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If Daniel Pine, of Paw Paw, 111., lives until Decembor he will be 100 years old. Meantime he amuses himself by hoeing and sawing wood. One among the many eminent churcb dignitaries who have given their public imu: semont to the wonderful efficacy ot St. Jacobs Oil, in case of rhumntism and other painful ailments, is the Rigut Keverend Bfshop;Gilmour, Cleveland, Oblo. The erank-shaft of the steamer City of Rome is said to be the largest in the world, weighing (ïi tons. It was made of fluid compressed steel. Clarksville, Md., bee huuters recently eut down a tree and found in the hollow, 35 feet frora the ground, plenty of honey and a black snake 'J feot long. Things are going on so fast among the Japanese that there is talk of their havinp; an "agricultiiral i party" in their long looked for national assembly. The only cough mixture before the jieople, that contains no opiaten or narcotica is Red Star Cough Cure. Price. twentyfive cents. Philadelphia claims that one-fifth of its population is enrolled in its Siinday schools. Catarrh, Catarrhal Deafneas and Hay FeverSufferers are not generally aware that these diseases are contagious, or that they are duo to the presence of living parasitrin the lininji mcmbrnnp of the nose and enstachian tubes. Microscopio research, however, has proved this to be a faot, mul the result is that a simple remedy luis been forinulated whereby catarrh. catarrhal deafness. and hay fëver are cured in from one to three simple appUcatioas made at home. A pamphlet explaining this new treirtment is sent free on receipt of stamp, by A. H. Dixon & Bon, 815 Kiiif; street est, Torouto, Canada.- Chrinlien Standni-'l. All the cannon foundries of Europe are overrun with orders and working day and night. A New Wonder is not often recorded, but those who write to Hallett & Co., Portland, Maine, will learn of agetiuine ono. You can earn fi-oni í ui tSaand upwaxÖaa day. You can ilo the work and live at home. wher ever you are located. Full ]articulars will be sent you free. Somo have earnct overSO in ïi rlny. ('apitalnot needed. You are started in business free Both soxes. All nges. Immense proflts sure for those wln start at once. Your fint act shoukl be to write for particulars. (Jablnet ministers in France have a handsomely furnished house and $'20,000 a year. 'Athlophoro:! gives perfect satisfaction. It has hfllped to cure some wheie all other remedies have failod to do any good," is the report of üullman Rros.. druggists. of Flint, Mich.. on the great rheumatism and neuralgia remedj 's work. AwomaninSan José. Cal., the other day gave her husband ?500 to leave the state. "Biuns ami S. ai. ris."- If yon are so un fortúnate as to injure yourself in this way we can suggest a remedy that will soon relieve you of all pain and quickly heal the wound; itcosts but twenty-fivo cents and is sold by all druggists. Ask for Perri Davis' Pain-Kim.f.h. It is estimated that li,000,0()0 iair of boots and shoes are nnnually manufactureJ in prisons.


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