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Harvey Itowley, a young man employed In the casket factory in Owosso, hired a livery rig Saturday afternoon the ÜOth, and started for the home of Jennie ElI dredgO of Corunna, to whom he was en' gagea, telling the hostler that he would bo j back about 9 o'clock. At 1 o'clock the hostler was aroused by tho rij? driving up. He opened the door and let the horse in. He noticed that Rowley was leuning forward in the seat with his hand to hia head and that he had no hat on. Supiiosinji; hini to be aleep he said nothuis; uutil he had unhitched the horse. and then he start,'.! te a'.vakeü him. when he found i him cold in death. shot throuh tne ;i and a revolver in hlalap. The fart that his body was eold and partially rigid, and ' being só well wrapped up in r,ae robe, causes niany to thiuk that ho was murdered, placed in the btiggy and driven into the city limits, the linea placed around the whip, and the horse started for home with I lts gbastljr freight. A Bemarkable Kecovery. In 1S70 Mrs. Ada Martin of Bronson, ! fractured ber lef t lee und paralysis of the limb foHowed. with loss of speech. Slie has not been able to use the limb since, or to speak, until yesterday, when iu a remarcable way she recovered the use of both her leg and voice. Mrs. Martin during hor afliiction devoter! her time to the construction of crazy quüts, and was the recipiënt ot several patches from Presidents Garfleld, Arthur and Hayes. Yesterday she reeeived a patch with complimeuts of President Cleveland, and the pleasure of the event induced hor to attempt to rise. Her son's revolver lay on a stand near by and was jogglod off, lts fallIng causing the weapou to be discharged. The ball passed through the invalid's paralyzed lirab. The shock restored Mrs. Martin's speech and her lirab will be useful after the bullet wound is healed.- .Ye. Sisastious Fire Two Michigan Hen Burncd. Two grain elevators and a row of tenement in Duluth were destroj-od by fire at an earlv hour the other mornlng. The lo-s is nearly ISCO.OOO. Three men lost their lives in the tlainos. Wiilker. the only one f tin.' Four men in theelovator who escaped, thinks Uie fire originatcul frora tho explObion f a lanip. The othcr thiee lost tlicir lives in belping him fight the flro. Foreman Ed. Lee, aaredST, had just been mnrried. Foreman ('has. Moore. unmjirrk'il. is saiil to l;u 1 he son of a weallliv farmer living Ann Arbor, Midi. Wat liman G. H. Leranger carne from Vassar, Muli Onë hundred and fifty inBurance conipaniee are represented. The ownership oí thegrain isdiffioultto lócate. The two Slevator companies lose about $60,000 mi winter Btorage. Nothing has yct been decidid t" ■ ililing. Killed at His Post. The regular wc-t Imiml freight on tho D., U. H. & M. rond, collided with au eastbound wilil freiglit near I.owell the othor aftornoon. Jiotii engines were wrecked, but the trains kept the track. Wm. H. Prlee of Detroit enrineer oL the wild train, stuck to his post ana was c-m-lied to death. The otliLT employés on both engines escaped anhurt by" jumjping. A misunderstanding of train orders is supposed to have causea the accident. The trains collidfd ori a curve, too late to down brakes. Wm. H. Price, the dead eni;ineer, has been in the employ of the D., (i. H. fc M. road tor 10 or 12 years past. lie lias 1 n au eneineerfonr years, and had thereputation of beiiig a careful. faitliful man. He was about 35 vears old andlived at 31Ü Mullett street, Detroit. The Canadian Pacific. The Canadian Pacific rallway has surveying parties at work locatiïig a line from AlgomaMill.stu S.nilt Sic. Marie.and building operations will commence by the opening of spring. The Algoma bram-h extends from Sudbury Junction to the milis, 95 mileü. The portion of the road being survevid is an extensión of the branch in order to effect a conneetion with the American system of the west, and more particular! y to tap the trade of St. Paul and Mfnneapolis. Some of tho work on the American side of the line remains to be done, but it will be completed by the time counecüon is made. State Bee-Keepers' Assocmtion. Tho twentieth annual meeting oí this association will bo held at Ypsilnnti Doe. 1 and '2, beginning at 10 a. m. A program is being prepared, and f rom the excellent papen alraady promised they expect a very interesting meeting. Only two essays will be read at eacli session; the balanco of tlie time will be devoted to discussions. It is tho d(?sin of tlio comraittee to malte this meetins; practical and interestiiL-. Severa! .iu1 l e-keepers f rom other btiites and Canada