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ing of the Bartholdi statue in New York harbor. Reunión Third Miohigan Infantry at Orand Kapids Dec. 15. One and onethird ratea round trip tickets to soldien. J, C. Chase and wife are ander arrest in Orand Rápida on account of having gone orazy through religious exoitement. The splendid reosption of Miohael Davitt in Detroit showed the warm sympathy of MioLigan with the Irish cause. James 0. Flood, jr., son of the bonanza king, will niake the raoe with Hearrt, for ü. S. senator.before the California legislatura. Owing to the strikes in Obioago, the winter hog-paoking of the west is estimated to now be about 26 per cent loss than at this date one year ago. Mrs. Julia Ward Howe says that whüe ■ome of the best newspaper work is done by romen, so, also, is some of the "meant." She does not give names. A prominent naval offioer, who is an authority on state etiquette the world over, says the tiag at the White House should not be plaoed at half-mast exoopt when the actual president is dead. Seoretary Whitney gave every employé of the Navy Department a turkey on Wednesday. There was some gobbling in that branoh of the public service before Whitney's day, but it was of a different kind from this. One and one third f are ratea for the round trip to attent! the State Sunday School convention in Jackson, Deo. 7 and 8, oan be obtained by addressing W. L. C. Reid, Jaokson, before Dec. 1, and securing a oertifioate from him. The faot that the anarchist and socialista not only all over this country but also in England and Europe, denounce theoondemnation of the Chioago anarohists, and petition that they shall not be hanged, simply provea that if they are hanged, it will be a blow whioh will be feit by the anarchiste all over the world, and teaoh them every where a salutary lesson. Paper doors oost about the same as wood, acd are said to be much better, beoause there is no shrinking, swelling, cracking or warping. The paper door is composed of two thick paper boards stamped and moulded into panels, and glazed together with glue and potasb, and then rolled through heavy rollers. It is flrst covered with a waterproof ooating, and then with fireproof ooating, and is painted and varnished and hun in the ordinary way. - Boston Budget. The consumption of paper and the volume of its manufacture are sometimes taken as standards of oivilization. The United States has 885 paper milis and 1,100 paper machines; Qerinany has 809 milis and 891 machine.-'; Franoe, 420 milis and 525 machines; England, 361 milis, 511 machines; Sootland, 09 milis, 98 machines; Ireland, 13 milis, 13 machines; Russia, 133 milis, 137 machines; Austria, 220 milis, 270 machines. The average annual produotion of paper in all countries is estima ted at 2,800,000 tons. A Virginian tells how he packs cabbages "We have tried all sorts of ways to keep oabbage over, and at last hit upon h plan I haven't seen in any of our papers. We take the heads only, and ing barrels in a corner of an unused atable, put in a quantity of dry leaves, and then bury a head and stuff leaves around it; another head or two, ïf email, more leavea and so on. Three barrels hold all we need. We pile and paok thoroughly in and around these barrels all the leaves we have patienoe to carry and lay old boards over them. We have done this severa! years." Buffalo Express: What a dreary world it would be were it not for politics! Money in it? O, yes. But a great deal niore of patriotio desire and legitímate honest endeavor. Don't analyze motives too minutely. Here and there an indi vidual may be entirely meroenary, but he is working for party ends, though he may not himself ever rise to the full appreciation of all they mean. The greater the politioal interest the redder the healthful life blood that courses through the veins of the body politie A free people must maintain its interest in politica ïf it would remain free, and our ureat est danger lies, not in too muoh politios but in too little. Folitioal abuses there are, it is true; bat popular apathy only givea them better opportunity for pernioionsness. While the greater the pohtioal activity the more oonspiouous do politioal chicanery, dishonesty, and meanness beoome.


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