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Nut coal is now $6 per ton. Gen. E. Clark is a very feeble health. Soft coal has góne up 5) ceuta {er ton. The Argus ofllce is now in the Dufly block. Dr. Smith has returned from his western trip. L. D. Grose has removed his family to Lansing. These bright sunny autnmn days are delightful. ïpsilanti is again agitating the water works question. Fred. A. Cutler of Albion, spent last Friday in this city. The streets of Ann Arbor are to be lighted with electricity. Capt. Chss. Thayer who is 86 years of age. has jnvented a car ooupler. Dr. Harry Nichols of Saline was in town the last of the week on business. Mills Bros. of Pittsfield tok second premium on cattle at the Chelsea fair. Dr. Will J. Herdman has returned from a several months' trip in Europe. Walter Wright of this city is building a house on his farm near Eaton Bapids. In the eleotion of 1884 there were polled in this county, on governor, 0,975 votes. Capt. Allen will address a republican meeting in this city, at the opera house, October 27. Patrick Gallagher, so many years a resident of Webster, has moved to Corunna to live. Men are selhng rugs about the city for $7 that can be duplicated at Keek & Co.'s for $4 .50. Dexter has a representativo in all the departments of the university save one, the dental college. H. W. Ashley, general superintendent of the T. A. A. & N. M. R. R., spent Sunday in the city. Fohey & Poland have the contract for building Peterson's new house on South Fourth street. Dr. Osburne, who returned from China sometime since, has settled for practice in Butland, Vt. Hutzel & (Jo., of Ani) Arbor, are putting in a hot air furnace for A. E. Bul lock. - South Lyou Picket. U. Crozier spoke in Deerfield, Len awee county, last Friday evening and at Hudson Saturday afternoon. The Minnis orchestrn played at the je-union of the Twentieth Michigan Infantry in Lansing Wednesday. The market question came up before the council Monday evening, but went over with other uniiuished business. O. N. Lake, the brakeman on the Toledo and Ann Aibor railroad, who was thought to be dangerously injured, will recover. Hugh O'Kane picked a quart of raspberries, second erop, Satnrday. This week he picked a bushei, and they were beauties. Dr. W. E. Ziegenfuss, for a number of years a resident of Dexter, has gone to Alpena, which place he will make his future home. J. E. Wyman of Detroit, has been in the city several days this week, in the interest of the proposed market on Huron street. The regular monthly meeting of the Hobart guild will be held in St. Andrew's chapel on Monday eveniug, Oct. 18, at 7 o'clock. Aid. Keating has sold dirt from the streets in his ward to the amount of $101.80, and has turned the same over to city treasurer Öorg. Good enough. W. N. Tenney of Connecticut, will give temperance chalk talks at Cropsey's hall this Friday evening and Sunday afternoon and evening, for children. Rev. Dr. George W allace of Plymouth, ill give the annual address before the young people's society at the Presbyterian ohurch, next Sabbath evening. There was a meeting of the W. C. T. U. of this county at Salem yesterday. Mrs. A. S. Benjamin delivered an address in the evening. There was a good attendanoe. Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Martin were in Columbus, O., last week. üliver was a delégate from Michigan to the national funeral directora, who were in session there. The following gentlemen are members of tLe second representativo district democratie committee for the ensuing two years: H. Stumpenhusen, Ypsilanti ; C N. Howe, Saline; D. G. Rose, Sharon. C. H. Richmond of this city, and A. J. Murray of Superior, have been drawn as jurors of the United States court. Traverse jurors from this vicinity are N. D. Towner of Ypsilanti, and A. J. Robison of Manchester. The annual meeting of the stockholderB of the Star Motintain Mining Co , will be held at the office of the company in this city, next Monday, at 11 o'olock a. m.,for the purpose of electing a boari of directora for the ensuiug year. Miss Morse is rapidly bringing her large new society house on North State street to a finish. She has now three fine society houses adjoining each other and deserves great credit in her efforts to help make Ann Arbor a model oity. I A Sam Liangsdorf spent Suuday in De troit. Capt. Allen speaks in Chelsea to-mor row afternoon. A. O. Crozier was in the city Tuesday taking a short reet. J. L. Hudson