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Vote tor Oeo. L. Yaple and the eutirc democratie state ticket. Vote for Leeter H . Salsbury. Vote for James 8. Gorman . Vote for Capt. Chas. H. Manly. Vote for Egbert P. HArper. Vote for Willim Walsh. Vote for Frederick A. Howlett. Vote for James Kearns. Vote for Fred H. Belser. Vote for Ezra B. Norria. Vote for Patrick MoKernan. Vote for Frank JoslyD. Vote for Martín Clark. Vote for Dr. Orman Columbus Jenkins. Vote for Charles S. Woodard. Every Enight of Labor should vote for C. H. Manly. Votk for every nominee on the fusión ticket, demócrata, and do your duty. Thebe ís no reason why prívate L. H. Salsbury should not run even with his ticket in Ypsüanti. Demócrata you can not afibrd to be luke warm in the matter. On election day it will be well to have a number of rehable demócrata at every polling place in the county. And they should work with a will for every date on the ticket, from governor down. It is imperative with every demoorat to keep the ball rolling until the laat minute in the afternoon of Tuesday, to the end tliat every fusión ballot inay be deposited for the state and county tickets, before the polls olose. Remembeb, that Frederick A. Howlett of Lyndon, has all the qualifications for clerk of this county. Demócrata, see to it that he polls his full party vote. The eleotion of r detnooratio connty clerk means everything. -m + m- democrat should give Ezra B. Norria their most oandid support. He has saved thousands of dollars to the taxpayers in the past two years, and as he is a capable official he should be eleoted by an overwhelming majority. In the last legislature the repubhcnns had only eight majority on joint ballot. Now, every democrat must see the necessity of voting straight, for with a little extra exertion we may carry both housen, thereby electing a United States senator. In hü probability the uext legialature will contain about twenty KoightH of Labor, divided botweeu all partieu Rnd whom, if they hang together, will be able to organizo the lower house and diciate the choice of a United States senator to sncceed Conger. i Republican papern cali Salsbury b prohlbitionist when he ie running on the democratie ticket aud opposed to sump uary lawB. 'l'his man Allen, when a member of the legislature, voted for the Mooier bill, aud is now trying to curry favor with the saloon keepers. James S. Gorman is one of the neiug young democrat of this county. He has ability, is a Huent speaker, a ready debator and will ably represent Washtenaw and Monroe counties in the state senate. His experience as a member of the legislature will better enable him to iiiflrhnri7A Mía lllflAa rtt oanotnr On Tueaday next Ypsilanti will have ao opportuuity of aoing a maguiticent thing for Leater H. Salsbury. It ia runiored, and republicana uereabouts are trying to make capital by aaying that the demócrata of Ypsilanti will aupport Allen. Ch;m. R. Whitman and hia friends have au important duty to perform. In the re-election of Sheriff Walsh Washtenaw county will continue to have a moat capable official. Priaouera ure autein hia handH, for escupe ia impossible. VVhen business is to be attended Sheriff Walah ia always on deck. When he goes for a priHoner he alwaya securea his man, even if he s obliged to track him for miles through swampa. Egbert 1'. Harpek of Lodi, made a good record as a member of the laat state leifislature. He waa renominated by acclamation, and the demócrata of hia diatrict ahould xive him their hearty endoraetaent. Aa the next Jegialature will elect a United States senator it ia important for ua to have a majority of the votes in both housen, and no little Uifference of opmions or personal feelinga should induce a democrat to out Mr. Harper. Fbeo H. Bblser, that sterling Oerman who has so ably disoharged the duties of county treaeurer for the past two years, should be re-eleoted by a rousing majority. Democrats beware of spurious tickets on the day of eleotion. The republicana are desperate in their effbrts to carry the Legislatura, and will use any táctica to win. m i m We prophesy that the prohibitionists in this county will increase their vote of 700 in '84 to 1,000 in '86. Also that the 2,400 votes cast for Mosher for congress, will be advanoed to 3,000 for Crozier. President Cleveland said to a gentleman of this county that lie rond with much satisfaction the returns trom tho spring eleotion in Ahohii;au in 1885, when Morse carned the state by 00,000 majority. We hope to send him greeting, neit Tueaday night, of a similar result. Not by so many thoUHHtid, but by at least 10,000. Will Wunhtenaw coutribute her portion of that nnmber? The only hope of electing any oandidate upon tbe republicau ticket is by trading. That, in faot, was whut the ticket was put up for. If demócrata stand by their whole ticket as they eurely ought, each and every candidato will secure a goodly majority, and two years henoe it will be almost impoBsible to secure oaudidatcs willink to stand on the republican ticket for county otlicers -even for trading purposes. Don't trade. m i m - The MassaohuHetts canipaign will not be so lively as usuul this year. Buld Beu Butler refuses to enter the race for congress. The blue-blooded denizens of Beacon Hill may rest in eace. It whs thedintiiitfiiished Mr. Hoar who doclared thal if Butler was elected jfovernor be would leave the state. Butler was elected and Hoar (ailod to koop bis promise. The ghost of Butler iuake the republicau party in MaRsiicliuRetts shake witli fever and ague. (Kandidate Sai.sbübt's visil to, and speech in this couuty duriog the past week made hira many friends. Hih agreeable manners, and the favorable impression he makes upon strangers, both teil in bis favor. A student of human nature is readily convinced that there is somotbing substantial in nis niake-up; thal, he is not a surface man and meteor like, with glib tonque, but a man who grows brighter the more one sees of him; who iniproves with age, and as the merchant would say: "All wool and a yard wide." What is the matter with Pennsyl vauia? Bepublioan managers