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A special meeting of the council was ïeld Monday evening. The mayor etated lat the lirst buniness to be considerad was the passing of an ordinace relativa o a street railway. It having been intimated that the adoption of an ordinance f this kind smacked of jobbery, Z. P. [ing, one of the incorporators of the ompany, was given permission to speak n the question. He said that as to the ïonesty of the Corporation he invited the losest oriticism. One of the chief reaons why the company was anxioos for the passage of the ordinanoe at once, was that if anything was to be done this fall they could lay their plans and commonce work immediately. As there didn't seem to be mnoh of a dispositon to rush the ordinance through, action was deferred until the november meeting. On motion of recorder Pond it was voted to raise $18,320 for the following parposes: court house aid bonds $2,000; interest oü the same same $320; general fund, streete, $2,000, and $5,500 for ward purposes. And the supervisors of the city were instructed to have same spread on the assessment roll. The joint committee of the council and business men's aasociation made their report which can be summed up as f olio ws : 1. That the city be ligkted by electricity. 2. That 60 electrio lighte be used. 3. That the lighte be are lights of the numeral or trade value, of 2,000 candle power, and hang on the low light system. 4. That a contract be entered into by the city with an electrio liguting company, by which aaid company agrees to put in all necessary lamps and machinery free of expense to the oity and to light them 265 nights in a year, for a fixed period of three years. 5. That aa between the Wayne-Jenny light and the Thompson-Huston light, the committee favored the latter on account of the superior steadiness of their lights. The report was adopted, Aids . Kearns and Herz voting in the negativo. A committee consisting of Mayor Bobison and Aids. Martin, Poland, Allmendinger and öwift, was appointed to confer with the street railway compny and report at the next regular session, when the ordinanoe will probably be disposed of one way or the other. Aid. Martin moved that a contract be entered into with the Thompson-Houston company. J.111B UlUlfJOU UctllOU 1ULLI1 U1HUUBH1UU frorn citizens present and membern of the council. Ex-Ald. Hutzel took the ground that, while he believed eleotricity to be the light, the council should take no hasty steps. He tbouglit that if the Cornwell Bros. would furnish the necessary power froiu their pulp mili, to run the dynamos, a great saving would result frora water over steam. Aid. Swift favored the systom of electric lighting, and in a fifteen minutes' speech fully set forth his views on the subject. No one could fail to understand how he stoort. The question ot entering into a contraot with the Thompson-Houston Co. was referred to Aids. Allmendinger, 8wift and Kearns. A committee consisting of Aid. Steere, to which the mayor was added, was appointed to confer with the regents as to how many lights they would be willing to have placed on the campus to be paid for by the univeraity. The counoil tlien adjourned.


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