was registered at the Germania hotel Monday. Judge Howell of Adrián was at the Cook house over Sunday. The personal estáte of the late Joaeph J. Ellis amounts to $152,000. Hon. E. D. Kinne bas been electec one of the National bank directora. Mr. S. S. Blitz attended the funeral o: his wife's mother in Detroit, Sunday. Mrs. O. A. Hendrick of Ottawa, Kas. was in the city a short time lust week. At a special meeting of the council last evenmg, boards of registration were appointed. T. J. Keech bas one of the easiest ridini covered road carts in the city. It is a daisy. Mra. Albert Tremper of Scio. is visiting her daughter in Saginaw City, Mre. W. E. Crane. Change of Rdvertisement for The f wo S8ms. It will pay you to read their annouocement. L E. Chapín of Toledo, O., and Miss Liizzie Hadley of this oity, were married Wednesday eveniug. Chas. Gibson has moved his tonsori:il rooms over Geo Clarken'a new store, where bath rooms are also to be fitted ip. Mrs. M. O. Fox of Santiago, Cal., acjompanied by her daag iter, is visiting ïer sister, Mrs. Jacob Soiibolt and Helen Buell. Rev. Geo Wallaco will deliver an ad Iress Sunday evening, before the youug aeople's society of the Presbyterian The Cocker league give a reception kis evoning to the student in the unirersity and high school who attend the tf. E. church. Next Sunday evening an addross will e delivered bef ore the Cocker league y the Rev. Dr. Terry of the Evanston Siblical instituto. Miss Lena L. Molouey of Fountain treet, returned Monday after a thiee reeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. Will 'nrcell, iu Toledo. An inventory of C.C. Warner's stock f grocenes foots up $1,2;56.1(, bcsides book account of $753.50, or a total mount of assets of $2,009.72. Wm. L. Frank, propretor of the Germania hotel, has a business card in toay's paper. This house is new, een rally located, and heated with steam. The Register thinks the republican county convention was a farce, and the ourier undertakes to smooth t ie matter ver. And both papers are republican. They have a new way of spelling Josn. Tuesday a letter, post-marked ockford, Mich , was received in fchis ïty addressed to "Judge Chauncey ossalen." Hot weather is never allowed to ere with Joe. 1. Jacobs & (Jo.'s sales. 'hey are bound to sell about so many )(h1h annuaily, henee thegreat bargains íey are offenng until Nov. 13. The Washtenaw lodge of Good Temlars, No. 719, will hold one of their opular apron socials and entertainneute tliis eveniug in the Knights of jabor hall, over Tuomey Bros, store. ood musió will be furnished. Adrián Press: The uoniinntion of Mr. orinan, for state senator for the Monoe and VVashteuaw district, assures the ale of one very able and efficiënt repesentalire in that body. He is a talented young fellow and will make nis mark. Opening of the Toledo road from Toedo to Mt. Pleasant has been put off mother week on account of the sink ïole at Lieland's, which went down gain Friday last. As soon as tbe road passable through trains will commence unning. It was something unusual to see so many young men delegates to a demoratic convention as were in attendance ?uesday. - Pemocrat. It is about time lat the young men got to the front. - Cnterprise. You bet, and the boys are etting there, too . The pomological society, at their meetng last Saturday, had a grand display t California grapos, which Mrs. E. K. pence of División street, had sent her roma fríen il at Los Angelos, Cal. One :eni weighed three pounds, and is called ie muscatel tokay. Matthew Seeger of Saline, has been ïominated by the eecond district repubcans for the legislatrue. Ilis opponent is E. P. Harper of Lodi. Mr. Seeger is i yery popular Germán, and has twice een elected supervisor of the township f Saline, a democratie stronghold. W. H. Sheldoii who stole jewelry and thfr Hrtinlp frnm Wm Dpnman'HÍinnfiA. wkich robbery was mentioned in this aper, was arrested in Detroit the ast of the week. and returned to the ounty jiiil to await his trial at the adourned term ot the court in November. Chicago Journal: Mr. Kendall posesses an unlimited fuud of dry, quuint Eind irresistible humor, and his awkward tnovements are most comical. So many ncidents occur in which Mr. Kendall ;akes a hand that it is impossible to enumérate them. They must be seen to be ppreciated. Thecoinpauy on the whole s a good one. " The democratie partv is a party withut a single principie - a party whioh ell from power in its opposition to human