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In Mr. Ilenry George's contrlbutlou to the Korth American Iteriea he makes the following quotations from the fortheoming report of the Penusylvaula bureau oí industrial statistici. The interviews eited are all the more Impressive from the fact that the chief of the bureau, who superiutetidod their compllation, is a prot petion Ist - by'inheritance. Says Mr. Gcoige : ' "A Puddler, Pittsburgh- Wages in Wales were uot so high as here; but, comparing the costof living, it brings me to the same level. House rent here, Í12; in Wales, $2, ana a better house. Clothlug cheaper there, groceries nearly the same; flour eheaper there. I have been considoriug the conditlon of the working elass in general in tuis country, and my candil] opinión is that the workingman m Englaud is as welloff ashe is here. "Mlner, Somerset Couuty- If we could have steaciy employment at reasonuble wages thts country would be much suiwrior to Great Britain ; but the average weck is one-balf to two-lhlrds time. "Mlner, Huntingdon Could make 4 ihilllnes aday in Enginnd; f 125 here. We worked six hours per day there; here wc worked from ten to twclve. "Mlner, Clearfield County - The difference is slightly in layor "of thls country so far as food and clothing go. England has tue advantnge In social enjoymeuts. There is more leisure for culture and better facilities for study. "Puddler, Willlamsport - Have worked in England and Wales many 3"ears pudding. My wages were about one-thlrd fower in that country; but my condition compareil very favorably with my present. I attribute it to cbeap rent and fuel and the advantagc of weekly pay. "Miner, Washington County - Wages in Scotlaud smaller than here, but constant work rendere mlners as comfortnble. Ou the whnle,I believe they are more contented. 'Miuer. Westmorclaud County - flve years ago I worked In Durham, England, as a eoalminer. My average wages per day was 6 shillings and 4 pence for six hours' work in the pit. that was a day's work there; house rent and coal were furnished you by the company, I worked for 3 pence a week. All coal-dlggers there charge the same. Our average working days per week were five days. My condition there was better than here for the laat two years. Six hours was a day's work in the pits in the north of England; a day's work here in thls couutrv is from 4 in the morning to 5 O'olock at nlght for minere. To be bodest with you, the minors in the north of England are better paid for hours worked tban nere. The Brit three years I was here I did well and made money ; the fourth year, just about mude both ends meet; last year, gone to the bij about $2:0. "Coal-Miner, Allegheny County - Have been employeil as a coal-iïiiner in Eugland, county of Northumberland. For a number of years my oondition was decldedly better. As prooi, I will state that six years since I carne to this country with wife and five children, or seven all told. I was able to pay thiir wny over aloug with me, and had money enough left (when I got to my destination in , land county) to purchase all necessarics for housekeepingfurniture, tools to work with, etc. - but to day, though soine of y familv have giown up to help me a little, were I tosell Ofl evervthing I am possessed of I could nut pay olí the debts I owe, much lessyay uur way back to Europe. "In Euglaud I worked but six hours per day, averaging about '230 days In the year, at the rate of $1.40 per day, with house, garden, and coal for 24 cents er month, with meilcal ■ attndance and medicine whenever needcd, at the same rate, besides having no taxes to pay, as the coal company had to pay the tax on ' their houses we livcd in. "Here a miner onlygets an opportunitv to work a few months in the year, and consequently has to work all the boura God seuds - in faet. make a beast of himself or else starvc. "In England, operatois build reading-rooms for their employés to which everyoue has free access at a merely nominal paynient to keep up the stock. Here he don't need them, for i while working he eau think of uothinsr else. "Organizatlon has done more to bring the ËngJish emiiloyer and emplove in closer relationshi]) than anythlng else 1 kiiow of. For twoyearS previous to my leaving a sllding ■cale waa adoptad by the Northumberland minen, and strikes are a thing of the pust. The operators throw open their books evcry three months, and the prlce realizcd bv them tlxes the priee of mlning for the next three months. Here the motto is, 'Take all you tan.' " "ïiow come and teil me, Dearie, what mi the most interestlng thing in the sermón this morulng." "Wby, uiamma, it was where th minister told about somebody taklug somobody else '.ipart;' buthedida't teil why it wai done, or how he wai put together agaln."-


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