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EBERB ACH & SON Deal ent tu Drugs, Medicines Andaflnelotot French Hair Brushe AND Enelish Tooth Brushes, W oal! sptoial attentlon to our gtoek of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus. AND Pure Chemicus of our own Importatlon. A f uil Une of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At list prices. Ara cordiallj in vited to examine our stock SJQ iiiaüty and price. EBlRBACH 4e. SON. JACKSUN FIRE CLAY CO, Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe AND iDüinsr tile i All ourCrain Tile ar made of FIre Clay, ar oí unu8ua1 atrenpth and ligbt weight, which materially reduces the break ag and expense of bransportation. The ditching of this clasa of tif Ing Is less expensive, as they do not require to be lald below froet but only deep enougii to escape tbe plow. Wliile thia ia more económica! k also aids in obtaíning a better fall or grade to tae drain. A f'ull assortment of all sizes, for lale ín small quantiiles, or car load lots, al tht FEFlDON LÜMBER YARD, James Tolbert, Agent. ' THe, the Greatest Labor-Saving Machine of the Age." IV tft Editor of Th Chicago Trtmm. DtitiT, 111., March 16.- One of the tronga! and noest cotn incir.g facts that I hare yet seen with regard to tile drainage is brought out in Uae December report of the Agricultural Depar ment of I'linois. It la this: AOWUOB. Awengo In corn In Livingston Couaty, !5i. :. Asreace In corn In Logan County, 1881.. HO, Mi Lirinsston over LogaB 137,711 TIILD. Tleli of corn In LiTingston County. 1881. .6,988 ,5M Yield of corn in Logan County, 18SÍ 6,070,l)M LÏTlngwton OTer Logan l,90t,5H In other worda. Logan County has ralsed nar ly as much corn on 140,859 acres ae Livingstoa county has on "69,597 acres. Fut it in another forra, the furmtrs in Livingston County har been obüged to plow nearly doublé the acreag of land (268,597), and have raised but a venr ■mail percentage of increase of corn orer their brathern in Logan County, who only had to plow 140,849 acres. Let u giv it anotber twist! A A farmerwho lias his land veil tilled need oaly work eiehty acres of land and grow jugt aboul as mucïi corn as the man vrho ptows 160 aBE taltes allthe rlsksof dronth and much betldes, It is not fair, then, to conclude that the greatMf labor-saTlsg machine to-day of the age is the tila draln? From the same source of inforraaüon Éather the following as regards the progresa Of ile-drainage in these two countiea: Total number of feet laid in Lirlngstoa Countyupto 16S1 1,1O,TW Total number of feet laid in Logas Countyupto 1881 3,ttt,4M This table proves beyond all theory that owing to the free use of tile that one county has Ixeai able to produc neady as much corn on 110,000 eres of land another county has produced pon 283,000 acres, which is nearly doublé, and he beauty of the whole is that it was done with kalf the work ! Mr. Editor, suppose a kind ProTtene should lengthen out the spin of our daya DBtil we saw Illinois thoroughly tile-drained, vhere would be put the corn that this Stata vouid produce, and what would we do with our "silTer dollars?'1 Sauukl T. K. Faii. RINSEY & SEABOLL No. O & 8 Washington 8t. Hare on hand a complete stock of tTerything in the Grocery Line. Teas( Cofl'ceg and Snari, In large amounts. and at CasIhL DPz?cea And can teil at Low Figures. Th lapge Invoic of teas thy Buy and Seü, t Kood proof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargain. They Roast their own Coffees erery week, aa4 none but prime articles are used. Tfceir Bakery turns out excellent Bread, 0hM nd Crackers. Cali and see theat. PricesGone Down A. large stock of Wall Paper telling at A CREAT REDUCTIONI I olalm to bare the largeet and B33T SELEGTED STOCE Of Wall Papar and Deoorations in Mm oonnty, and can gire perfect atisfaotioi in Oooda or Work . Paint g and Painten Supplies a pecialty. .l"bextj Sorg, Snoef sor to F. AA. Sorg, e a, Wabulniton it. - Au Arkof SALERATÜs SODA Best in i theWorli


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