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There is a fcmale drummer doinsr 1 licru Ocogon. Fenialé srarrofers are muneroiis in ; the City of Mexico. A San .lose. Cal., wiiV recently gave her busband $500 on condition that be , fihould leave the state. A snnflower 17 inchea In diameter and j .58.4 inehes in eireuniferem e is one of the vegetable woiulers of Los Angeles, Cal. Srv !i (iicin ibis were broughtto San Diego, Cal., lately. The birds are seldom seen In tliis vicinity except in I winter. An [ndian runner recenlly traveled from the Clip mino to Yuma, Cal., a distance of seventy-flve miles in seven hours. The politioal "straw" nuisance has once more made its appearanoe, and travelers nre wnrned to próvido tliemSÓlvrs with ■■rlicstnut bplls." Sant :i (i:. ('al., Chinanien make a íoilw Qg-house of the court-house in that City. Oti'e aftornoon recently Ihe :milo!- fqund nu than sixteen of Uhmu ;i 1 c) In v;irious rooms. ■ üwingto theexceptionallv large crops of liav and prain on Senator Slanford's Palo Alto, Cal., ranch tliis season, it haa been found necessary to build cvj era! capacioos nw hay and straw baras, ! vvhich novv are in course of erection. Grover Cleveland McQueen won a ]rsu at tho Lexington, Ky., fair as lliu han Isntnest baby boy under 2yearsold. There ere seventeen entries, bnt ]Iaster McQaeen liad real Cleveland luck iw got there. Philadplphia women and girls who are emplbyed as domestics are talk ing oí OFgauieiag a unión for tho parpase of obtaining permissign from their mlsiress s lo liold levees in their parlois at leal two evenings a week. Just büiore congress adjourned U ■■;- reicniatïve Herman complained of mlarial symptoms. "Take k'neen,'' grvid a r.i'iid. "Wel!, I will," replied llur: man, thoughtfnlly. "I've been tak Bg quin no, bot it dosen't soem to do mo I any gooi" Whc;n the misspelling of tlie word "strychnine" in a murder indictnuiit v;ll cause the reassembling of o grand inspVcIal session for itscorreclion. as it did last week in Massachusetli, it looks as though it were possiblo to caí ry exaetness to extremes. A Georgia farmer has a goat that joins gieelully with a houiul ín hantiug ralílj.ts. When on tho trail be ini lat's t lie dogs and runa with bis nose to the grpuna, but when the quarry ia in view u p 'ocs the liead aml tail, and lie daslies after the nnfortunate bunny re:,;. ni lesa of hfs companions. Foliccrhan Hoaney, of Nantiei I Pa., was recenlly anested onaaclntro of assaolt and battery preferred by A. llcrskoviez. a banker of that place. He 1 was held in $300 bail which he tound 1 hard to get, and was about to be ! loekel up, when the plaintiff himsolf eauie lo his rescuo and becamn his í suret}'. Two yonug men at Newport, R. ]., reeen tly obtainod board in the fdniilea of severa! wel] known liqnor-dealers ín that city for the purpose of obtnlning ev'.dence with which to prosecute them for llegaliy selling liquor. Tuesdèy lli!i-ly-scon whisky merchants wera put uu. Ier arrestas aresultof theyoung oiéu'a investigation. McCavthy is doing well. He is the Boston man npon whom n wotuif rful cal operation was performud a -liort time ago. He was unforlunate euoagh lo swallow liis teeth while uatUlg, and :v skillful phys'ciau cul epen liis side, look out h's stomach, in wnich the tócjbh bad lodged, and removud thum iiom it. The stomaeh was then sewed ip and replaced. Thcre Is a tondoncy in London and New Vork to return to Dutch colonial arclnlectufe. In London dingy old squares are changing into clusters of fantastic high dwcllings built of lightred brieks, with gnbles ourved in Dutch fashion, and in New York gables are springing up over the city. As in previous architectnral fashions, the tyle will probably be overdone. A Troy, N. Y., policeman reports having seen a remarkable lookinj: :mi mal in tlie dain near that ily. He s.-i - it strongly resembles the fanious sea serpents, of which so niuch has boen written lately, but that instead of having feet its sides were dotted by hug: lins, which it kept conshintly dáppíng. The serpent was nearly t fect long, and had a head as larga as a barrel. Dur ng a railroad excusión froni Lafayotte, Jnd., to Dayton, O., the other day, the train was stopped as it crossed the state line, and David Clark, aliirhtng, stood in Indiana, and .Mis. Mary Hawkins stood in ühlo, and a minister uiio was present straddled the line and tnarried them; and then the eightjiuni drod excursionista fornied around the pa i' and gave them three rheers whilo the band playod. The ofRoers of the üneonta (K. Y. ) , Agricultural society have oftered $20 in gold to tlie first eouple who will nnnoiincc theinselvcs as willing to get marrled In front of the grand stand on tbo foir-grótfnds on the last day of ther animal fair, Sept. 25. A minister has offer' (l lo do tlic knot-tying free. and tlxë nieivhants have tendered tlieir coinpliments to the bride-to-be in the simpe of ( verything from a rattle-box to a bed room set. Ilfinry Donnelly, of New Haven, Conn,, heard crios tor help oom'ng from Mili river, ran quite a distance at full spe'd, reached the water in time to gee a -runll boy sink for