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Real Estate Transfers

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Jno. W. Renwick to Alexes P. RenRenwick, Salem, $2,400. Wm. A. Graham to Jno. L. Bagge, Sylvan, $4,585. Hannah M. Taylor to Isaac Taylor, Sylvan, $25 ). Wm. B. Collen to Edward Collen. Sa lem, $1,600. Geo. E. Davis et al Lucy E. Gatea, Sylvan, $1,000. Lucy E. Gates to Matthew E. Jensen, Sylvan, $3,17. 40. Jno. Pflsterer to Anton Eisele, city, 325. Francés M. Carr to Philander L. and H. Post, Ypsilanti oity, $750. Thos. Logan (by admr) to Wm. C. Logan, Manchester, $4,900. Patrick Gallagher to M. C. R. R. Co., Dexter village, $275. Edmund Clancy, jr., to Julius Naw roth, Northfield, $3.000. F. Pistonous of East Sagmaw, who has been in the city for several days, expects to move back here next week. In one of our exchanges we noticed an article in regard te a merchant employing a clerk at a salary of one cent the flrst month and to doublé his wages eaoh month thereafter for the period of three years. To anyone, before making the calculations, it would seem that the salary could not be very large in three years time. For the benefit of our readers however we give below the figures: "First month, .01; second, .02; third, .04; fourth, .08; fifth, .16; sixth, .32; seventh. .64; eight, $1.28; nintb, $.56: tenth, $5 12; eleventh, $10.24; twelfth, $20.48; thirteenth, $40 96; fourteenth, $81.92; üfteenth, $103 84; sixteenth, $327.08; seventeenth, $6ü5.3G; eighteenth, $1,310.2 ; nineteentu, $2,621 44; twentieth, $5,.-42.88; twenty-tirst, $10,485.76; twentysecond, $20,971.52; twenty third, $41,943.04; twenty-fonr, $83,886.08; twenty-fifth, $167,772.16; twenty-sixth, $335,544.32; twenty-seventh, $671,108.86; twentyeight, 1,342,177.28; twenty-uinth, 82,686,35456; thirtieth, $5,368,609.12; thirty-first, $10,787,218.4; thirty-second, $21,474,438 49; thirty-third, $42,948,872.96; thirty-fourth, $a3,897,74").92; thirtytifth, $171,793, 491.84; thirty-sixih, $343,590,983.68. Not satisfied with the hacdsome style in which the laboring men of Horr's (Übtrirt buried the alleged huinorist. Mr. H. comes up smilling and has resumed his speech entitled. "What I Don't Know About the Labor ProWem." Pillabury, repablioan ohairman of the Hunesota state central committee, bas ued the St. Paul Globe for $100,000 damages because the paper criticised certain mattere conneeted with the political campainu in that State. What member of the next Michigan legislatura will carve his name in the highest niche of - well - in the hearts of his countrymen, by framing a law that will make a radical change in the present system of conetructinfr country roads.