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Dou't Fay a BIG FriceRK Pnnéc Paysfora Yeu'.i subseripUO UvllLo tion to the Weekly Amerii'ti Rural ",i. Korhester, .yWHJiOMf premium "1 he Cheapest and Best Weekly ín tlie World," 8 pages. 48 columns, f. years oíd. For (hit Dollar you have one choice from over 150 different Cloth-Bound Dolí ir Yolnmr.; JJOp to '.i, pp., and paper one year, post-paid. Book postage, 15c. Extra. 50.00) books given away. Among them are: Law Without Lawyers; Family Cyelopedia: Karin Cyclopedia; Farmers' and SiockhivrihTs' íluide; Common Sense in Poultry Vard; World Cyelopedia; Danelson's (Medical) Counselor; Boys' Useful Pastiuies; Five Years Bef ore the Mast; Peoples' History of Uuited States; Uni vorsal History of all Nations; Popular History Civil War (both sides). Any ONB book and paper, one year, all post-paid, for 1.16 ouly. Paper alone, 65c. Satisfactíon guaranteed on books and Weekly, or money refunded. Reference: Hon. C. K. 1'ausoss, Mayor Rochester. Sample papers. Ze. RURAL HOME CO., Ltd., Without J'remium, 65c. a year'. Hoi -nr.sTEK, N. Y. The steamers on the Nile are driving the crocodile from the river. A OBEAT VICTOEY. Hyrtle Wattiet Made Happy About the flrst of Julylast, Mr. Hibbard called at my market, and seeing me very niuch out oi health, andsufferingextremely with Rhouniatism and Biliousness, advised me to drop taking all other medicines and try Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup, saying it would cure me. I said to Mm thatit was impossible for me to fully describe my Intense suffeTing for yeart past; that I had Iricii so many remedies and no good that I had no faith in them. Ue explained to me the nature of the remedy and how it would opérate upon my Liver aDdKidneys, assuring me that there were no poisons oropfatoa u-lhí En it5 t-ompounding, and telling me the ingredients that composed the remedy. I commoncedusing it, have taken bottles, and I want to say to you ithas done wonders for me. It has cured me. famwtll. As an evidencO of my gratitude, I send these facts unsolicited, andl am ready to verify tho authenticity of this cure by personal correspondence with anyone who doubt-i it. Mtkti.b Wattles, Briton Market. 310 West Main Street, Kalaiuazoo, Mich. Japan has 168 Protestant churehes, with a membership of 11,678. Tho Signal Service Flaj. The j-ignal service employ a flag to retnind us of the approach of storms. We use Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Qutm and Mullein to prevent slight couglis and colds from developing into something more serious. The beaeon light reflects the ship's way out of darkunss. Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gum aud Mullein refleets to the afflicted the way to the haven of health, curing coughs, colas and consumption. A baby was seized as socurity for rent in a little Pennsylvania town the other day. Hot Teas. Oar Orandmother. The old grandmother made mullein teas for ero up and coughs. Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweot Gum and Mullein is a mulleiu tea combined with the sweet gum, a pleasant curo for coughs and croup. The exudation you see clinging to the sweet gum tree in the summer contains a stimulating expectorant that will loosen the phlegm in the throat. Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gum and Muellin cures coughs and croup. An Andover hen recently laid an egg iD whieh were four perfect soft-shell eggs. In risnf Wlien you risit or leave Now York City, , ■ave baeg&ge, expressage, and t'4 carriaga hire, and stup at the Gkasd Union Hotel, opposito Grand Central Depot. SIS rooms, fHted up at the oost of on million dollars, $1 and upwards per day. Kuropean plan. Klevator. Restaurant supplied with the best. Hrse oars, stages and elevated railroad to all depots. Kaïnliles can live botter for less money at tho Grand Union Hotel than at any other flrst-clas hotel in tho oitj.


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