the third time, plunged in, breathless as he was, without removing even his shoes, faild to gel the boy at the first atteinpt, dived again, and just managed to bear the apparently lifeless body ashore when liis strength gave out Donnelly was dragfted out fainting, the boy was resusicated, and so was his niother, who had in the meantime arrived and fainted. One of the curiosities of the animal kingdoru is the eulachon or eundle-fish (Tltalcichtys Pacificus) of the nortlieastern Pacific. It is about fourteen inchje long, resembles the smelt in nppearance, and is caught in large quuntities in the earlv spring. It is the fattest of all knoirn tishes, for which reaaon its dried and sraoked flesh is highly esteemi d as a warming food for winter bv the Indians, by wnoni the oil is also drunk. So fat is the flsh that wlicn dried it burns with a bright name uut il entiraly consumed, forming a candle muoh used among the Indians, either willi or without a wooden wiek passed through the body. It is a general belief that bass that have been once hooked and havo espap, 'd will never bite again. The error of this theory was proven a few days ago on two different occasions. A lisherman near Newark, N. J., hooked a bass, bot bffore he conld haul it in the hook became detached from the line and the tish escaped with it in his . moutli. An hour later he cast in the same spot and caught the Idéntica! fish with the treaoherous hook stioking in hifi lip. On the samo aftornoon ono of the guides struck a three pounder with ti -e ble hook baited with a frog. ïho bass came out of water and sent th frog (spinning through the air, then he soundod and broke the gang above tho hook, whicli was embodded in tho lower j:w. Anothcr guide came in during the ovcnino-, and remarked that ho had iit a bass with a treble hook fast in h s niouth. A glanee at the hook Rssured pudo No. 1 that the fish was the one that he had lost. ít is fsfmated by real estato men that the censúa of 1890 will show twice as la ge. iu rease in the populat on of , YVash ngton bb that o' any other like poriod in the h'story of the city. The ncrease dur!; g the period from 1880 to ' 1885 wa over 20,000 The advane n the pr ce of real estáte there has for sevcral years been almcst as phenomenal as that in the f ar western ei ies whcli havo booraed under tlio exritement of great imnrgration by mining . inerests, etc. The eight-hour j ment, which threatened evil to the city j for six nio ths during this year, has died out, and building is goi g ahead with an ihipetus never known bcfore There are n ore structures of a superior eharacter going up there now than ia any ther c'ty in the United States The only chtirch in Charleston which was not injured by the earthquake was one in wliich a congregation of colored (ongregationalists worship. They had uppointed the time of dedication only two or tliree days after the earthquake, and Ihoy did not put it off. There carne a shock during the services, but instead of running and howling in terror to the street, a many others would have done, not a soul left hisseat. More than that, they took up a contribution of eightytiw dollars to pay the expense of furnislung. But their school building and teachers house were badly shat tercd. Atlanta Univcrsity is ealarging its industrial r'epartment. It is planned to increase the number of forges and improve the facilities of the iron-w rkng, and also of the woo '-working, classes. A printing press has been secured, witli sufficient outfit to give inslruction in printing. A pr mary departnuent will be opened at Kfty ( enta a nu) th tuition. This will also serve as a school of observation and praetice for the normal department. Ordinary tuition is two dollars a month in the colleges classes, and one dollar in the lowe" classes. Straws show the direction of the wind, and little things indícate the progress of the people toward greater results. That we are rapidly becoming a reading nation is indicated by the fact that every pear thousands of new names are added fo the list of students intheChautauqua jourse - the people's college. By this oncans are being formed in the young of to-day habits which will bo of inestimable benefit in after life. At the rerepton of the president the i otker e eoing appeared a tall lank Virginian, who said, upon s' aking llanda with his exc l'en y: 'Tve bin readiu1 'bout ver huntin' au' fish n' up thar 'n ther d'rondasks, but I 'lowed jer didn't iind nuich deer: Now, if jTer'll jost kum down to ray pi a e, I'll ive ypr er chance to kill ther purtiest bucks er ever set eyes on, and lots of 'em, too. It'Il be er real deer hunt, and don't yer forgit it." Fannie Davenport gets all her slioes trom Paris. The pope's table expenses are less than {.50 a woek. Tlu? mistress of the White house wears a No. 8K shoe. A uniform and natural color oí the tïhiskers is produced by using Buckinghain's Day. "VVu havo used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral nour fumily, for colds, with perfect success. Good cro]s In the south havo put life into trado of all sort.


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