havo promised to be present. ____ Fivo Hen Drownefl. Tho sehooner L. J. Conway, oivned by Henderson & Peterson of Muskegon, was wrecked by a ga!e at Klower Creek during a storm. All hands were lost from a crew of five. Cast. Thomas Smith of Muskegon was the niastt-r. Sho was loaded wit.h li.OOO busbels of corn, from Chicago to Muskegon. She now lies a few feet from shore nearly broken up. There are no signs ot the Itodies of the crew. Her capacity was K00 feet of lumber and her value ï-l.OC1 Thero was no insurance. StateüNews Condensed. The jury at Mount Pleasant brouglit in a verdict of $'2,s00 in favor of plaiutilf, in the case of Harriet E. Perry vs. James Tubbs et al. The defendants sold liquor to pláintiff's hiibbaud when he was ïntoxicated, and he was run over and killed by the cars on the F. & P. M., between Loomis and Coleman. The case will probably go to the supreme court. The case of arson against Mrs. Annie Cowan, charged with burning Cornelias Waldron's barn in Ionia township, Ionia county. last July, has been dismissed on a techuicality. bat she has been re-arrested and bailad in $1,000, to appear at Ionia, Dec. 6. Perry Manning, of Portland township, and welt kiiuwii throughout Ionia county, di'opped dead recently of heart disease. White the wife of Charles Smith of Charlotte, was alone and going about her household work the otliur morning, in some mysterious way her clothing took fire, and when her husband returned he found her on the floor dead. G. P. Richardson of Cincinnati, O., an experienced silk man, is about to jmrchase the silk plant at Belding. The brick work is corapleted and the factory will be running in six weeks. Oran Preston, conductor on the Chicago & West Michigan freight. was instantly killed on the 24th at Coloma. He was uucoupling cars white making a flying switch and lost his balance, fallinj; botween the cara. Three cars passed over his body. His mangled remains were taken to Bangor, where his parents reside. Be waè about iö years of age, resided at BuCfalo and leaves a wife and two children. Gen. Logan will deliver an address at the dedication of the soldiers' home December :ü). Geo. F. Diy of Masón has been tendered the position of law clerk under commissioner of pate.nts Montgomery, at 8 salary of $2,000 per year. Geo. W. Lee, a farmer wlio lived near Carson city, whlle unloading gome ln-idgo timber from a wagon, was struok on the head by n stick of the timber, crashing his skull and killing him instantly. He leaves a family. An effort will be made to have the next legislature íixh a bilí proviug for the lowering ol Thoruapple take, in Barry county, whicti would redeem tliousands of acres of land whifh are now Bwainpy, being overllown every sjiring. O. F. Phillips of Portland, offers $75 reward for the capture of one Pecox, his ! hired man, who he claims, skiped out Tbanksglving night with $20(5 of his I (Phillips') money. J. W. Forshee of Niles, under trea.tment at the sanitarium in Battle Creok for nervous and mental difüeulties, shot himself through the lieart the other afternoon. He was 05 years of age. One-fare for-theround-trip rates wil prevalí for those who desire to atteud the ' aedlpatory uervices of the soldievs' home in (rand Rapids Dec. 30. Gov. Alger will ; preside and deliver an address. Commander Northwood of the state G. A. R. will olliciate at the G. A. R. ritual exorcices. Gen. John A. Logan will be present and deliver an address, and ex-Uov. Fairchild of Madison, Wis., conimunder of i the G. A. R., of the United States is ! Eected. The home oomnüsiioners will all e there together with ex-Gov. Blair and I other prominent Dien. The Maple Rapids Dispatch is authority for tlio statement thata young man walks all the way from St. Johns to Maple Rapids - 14 miles- evcry Sunday to attend Sunday school, John Sims of East Tawas, has thus far this season killed 420 muskrats, 40 coons, ■."J niiiik. 2 wüdcata, 1 fox, is,-) duoks, 1 otter, 1:.O partridffes, 4 beurs and a large nnmber of rabbits and small game. His deer huntiug will soon begin. - Jieetl City New. "Wells, the YpsÜantl wife murderer, has been found guilty and sentenced to hard labor in Jackson for lite. Dr. AVier, the Oscoda hospital doctor who is wanteil in that place for the mur der of Mabel Clark, oue of his patients i was captured in London, Ont., recently [ Two thousand dollars reward was offeret for his capture, and this sum will go to the Canadian officials. Gov. Swineford will reach Michigan from Alaska early next niontb. If the Addison ('onrier isn't mistaken, and itprobably is, AdamDutcher, lOTyears old, voted at