thrown out of employment and 430.000 cans of tomatoes destroyed, but the farmers for miles about are largely dependent on the tomato erop for support. Fred Waltz, a farmer of Waterloo, Jackson county, while driying across the railrond track at Stockbridge, Ingham county, witlia doublé team was run into by i sp;m of runaway horses and thrown from his wagon, fracturing his skull ko that a piece of it had to be removed. His little boy and girl, who were with hiin, escaped uninjureii. Two ladies were thrown out by the runaway team, two miles from Stockbridge, ana seriously hurt, one possibly fatally. Maj. Colé, a Michigan evangelist, who cures diseases by the laying on of hands, is at present doing business at a faithcure meeting near Chicago. A few evenings since the major undertook to cuie Mrs. Julia Hart of heart disease. The lady aioppea aeaa wmie me ceremony was m progresa; but that doesn't signify that the care wasn't effect. She may have diod from apoplexy. At the meeting of the board of supervisors of Midland county ia June about $r,000 more were voted than the law allows. Au iujunction bas been issued .estraining the troasurer from payiug these illegaUy issued warrants. John Smich, doing two years at Ionia for grand larceny cominitted at Escanaba, diea in the prison the other day, haring served but 10 montbs. Louis Germaine and wife of Grand Knjiuls have been found guilty of neglecttng in ndopted baby until it became a mere skeleton. A new round house for housing locomotivc- of tlie Calumet & Hecla road, is be; ing lm il 1 at Ham William Golden, n yonng man was run over and killed by tin engine of whlch ue was braketnaii nace the other morning. A minor named Johnson was killed iu the Cleveland mina atlshpeming theother day. The bonos of tho mammoth found near Courtright, Ont., have been artieulated and are now traveling through Michigun on exhibition. The upper jaw of this deceased is 40 inches long and 30 indios wido; a space of 'M Inchea separates tho eyosockets; these sor!; ris measnre9xl2 mches. The tusks aro 4W feet long and woigh 40 pounds each. lne teeth are Hrmly imbedOfl in the jaws and are gems. Kx-Gov. Warmóuth of Louislana, oiï'ered the finder of this relie of n formar civilization f l.OOJ for the boaes, but the tompting offer was refused, and the owner is now recoiving (10 per day exhibiting hts flnd. Jackson now rojoioes in a district fire alarm ëystem. Dr. O. C. Joslin, oneof thoolilost practioing physicians in Clinton county, died at his resïdence iu'St. Johns on the lltli. Jonathan King of Sining Arbor, committed suicide recently by shootlng LimKelf. He had been despondent from the efïects of a stroke of paralysis he sulïered some time ago. Daniel McTagget of St. Johns, who was arrested and imprisonod in the lat ter part of July last for ill-treating and ïvsisting an offleer, been genteneed by Judge jail. The first train urrivod in Alpena at 9 o'clock Monday night. lt Wbs greeteq by several biLdred cilicns and a. hnml of music. The track is luid to Washington avenue, where tlie depot is situated. Ed. Ziegler. whlle returning home one night recently. was shot at thrcc times when on a lonely part of the road, lo and onelialf miles west of Bellevue. One shot went through the erown of his hat and other took effect in liis left fore arm. Xo clue to the assailaiit. DETROIT ittARKETS. WnEAT - The market is rather weak. There is some disappoiiitmcMi; on chnnge as to the iucrease in the visible supply. Quotations for white wheat are 