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Wiieat - The wheat market has taken a boom, owing to au increased foreign demand, and the burning of.some 900,000 bufhels at Dulutb the otlier day'. Pricos range all tho way f rom 78 to 86 cents. OATS- The market is Brui ;it SSIg 3!)et. (Jmhx - In good deniiind at 82W cents. Ci.ovku BEED- Balling well at $4 45. N'o 2 state quoted at $120 per cental and No 2 western at Í1 38. Rye- No2 quoted at 53c. Feeu- Bran quoted at $10 75(;il and middlings at íllfe'H 25. Firu- ïhe mnrlret steady at tho following: Patent procesa $:i5U@4; patent Michigan $4 2Xiil 50;low grades,2 50@2 85; patent Minnesota, Í4&N35; Minnesota bakers $3S5@4 lü; ryo, $3 2-Xï3 40. CiKNUKAI. PRODUCB. - Steady with a fair inijuiry, pretty niuch local. 175@2 25 per bbl, outsidé for choicest stock. Beeswax- The market is quiet as usual at ?2@S0cperlb. Bdckwhbat Flour - Per cwt. Michigan $2@3 2S; easteru $2 50@2 75. liEAXs- Choice city pieked mediums are quótably steady at il 3S@f 1 40 per bu for car lots. Uu pieked In fioo receipt at 75 cents and 1 05 për bu. BuriKi:- The market quiet as usual at 15 5)17:0, for fair oods and liS(VLH for the finer rjtialities of dairy, Creamery quoted as before at 2ü@2Üc. Cauuages- Steady at $2@2 25per 100 in liipping quantities. ('iii:u_(jlarifled, 10@12c and commou at ti@7c per gal. Chanbeukies - Per bbl. Cape Cods, $6 75 USO: per bu, do, 12 26@3 50; Jerseys, tl 75(2 per bu; Michigan, $1 5Ü@2 per bu. The supply good and tiude fair. ('iiKi:sE-Held kt 12K@125c per lb for New York f uil creams and 12@13c for Michigan. Ohio grades quoted at ll)@12c. DitiF.u Ai'i'i.Es- Sun-dried 2%@3c per lb. In libls. Kvaporated 73@8)c per lb; outide for cases. DBES3SÖ Hoos- For round lots $4@4 25 per cwl. .is still the range. Small lots and light weights held a little higher. Eoos- The market without chungo at 22c for strictly fresh; 21c for common, and 17@15C. for limed Game- Per pair, partridges, sound, 50; wood duck, 30c: Mallard, 00c per lb; bear addles, 8c; venison, saddles, 10c; carcass. )(?7c; quail, $2 50 per doz. Kabbits 2T@ 0c per pair; squirrels, tl per doz, The market active. FUy- Per ton $S@9 for clover; P;0 50@13 for No. 1 timothy and $9@L0 50 for No. 2 do. per ton.baled in car lots as to quality. Market quiet. Best eastern, 34c per Ib. Michigan. 25e. California choice, 30c; 1885, 18c. Honkï- Per lb, comb, 10@13c and ex" :raet at 7@8c. The Bupply large and the market inactive. ÏIai.t- Quoted as to uuality at 8O@S5c er lm for Canadian and (iT@70e for Miehi;an. Nuts- Per lb. English walnuts 12@17c; liberta, (J(;0j; almonds, 16@LJc; Brazils, @10c; pecana, 6@9; por bu. hickory, $125@ 75; chestnuts, $4 tO@5; black walnuts, iO@60 per bu. Coeoanuts, $(5 per 100. OysTEBS -Cans, standard, lS@20c;select8 !5c; in bulk, Standard, $1@1 10 and selects 1 40 ]ior gal. Osjons- The market continúes dull. 'rices nomiually stuady ut $1 75(2 per jbl. Potaïof.s - The iuquiry poor and from ocal buyers only at iJSCiï-löc per bu, ontside br Burbanks. Car lots nominal. ProviSIOTS - Mess pork, $10 25; new do, 511 25@U 50; family, Í1Í 8Ö@12 50; ex. amily. $18; cleai family, $18@18 ':: hort liar, (IS 50$12 75; Lard in iercea (;(f,-..c; kegs, 0i@6%c: 10 to "i 11) tubs, tK,-,(7c; 3, 5 and 10-lb pails, c;smolid h;mis 10'j( ll'c; shoulders 'i'4iiiir „e; breakfast bacon, S5@S4c; dried beel iiains, $12(tl2.25; ex. mess beef, $7 25@r.50;plate boef, $7.75@8. Polltry - There are a great many turkeys, both livo and dressed. üther varieties, espedally cbickeiis scarce. Quoted: Livn, per ib, ï'oosters, 4e; fowls and spring chicKs. (iï6Uc; ducks ü(ác", turkeys. 7@8c per pair; j)igeons, 20c; ed. per lb, ohickene, 7(a)Sc; turkeys, 9@10e; duoks, '.'! 10; geese, 8@9c. Svi:i:t PoTATOK- The market firni. Stock only fair and trade brisk at $3 25@ 3 f,0 per bbl. for Jerseys and $2 75 for Bakimores. Tali.ow- Continúes dull at 3%c per lb. THE LIVE STOCK MAKKET. Catti.e- Market weak and 10@15c lower; .sl.ii]iing steors, 950 to 1,500 Iba $330@5; stoukers and feeders, $2 10(i3 44; cowa, Imlls. and mixed, $150@3 20; bulk $2@ 845! through Texas cattle, co ws. $2@i 60 ; steers $3@3 60. Hoos -Market strong and 10c higher; rough and mixed. $ lxxL3 95; packing and slnpping, t:!',KJ(u4 1.0;, light, $3 10@3t0; skips, $2 20(á:5 2S. ' Soeep- Market steady for best {3 50@4; common dull, 2@S; Western t2 75@3 25; Texans, 2@S 90; lambs, 3 50@4 70.


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