have secured the Plumed Knight to travel up and down her borders to infuse life into the g. o. p. Does defeat stare republicans in the face in the oommonwealth so long ruled by the Cameron dynasty? It don't seeni hardly possible that a state which rolled up 81,000 majority for Blaiue could now be in danger. Yet she is. Wolfe, oandidate of the independents and pro hibitiomsts for governor, is the cause for all the alarm. VVhen the old keystone to the federal areh, rock-ribbed by the tarifl', wavers in the politica! balance, what is to become of the party that ruled the country for twenty-four yeareV The demooracy of the nation is delighted to welcome the return of Samuel Snllivan Ooz. Mr. Cox knows no factinn, no political creed other than sound demooratic principies. His accuptance of a'united demooratic nomination assures a re-election, to the great satisfaction not only to his imtnediate coustituency, but a far wider constituency - the democracy of the uniou. Mr. Cox believes in tanff for revenue only and commercial freedom. His active mind and democratie instincts iind no agreeable place in tilted, lazy foreign courts. He prefers a seat in eongress at $5,000 per annum, rather than a listless life in the Sultan's oourt at twice the salary. Welcome "Sunset" Uox! Let no democrat fail to do his whole duty on Tuesday next. A list of candi dates, than whom there were never better, is presented for your suffrages. Wlat deinocrat is not proud to train under the Yaple banuer? Who will de cliue to cast liin ballot for the talcnted, courageous and mauly gubernatorial candidato? What democrat is uot willing, and heartily too, to support Private Lester H. Salsbury ; not entirely because heserved his country faithfully and well in her hottr of extremity, hut also lieouuse be is clean-hnnded, capable, and wil) refleot credit apon his constitneucy. These gentlemen are samplen of the tiekot preented to WiiHhletiaw cnunty. All are worthy of yowr support. See to it thut this tried and true Qibraltar of deniooraev doeH uot falter in ita allegiance to n il. the oHii'lnliites. The insinuations aud inuendoeg of some of our repiiblicau contemporaring, ly whioh they expect to wheetlle demoorats into voting for Allen, art ainusing. For the purpose of ïnjurint; Salsbury in this county, they inainuato that he is a prohibitioniüt in l.onaweo, and to injure him in Lenawee they say he drinks whisky here. Both these insinuations are lies, and these editors know it. Only yesterday a prominent supporter of Allen aaid that Allen despised the pro bibitionisto and looked upon the whole crowd with con tempt. This republican agreed with Allea and could hardly find words etrong enough with whioh to abuse the prohibition party. This republican had forgotten how Allen, after ue was elected, in 1877-79, advocated the Mosher bill in the legislature, and voted for it both yeara. This Mosher bill was the most ultra and radical pronibitory luw ever ïuirouuueu iuu au iciHiaiure. After Allen's vote for this bill, if we re member right, a Germán paper in Detroit printed a picture of Allen standing on his head. Allen is not exact ly standing on his head now, but be i in al mout as ridiculous a position . He expecta tu get the votes of prohibitionists while his oolleages abuse and blackguard the prohibition party, and he ex pee te to get the vote of anti-prohibition democrate, after talking and voting for tbe Moaherbill. Such doublé dealing is no goud and no go. Neither demócrata nor prohibitioniste can be deceived . Both have candidates who represent their principies; both parties mean business this time, and both propose to support and not aeil out their respective candidatos. Dkmoorats suould take warning and heed the following seusiblo adviae f rom the Ypsilanti Sentinel. The indifference ahown by the republioans to their county ticket exposes the tactics of their catupaigo. The plan is, without doubt to use the ticket as small change in dickering for votes for the state, congressional and legislativo offices. Demócrata must be on their guard against this plan. It ia evident that the republicana, in the county mean to direct all their efforts to the main chañes; the election of tbeir member of congresa will be the especial object of tlieir effort. They hope to cut down if uot destroy the democratie representation in eongress from Michigan, and the aecond district is one they have hopea of aequiring on account of the aniHÜ majority by which they lost it, at the last term. This point must bo guard ed. Tliere ia nol ;i vote lo upare on the acore of personal friendahip or any other con8ideration. JPemoorats are equally iuteroateii in preserving tho Michigan strengtn both at homo and in Washington, and thus the aueond diatrict mtiat not be the one to falter. Don 't trade a yote for oongreesman at any price. ükmoi'iïath, if you never did your duty, your whole duty, now is the time. S'e are ui possession of the national government, and if only true to ourselves tho state of Michigan will this fall be redeemed, and redeemed forever. In the spring of eighty-flve Morse de feated Cooley for aiipreme judge by a majorit.y of '9,9:51. Ia there any good reason why that vote ahould not be duplicated for our whole state ticket? Already victory is assured. Republicana everywhere are deserting the g. o. p. aud coming in out of the cold. Ibis couuty ia good for au average thousand majority. The republicana are trying hard to defeat our oandidates for the legialature, but eveiy democrat who votes againxt theiu should be niurked foruver. For, niind yon, one vote may be ueoeHsary to oloct a U. S. seimtor, and the doiuocrat whi 0BO in the face aud eyes of that fact, vote for u republican, ought to be read out of the party. It you have any fight to makt"., makt! it where it properly belouH - in the cauuuaes and uot at the polls. Dou't, by your vote, be the means of resurrecting soine of these old republicau iniliionaires to the senate of the United States, for certainly you will if you vote against Capt. Man i y or E. P. Harper.


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