74)i(ij75K cents; and for red wheat 75@7Gc. Cokn- Market quiet at 37@39c. Oats- 29@31c. Cloveb 5BED- Prime sells at $4 65@4 70. BJBUCT- In good demaud at $1 25@1 35. Ploub- Michigan patent. $4 75(a." 00; Michigan ri :.'3; Michigan superfino. $2 fO(fLi T.Y; Miunösota patent, $r@ 5 25; Minnesota bakers', $: 75@4; Michigan rye,$8 55@3 05; Illinois rye, S375@3S5. Feeb- Bran $10 00@10 25; middlings, $10 2S@13 75. Apples - Business very light. Good to choiceare let go at $1@1 50 per bbl. For fancy selections $1 75 is some times possible. OITerings f ree. Botter- Tho market firm and fairly active with a iOc difference between creamery and dairy, viz, ior the former and l(i@18c for the latter. Eogs- Steady at 17@lSe. Gbapks- The market almost lifeless. Ovoted2)@3c. foraConcords and 4@öc for uelawarea and Catawbas per lb. Game - Per doz. wqodeock, $3; snipe, $1 50, per pui r partí e; wood duck, ;süc; ïlullaid. 6(Jc; blue wing tcal, 40o: per 11) beur saddlfs, yi?M ,; vonison, sáddles, 0@lüc. Since thecl weatherget in there hus been considerable activity in everything but bear. The Bupply liberal. FTvy - New quoted at $'@9 forelovor; f 10 5U(13 for .o. l timolhy and $'J((10 S0 for No. 'i do. per ton.baled in cur lols as to quality. Market quiet. Kops- Best eastern, 30@33c per lb. Fair to good Michigan, 2ü(5c. Inferior grades 15@18c Hovet- Fair inquiry. The supply fair at 12@13c perlb for comb, and 10c for exr tracted. I 'i ixtbt- TUere is arathar light inquiry. Receipts were liberal and business was ngain pretty much all at incide figures. Live per lb, roosters. 4c; fowls, t@7o; ducks, 7o; turkeys, ü@10c; spring chicks, 7@8c. Per pair, pigeons, 20c. Provisjoxs - Mess pork, $10.50; family $13 50; ex-fumily $14, clear faraily, $14 50 short clear, $lü.5O. Lard in tierces, CX@ 6%c; kegs, 6?@7c; 20 to SO lb tubs, 7@7)íc; 8, 5 and 10 ib paila, 7H@7%c. Smoked hams, ll%?12c; shoulders, 7(aJ7Jíc; breakfast bacon 8K@s)íei dried boef hams, $13 (31S.E0; ex-mass beef, $7 50; plata beof, $7 75. Ciieese - New York full cream, llj@12c and Michigan, ll@llíc; Ohio grades, 9%@ lOJc. Fhüit- Ponches little or no inquirv. Quotations nominally unchaned at 75c@ 1 75 per bu, pears, in light inquiry at $:i(á 8 50 per bbl, outside for Duchcheese. Oííerings quite up to the requirements; cranberries, the markt more active, state stock is offered at $1 50@2 per bu, and Cape Cods at $7@8 50 per bbl, as to quality ; crab apples, 75c@$l per bu; quinces, $4@5 per bu. Potatobs- Per bu. 50(355c; per bbl. $1 50 1 60, out of store. Quiet. Sweet Potatoes - Market dull. Dealers quote at $1 7ÍJ@2 per bbl for Baltiinorns and $2 75 for Jerseys. Taij.ow - Shows its usual inactivity at 8íc per lb. THE UVE STOCK MARKET. Cattle- Market strpng, 10@15c higher; Bhipping steers, 950 to 1500 lbs, $4 25 5 25; stocker and feeders, $:í 25@3 C0;cows, bulls,and mixed$l 50@3 25 ; bulk $2 3O@2 1 0 ; through Texas cattle, strong, $2 55@3 35; cows, 2 25@2 50: Western rangers, íirm; natives and half-breeds$2 90@}; cows, $2 40 @2 90; winter Texans, $2 95@3 45. Hoos- Reeeipts, 15,000 head; shipments, 5,000; market strong; 5@10c; higher clqsing with the advance lost; rough and mixed, $3 70@4 35; packing and shipping, $4 10@ 4 65; light, $3 60@4 55; skips, $2 35@3 25. Siieep- Market firm; natives, $2 25@4 25; Western, S3 4Ü(j3.60; Texans, $2 25(3 25. London cablegram' reporta very heavy Bupplios and prices for cattle Ma por lb lower; best American steers, IIJ4C peí lb. - . ■


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