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What Is Farming

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The American t'anncrsny s farming is sometliing more than stayjng on a farm. It is soruething more tlian skimming tho soil, It is more than sellitig hay or potatoes, and bulky crops ananlmalized Farming is a business, a profession, a practical and scientific operation. The procesa of nature must be understood and workcd iu harmony with the chemstry of t lic earth and air. The processes of nature must be understood, if not in their tcrhnical terms and languae in that conitnon way, iu that sensible understand 'ng, that eommon sense way, that their own advantage and capabllities may be turned to tlie begt account. The law.i er works by law and precedent, the phyiiciBn works by Bymptioms and indications, the merclumt by rules and obsorvation, the mo.chuiiic by EDeaaures and capaeities. The farimr tmiti work by all - by rules, laws. obsorvat on and experiment. He must lm a skilied workman in the prodnctive, operative and commercial circles in which his business lies and his sphcrc of circulation extends.


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