tue recent election. The trial of Dan Hadley, who murdered John Taylor at Eau Claire several months B.p,t. has been continned to the next term of the Berrien oounty court, and there are Buspicions that the trial is to be put off frixn time to time until the witnesses are scattered andconviction will be impossible. The three Peoks - husband, wifo and daughter- arrested at Hersey on suspicion of ha ving murdered Nicholas Schumacher, have been discharged, th" eyidence against tlii'in being weak and unsatisfactory. Michigan rnen continue their punchases of tiniber limita in the Gtoorffian bay region of Ontario, dopite the threat of the Dominion goVernment to raise the export duty to a point whero it will equal probibition of exportation. Man y of the Michigan parties who have purchnsed are tho owners of saw milis on the side and had in view the bringing the logs across the lake. This was the intention of the Emery hnnber company, who have saw milis at Tawas and on the Saginaw river. They will have bought over some 12,000,OiMt feet the present season and intended to put ir,OO0,()OÜ feet for the same purpose this year. F. W. AVhitney. who recently p.urchased a tract containing l'iü,0(X).ÜOO feet of piue, expeets to put in S.OUO.OUO feet this winter for export. Several parties at Alpena and Üscoda intended to opérate in the saine way. - Lnmberman'i (lazttte. The railroad consolidation board of Laning Ims approved the congolidatlon of the Port Huron railroad tunnel company and the St. Clair frontier tunnel rompany of Canada, under the name of tho Ht. Clair Tunnel company Thomas Smith has been fonnd guilty at Boyne City of the murder of Niles Ander son. The verdict was guilty of murder ia the first degree. The prisonor broke down cóznpletely on hearing the verdict He will be senteneed at the end of tho term. John m lyden and George O'Brien wero arresteú near Jaokson the other day for burglaries committed in Battle Creek aboutNov. 15. These men are members of a gang who have coinmitted a number of rouberies throughout the southern part of the state. They claimed thut thoy wero not connected with the I lat ! Ie Creek burglaries, but intimated that they know who did it. Henry D. Fisk of Springfield, Oakland eounty, is iinder arrest for assault with intont to kill Levi F. Hollister of Springfield. Hollister hadojust been bound over for trial in the Oakland circuit court on a similar charge made by Herman Van Staten. Van Staten was shot at the timo of the afTray by Hollister, but is recover'ng. Fisk and Hollister are both in jail. Louisa Hall is in jail at Gladwin, charged with stealing a horse from George Brown. Louisa lived with Brown, the couple passing iis husbaiul and wifo, and slie merely took the horse to prove her claim to wifehood: Proceedings nave been eommenced in the suprema court by the townships of Essex, Clinton county, and Fulton, Klba and Washington townships, Gratiot county, to test the constitutionality of the Maple river iniprovement act. The residents of that 'section have been living in a frog swamp for years, anl the last legislatura sought to relieve them by the passage of an act to dredge the river, but the kickers prevail, owing to the trilling tax to bo imposod. The Kalamazoo Cart company has reoeived recently orders for their carts from Mexico and Italy They have within a short time shipped carts to seven or eigbt foreign countries. George Burtch was killed in a logging camp near Lakeview, the other dav iiy a falling tree. Francis Palms, the Dotroit millionaire 'ï dead. F. B. Stevens has been arrested by Dop -ty United States llarshal Whitebeok for embp.zlement of fimds while caghier of the national bank at Pasv l'aw nearly a year ago. He lost his positioo and during the interveniug titne thu tiauk has ondeavored to reiinburso if-self, but i still nfsarly $3,000 behind. The senteneo of Willlam Goyhardt, who was sent from Clinton count3' in January 1-n'i to life imprisonment at jackson, has .heen commuted to two years. The coinmutation was urged by the judge who in'onounced sentence; by the jury; by the iioard of supervisors; by the couuty, and by a large majority of voters. George Schill, a Michigan Central brakeman, was run over by a switch engine in the yards at Jackson Junction the other afternoon, and had his bank broken. He dicd an hour later. Schill was 40 years oíd and leaves a wife and five children. A life-boat capsized off Point Au Sable the other morning, and the captain and two of the crew were drowned. ïho boat was returning from a schooner in trouble.


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