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Steamers Propelled By Sound

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Keely's motor is iiualry a success. This timo the motivo power is sound. A few words uttered in an ordmary tone of volco will drive his 600-horsepowcr engine at a rate of speed tliat causes the whole villaje of Philadrlph'a to vĂ­brate. A group of passengen conversing near the engine room of an ocean stearoer, armed of course with a Keoly motor, would drive the ship through the water about niuety knots an hour. The ladies cabin connected with the engine by an ordinary gaspipe, will reduce the voyage from ten days to threoandone-half hours. - Life. The Indians of Morelos, Mexico, are said to be quite original in the art of exehanging wives. Wlien one of the bartered females is consido red more valuable than the other bv the two coutraeting parties, a cat, a dog, or a couple of pigeons are given to equalize the bargain.


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