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The high-handed betrayal of their trast y the Bcoretary and maater of the Btate rraugo in this state, in their base attempt drag down the order of patrous of hus)andry into the mire, fllth and bitterness of partisan stnfe for office, should receive he early attention of the master of the national grange. - Qrand Rapids Leader. "The beneficiarios of the lumber tariff ire the timber land owners. It is said ;hree persons in Detroit own ninety-nineone-hundredthB of Michigan timber ands. God planted great Michigan orests and a few capitalista own them. ?or every foot of limber put into a cheap lome tribute must be paid to the proteo;ion blackmailers." - Oeo. L. Yaple. The republican press epithet of " the lid trom Mendon" is the insult which the young men of Michigan will resent at the o11h. Hardly a young man was visible imong the political f ossils at the republican state convention, while the demoorato gathering was full of young life and roung blood. The young men of the itate will remember this. - Kalaniazoo Qazette. There has been so man in the presidency so popular as President Cleveland since the days of Abraham Linooln. President Lincoln's popularitycame f rom :he loyal spirit of the people rallying about the man who was defending the nation's existence. President Cleveland's arises frorn his stunly and steadfast effort :o follow hia own convictions of right, and his statesmaolike appreciation of the aeeds of reform in the government - Boston Herald. Twenty yeare is enough for any one man to sacritice in public office. In the last thirty-eight vears of his lite Cyrus G. Luce has held office twenty of them. When he would fail to get the nomination for State Senator or Governor he would accept that ticket. This, together with the piofits derived f rom his bank stock at C'oldwater and Lagrange, Ind„ explains very clearly how ït happened that he found farming such profítable business. He has spent enough of his life in the capacity of public servant, and it will be so decreed by the voters of the State November 2 next. - Paw Paw Free Prsss and Courier.


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