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The seven convicted Chicago anarehists were given an opportunity to say why scntece should not be pronouneea upon thcn. They all availed tlieinsulves of tho opportunity, and delivered lengthy diatribes against society and law. While all ihe addresses were of a verv inflammntory charaoter, that of Parsons was more marked thnn othors. H6 songlit to show that the evils that affliot society flow from the economie dependenee of tho laborer upon the monopoiers of the means of tlieir subsisteiice. "The same intluenoes are among the farming clases, and tho man wlio a few years ago owned the soil, has had to work ït to-day as a tenant at his will. A mortj4;ii' is placed apon his soil - he whose band tills the earth and canses it to blossom as the rose and bring forth its richest fruit. Even while ho is aslcep interest opon the mortgage continúes to grow and increase. We don't want to o to Ireland to Cnd landlords and landlordism. Look at Bridgeport. Seo liow the Irish people are torced to live there ;is 1 cnants-at-wiil. li !■ as they dö in Dublin, as they do iu Cimerlck, buadled together 'like rats in their holes', as the stato attorney would Int it. HavtDg dwelt on tuis subject at some length, rarsons went m to charge the connierfor the prosecntJon and the legal authorities with having violated the riglits of free assemblage, free press and of seU-jdefenxe. After Parsons completed the closing seetion of his speech, to show why the senlence of death should not be passed on him or on his friends, the picas of the prisoners were at an end. With tho conclusión of the pleas the court proeeeded to ]ass sontence, and fixed the time for tho ezecñtion of the condemned men for December i!. between the hours of 10 a. m. and 2 p. m. _ Fardoned Hormons. Ammon M. Tenny. an American, and C. L. Kemp and Peter J. Christotfersen, Danes, were Mormon bisliops in Axizona, wIki were tried and convicted of iiolvainy before Jiidge Sumner Houanl. and on Dec. r, 1SS4, were sentenoed to pay a (no of -M cash i and be imprisoned in the Detroit house of correction for three and a huif years. They were taken thero and li nc been at work in the chnir factory ever since. Delégate Bean of Arizona, has liAr% ■■ r i ■!■! - -K Á- v .- rt. . m. A. 1 - 1' . .1 utifu wwiKuij ia btjuurt' i mJir ruinase, lilla reqently Attorney Oèn. Garland decided that the three bishop? had heen illegally held bv informalitiee in their trial and sentBDce. Accordiugly they liave been pardoned by President Cleveland, and rei. Eacb has a nnmber ofwivesand superabundance of cbildren. It seenis that an unsuccessul effort was made lo try the defendants under the Edinucds huw and, this failing, they were indieted and convicted under the territorial laws for unlawful eohabitation. It i-= Baid the attorney -general decided the action of the territorial judfee in imposingsentence illegal. and the president therefore directed pardon to issue. A Dastardly Deed. Father Sliskowitz, who presides at the Fifteenth street Poiish chur'ch, Pittsburg, was shot at during tho forenoon service Suuday. Mas had been said, and the father liad just turnud tí address tlie congTegfttion, whcn crash carne a bullet through a wimlow on the south side of the clmrch, flatteninf; itself against the solid wullofthe opposite side. For a minute confusión reigned in the church. Women screamed. choir boys shouted, and many of the male membera oL the congregatiou pither pressed forward to see if Father Miskewitz was injured, or ruslicd out of the building to find {rom where the bullet came. The priest showed great coolness notwithstanding the fact that the missile must have passed within six inehes of his body. lf it had been fired a minute sooner it would have passed through him. He turned and with a gost ure waved liis flock to their seats, but not all of theui, for by lliis timo ujiwurd of 100 had swarmed out into the street and into the yard of the parish building adi'oining. No trace of tho perpetrator of the deed could be founu. _ Millions Involred An important land office decisión has been made by Conimissioner Sparks inv'hing the title to cert&in valuable lands in the vieinity of New ürleans. covereil in part by the town of Carrollton, and upon other parts by buildings and improvemontsof great value, including the race course, the Mataire Ridge cemetery and the shell road and railroad from New Orleans to Lake Ponchartrain. This property has been claimed and possessed since last century under a French graut, which has been surveyed and regranted from the public domain. The adverse claimants asserted titlo by yirtue of certain swamp and other selections under grants to the state of Louisiana. Commissioner Sparks holds that the French grant is a complete title protected by the treaty of 1SÜ3, and not needing legislativo or other confirmation by the United States, and that the lands being private property at the date of the state rgrants did not pass under those grants. The amount inyolved in this {lecision reaches several million dollars. Not a Safe Place to Sleep. A box contaiiiinjï liü ïiounds of giant powder exploded in the 8(10 level of the Caledonia mino near Deadwood, Dakota. Four men were killed outright. ïheir names are: Philip Wyinan, Thomas ('he-hire, John Pascar, Harry Ilosorier. Fred Berlin was badlv cut aiidisnotexpected to live. The bodiea of tho kil'ed were blown to pieces and the remaius taken out in barrels. The fivo men had gone to sleep on a box used for powder, wben a spark from oue of the men's pipes feil among the scraps. Kix-Year-Old Indian Hanttra. At the southwest depot in Chicago tho other evening two small boys were seen carrying a satchel. One ran away at the appearance oL the officer, but the other stood his ground. He said both were going out west to herd cattle and admittcd they had ran away from home. In the valise were two revolvers, a vest and a stack of cakes and pies. The boy who fled stole $25 from his father. The would-be herder was locked up and his father notifled. Jseither of the boys was over six years old. An Exodus of Negroes. Col. Alex. Jones, colored, says there is nu oriramzation in Washington which has been formeel witnin the last two months for the purpose of directing an exodus of eolored people from the south. Fred Douglass is president. Th plan is to lócate the people in eolonies of about 25. wherever desirable locations can be foiind. Col. Jones says thu wörk will becondtioted systematically am! persistently until all who want to come north have done so. Large Land Zitles ftuieted Commisioner iSparks has giren a decisión involving the title to certain valuable lande coyered in part by the towu of Carrollton, in the vieinity of New Orleans. The claim was based on a Frenen grant made last centiirv, and surveyed and regranted (rom the puhjlc domuin. Tho adverse claimants asserted title by virtuc of swamp .■ind other claims rrnntod by the stnte of Louisiana. CommíssioiK'r Bparkí holds tho French grant complete, Big Damages. Mrs. Alice M. Hunn of .íaekson. administarixófthé estáte of George líunn, decessed, has. throogb her attornoys, Hammond, BarkwortE & Cobb, began suit against tlie Michigan Contra] railroadto recover damages to ti i - amount of ?2),000 f or the Seath :of her lmsbaiid ín thé railrond disaster at Carrolton last siring. The disaster was said to have been caused by the carelessne8S of railroad employés at Carrolton. Minister Jackson Starts Home. United States Minister Jackson presented bis letters of recall to President Diaz reeentlv and left for Savanna the samo evening. There was a large crowd at tho station to see him off. The American colojny presented him with a handsomo oil painting and there were many expressions of friendship. Mr. Jackson made a speech expressing his faith in the national enlightenraent of Mexico. A Grcat Strike. The disagreement betweeu the pork packers in Chicago and their employés has at last led to the much-expected strike of the latter. Twenty thousand men are involvod. The strike was precipitated by the action of the employers in posting up a notice that 10-hours should constitute a day's work.


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