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A Corsican Vendetta

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The spirit of vendetta is vcry stiong even amoug the hlghest classes. Aa amusing fllustraüon of this I will quote at length. Ia August last a serious quariel arose at Chiatra, near Corte, between two members of the leadlng families. As usual, it ended In blood bcing spilt. The spirit of the vendetta was aroused. Brothers, fathers, úneles, cousius flew to arms, and, naturally, the worst conseqwnces were expected. But the goo 1 cure, M. l'Abbc Roccasena, set to work and o influeneed the parties that a treaty of peaee was drawn up and ilnly signed bv those interéstod in the atfuir. 'This unique document runs as follows: "In the name of thé Holy Triuity, of the Father, the Sou, and the Holy Ohost, the families of Frauzelli and Valcry, distressed at the scandal created by two members of thelr families - nainely, PieiTe Doralnique Franzelll and Aurelius Valery, and havlug come back to botter feelin;, promise nd swear In the presence of tnefr venerated pastor. Monsieur l'Abbe Roccasena, and other peofile called lu to witness the oath, to cc:ise air luistillties. They promise to lay down their arms which had beeu taken up on this occasion; they recognlze that the blood of Christians can not and must not be spilt except lu the cause of religión and country and implore pardon froin God, society, and justlee, who have a right to this solemu and cubile act of reparation. They charge thelr pastor wlth the dutyof choosing the fit time lor ileliveriug up to justicc any member ol either family who infringes these picsents, and promise to brinir no anlmosity into their ilr.-iliniis with one another. Done at Chiatra tlii-'.'Oth day of August, 18SU." Such is the exact tenor of this precious document, as Original as it is unique iu Cónica. It lielps the inqulrer to form an Mea of the customs


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