nghts, and which now asks power or the sake of plunder and spoils." .'his is what M. H. Brewer said in his ipeech at Holly, and yet the republicans ïave the cheek to ask demócrata to vote or suöh as they. Will you do it, fellowlemocrats? Early in the spring a petition tor a idewalk, signed by two-thirds ot the roperty owners, was presented to the council, askiug tliat a walk be oraered on the east side of Spring street, from ililler avenue to Mclotyre's place. And hat is the last of it. The owners of the roperty are willing to construct the walk and why do not the council take some action? Edward Duffy is closing out crockery and glassware at less than cost. The sale will continue for the next 30 days, and those wno would take advantage oi he low prices are invited to cali and look rhrough the stouk, which is one of the argest in the county. Mr. Daffy has Deen engaged in business in this city for many yeara, and when he announcee goods at a bargain, you can depend on what he s;i s in every instanoe. See hie advertisement elsewhere on this page. Ohioogo Eerald: "A Pair of Kids," bj n.. "Cl 17"i ,1 . . 11 r, i .1 4-1. „ 1 TV TT - , oomedy company, haB proved one of the most enjoyable and popular attractions secured by Manager Dyer at the Sandard :ueatre during the present season. A more Buocessful oarnival of merriment lias seldom been produced on the local stage. The hearty and rippling laughter pervadingtbe vrell packed house throughout the entire performaoce bore ampie evidence of the patronage awaiting this contagious comedy durins; its ourrent season at the Standard. Of thh popular and enjoyable class of entertainment "A Pair of Kids" is one of the most promising of ite type. Kalamazoo Telegraph: Editor Holmes of the Clielsea tlerald, when in ltotue 30 years ago, bought a Greek lexicon with Latin deflnitions, pubhsUed at Basel, Switzerland, in 1665. Every page has annotations sliowiug thnt some one in the long past went through the book at immense labor. When he flnds out history of the book he will present it to the university. Over a year ago Frank Howard of Ann Arbor, while in Detroit, run across an inventor of staveless barrel, who convinced him ihat there was money in it. The result of this chance meeting has been a large factory, employing lOu men. The body of the barrel is made of two pieaes, and one flrm has just contracted for 10,000 barrels a day for tkree years. Geo. Darkeud was admitted to oitizen ship Monday. Micbael Hoy of Dexter, is attending the law college. M. M. Green was in Detroit Tuesday and Wednesday. Temperance meeting Sunday afternoon at the old Baptist chiirch. Mrs. Fred. Root is dangerously ill at her residenoe, No. 47 North Fourth-st. The AmyGordon opera oompany played to fair business the first half of the week. The Ann Arbor land league meet this evening in the new hall of the Catholic school. Judfcment was awanied in the circuit court, Monday, against H. W. Druse for 1246.31. The supervisors will let the job of publishing the proceedingR to the lowest bidder. Mrs. Nichals of Ingalls street, is entertaing her mother from Saline, for a day or two. Chas. J. Kintner of the patent office, Washington, D. C, is spending his vacation in this city. Lucas & Tessmer ate putting up the rick addition to the Northern brewery or H. Hardinghaus. Huron cornet band discoursed most sxcellent musio in front of the opera ïouse Tuesday evening. The supervisors visited the county ïouso VVednesday aftornoon oj their annual tour oi' inspection. Airs. Dr Ingalls and children, who ïave been visiting Mrs. Baxter ot Cathrine st., retarned to Detroit Saturday. Gco. Robison, an old Washteuaw ounty boy, has been renominated for ro8ecuting attorney of Wayne county. Joe. T. Jacobs & Co. are otïering speial inducements in prices. See change of advertisement for further informaIATI Our large boardiug bouses are fast ating ui the amaller ones. From 25 to 00 boarders in oue house is what is dong the business. E. O. Stiles has returned from Breek cridge. Ooi., where he has been for sevsral weeks in the interest of the Star lountain Mining Co. Sheriff Walsh has recovered a gold ing with garuet and pearl settings from W. W. Sheldon, now in jail awaiting rial on the charge of larceny . C. O. Warner, who succeeded C. E. Wagner in the grocery business, has made an assignment to Nelson Sutherand. Liabilities about $1,900. Byron Green is going to put up a rick block adjoing the Goodrich house, n Fourth street. The rooms over