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L. H. Salsbury

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Tbe democratie nomince for congres, is in every sence of the word, a self-made man, and as sucb ranks with the brilliant array of able men in our oountry's hisiory whose prominence has been self achievcd. Born in Dover, in this county, and hvng on a farm till nearly 20 years of age, ie had the limited facilities foredacation bat the district school aJïoi ded, and the imple opportunity to develop his muscle liat farm work in those days guaranteed. Tbe rebellion carne ere he had reacbed lis majority, and his name was promptly inrolled as private in the Fighting Tourth infantry, in which he erved with he most distinguished credit f roai the he eft, in June, 1861, until his discharge. ïis service was marked by most gallan t earing in every instance. VV hen Gen. ipaulding was ordered to piek tbirty men f rom bis regiment to make a hazard ous investigation of the enemy's worke, Li. H. Salsburywas one of the ürst time lechóse. The daring exploit was successully executed, though Spaulding feil wounded and many of the men were ulied. In the battle of Gettysburg Salaury feil, desperately wounded, baring een shot squarely through the body, and he was borne to the hospital and [iven up for dead. But his strong conitution enabled him to rally, and he iually rejoined bis regiment in Virginia be foliowing fall, and in the winter after, ie re enlisted as a veteran. Uis wounds, ïowever, were so severe that he was prevented f rom muster, and in February, '64, ie was discharged, having participated n all the pitched battles thaí; the old ith had seen up to that time. He returnsd home, found his wounds precluded um f rom farm labor, and he began to ook about him to see what he could do. He had always been a young man of more tban ordinary aptnesw for study and reading.and at tbe age of 24 he began the work of securiog a thorougb education. t was the oft told old story of hand to iai)d struggle with adverse circumstances, where, alone and unaided, a 'oung mau strives for a college course. iut never for a moment did be falter. Ie at tirst entered Uberlin college, and afterwards the ooilege at Hillsdale. In the time of liin collegae course he taught school winters, keeping up bis college studies, and in June, 1870, ie graduated with high honors, and at once entered the university law school. rom whioh üe graduated. He aleo resumed pust gradúate studies at the univereity, and studied law in the office of ïawyer & Beau, at lludson. He was one of the most suocessful teachers in the county, as his work as principal of the 3layton schools can attest. In six and a half years he had comleted his college courses, and earned 52,000 by teaching, fciince his admission to the bar his hisory is well known. He has proven one of the f oremost lawyers in the state, and or four years has discharged the ditficult duties of prosecuting attomey with a udgement and üdelity that lias won the respect and conüdence of all. Thete has nevor been a dishonorable act on his part, either officially, professionally or personally. His life is above criticism or reproach. As an orator he has no equal in Michigan and in saying this we believe every unprejudiced hearer will bear us out. In the discharge of his duties he has never been influenced by personal feeling or unworthy motives, nor has swerved one iota f rom the path of duty . He has sound judgment, broad views on all national questions, cultivated talents, a commanding presence, and is, withal; dignfied, genial and courtous, ind will be un honor to the district which ie is s well worthy to represent. - Adrián Press.


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