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The f ate óf the Jndiuns captured in the Miles canipaiRii is practically settled. It was not deciüed when they were first sent east whether any of them would be tried for thsir crimes or not. The president has exaiuined the case very earefully and has come to the conclusión that life eonfinenient for all of these lndians in Florida, whi'i'e they can do no harm, wil] be the most thorough punishment which can be visitad on them. It is the on!y practical way by which they can be puuished. If the crimináis among them were to bo singled out no military commission would have any authority to try them. They would have to be turned over to the civil autborltlea In the place whero the er i mos were committed. It would be a trave-t y on justice to have these lndians trjed ia Arizona or New Mexico. There is not a white, man in cithor one of those territories who could sit in a case involving the rights of an Indian with any kind of fairness. The conviction of the crimináis would leave their families untouehed. These families would train up children to revenge the deaths of those who were punished, and the result would be a continuation of the outlawry which for yoars has made life and tiroperty insecure in the two territorios; The removal of the lndians to Florida takes away nearly all tlie families and leaves no stock to breed robbers and assassins lor the future. As a matter of fact the50O3ndians transferred to Florida have been.sentenced to a liiiKering death. They have been brought up in the mountain countrics. accnsiomed to freedoni in the pure, eold air of high altitudes. Their transfer to andconlinement in the warm climate of Florida will slmply rosult in their dying off like so muiy slieeu. Experienced arm y offlcers do not thinK that there will be one of them alive at the end of the next five years.


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