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Morbid Unselfishness

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Thero is an impression that it is the highest imaginable; type of character to inerge all one's own wishes and powers and aims in the absorbing cares of other persons. Sucb is not, I am sorry tosay, my own observation. Self-sacrifice, like many other forms of diet, is a food or poison, aocording as we use it ïhcre are thoae who really carry it to a morbid extent, and can no more be trusted to ím-asun: out their own share of it than anopiuni-eater towritc bis own prescription. Their are families where pastor andfamily phvsician have to besür tlieuisclves all the time to defeat the plausible excuses under wliich the devotees of unselfishness veil their excesses. They need watching with unceasing vigilance, these people who stoutly maintain that thoy prei'er drumsticks at dinner and sleep best on a straw bed. Ono evidenee of ihi-ir growing denioralization is the utter aitüntegratioa ín their chnract rs of the virlue of tnithfulness. No immoilcvatuly unseliish persou can be truthful at the sanie time; thoy are soon ready to deny that they are ever cold or hot, or hungry or thirsty or tired - and this 1111bll}9ningly, in the face of overwhelming OTideQce. Notliing is too indigestible for Ihem to eat, in order to save tho feelings of the cook; and they will have the teothino; baby sleep with them for a dozen nighta in ttuccession bócause dear Maria, his motber, really needs repose, and t is a peeuliarity of theirs to be ablc to do without it Truth is considerad by the moralist to be a virtue, as well as unst'llishness, but these people siniplv lay it down, daring their insatiate ])iusuit of uusellishness, as rioh people lay down their oarriage - oecaslonally - when they go into bankniplcy. - T. II'. Higyinson, in llarper's Bazar.


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