the tores will be used in connection with ie hotel. The high school seniora had a class social ast Friday evening, at the residence of Miss Oornwell on División street, and ie juniors at the home of Miss Ehman, Jniversity avenue. Jas. M. Ashley, jr., who was oharged with obstructing trains on the Detroit ; Lansmg road during the railroad war t Howell, paid $100 and settled the matter, in Detroit last week. Jno. W. Wise is meeting with great ïccess canvassing for " Gen. McClellan's iwn Story," a book of some 700 pages, legantly bound and profusely ïllustraed with steel plates, portiaits, etc. J. P. Hoffman of Pontiac, has taken ïp his residence in this city. He las rented a portion of the Mayuard ïomestead, on South Main street, and is agagei in aelling pianos and organs. Young McCorkle of Ypsilauti will make the run for circuit court eommissoner ou the repubiiean ticket, in place f one of the candidatos who ref used oint blank to have his name printed on ie tickets. Since the last annual meeting of the joard of supervisors Judge Harriman las committed 11 insane persons to the nsane asylum. The cases were pubshed in The Dkmoobat at the time isposition was made of thorn. Treasurer Tozer will pay the premims awarded at the late Washtenaw Co. 'air, the remaining three successive aturdays in this month - Oct. 10, 23, md 30 - at the society's rooms in the asement of the court house. Services in St. Audrew's church next lunday as folio ws: Holy communion, :30 a. m.; morning prayer and sermón, 0:;S0 a. m.; lecture by Prof. Morris at 2; Sunday school at the same hour; vening prayer and sermón, 7:30 p. m. The old reliable dry goods establish ment of Mack & Schimd are offering great bargains in their cloak department on account of the extremly warm season and they have reduoed the pnce of heavy .ress goods for the same reason. Bead their announncement on this page. Yesterday the weather interfered with the outdoor meeting, but last night the opera house was crowded by those uno tu iicai vjtsu. j. xuuie, .u. XI Ottlöbury, C. R. Whitman, and John Enight. who rnade telling speeches for ;he 'lemocraoy. The greatest enthusiasm whb inauifested. Soine 200 Ypsilantians came on a special train to attend the first democratie rally of the campaign. Everything looks bright for a grand democratie victory in November. Peterson's Magazine for November is on our table, the very queen of lady'sbooks. It has a charming steel-plate, "A Mefraage From the Sea,'' a mammoth colorea fashion-plste, a portrait of Aun S. Stephens, some fifty other illnstrations and severa I original stories of un.isual power. With this number appears the prospectus for next year. It proraLses even better things, and "Peterson" always keeps his promises. There will be over 1.200 printed pages, 14 steel-engravings, 13 mamwoth colored steel fashionplates, from 800 to 900 wood-cuts, and six copyright novelts, by Ann 8. Stephens, Mrs. John Sherwood, Edgar Fawcetl, Frank Lee Benedict, Mr. M. V. Spencer, and Agnes Bowman - and one hundred smaller original stories, etc. The terms are only Two Dolíais a year. Every lady should take this magazine. It is really a householdnecessity. Address Charles J. Peterson, :S0(Chestnut Street, Philadelphin, Pa. Specimens are sent, gratis, if wntten for, to get up clubs with. Blizzard or no blizzard, it seems that the aunouncement of Ezra Kendall's appearance in a new conceit, entitled "A Pair of Kids," at Havliu's Ttieater, was enough to crowd the auditorium of that cozy houae both at the matinee and night performances yesterday with an audienoe whiob fairly howled itself hoarse with laughter. Ezra Kendall is the new departure in comedy characterizution, and in his distinct liue is as much a shining light fis Harry Dixey or Nat. Goodwin. As "Jiles Button" Mr. Kcndall furnished his audience with a modern "Solon Shingle which kept them in a roaring good humor during the entire perfor manee. There is a quaintness about him that is perfectly irrsistible, and you laugh before you really know what it is all about. If there is any magnetism in a shock of f rowsy gray hair, which persists in climbing over the top of a bald pate, Kendall has a whole stook of it. His support is unexceptionally clever. "A Pair of Kids" is full of good things from beginning to end, and wc would advino all to see it. - Cincinnati Enquire. Mr. Kêudall will appear at the opera house Thursday evening, Oct. 21.


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