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Mgr. Straneiro.the papal abdalgate,hns jast sailed for Rome. He has been investigating the kmghta of labor and saya he tlanka the pope will not oppose tbem. He wül publish a book on América. A visitor in Philadelphia is Mr. J. J. Upchuroh, iormerly of North Carolina but ïiow of Bethlehem, Pa., who in 188(5 fuunded the Ancient order of united workmen, which now numbers more than 170,000 workmen. It is observed by The Chicago Mail tb at the three stook yard capitalista in that city, Allerton, Morris and Cudahy, against whom the wrath of the stnckers haa been most directed, begau their businees lives as obscure and penniless laborera. The Bystem of public lecturas by Knights of Labor will be oarried on energetically during the coming winter. The best speakers will be engaged, and special efforts will be made to furnish them with the most valuable information that oon be had. It is proposed in the Frenoh national assembly to put a tax upon the wages of all foreign workmen in tue Paris workshops. Italian and Oerman meohanict crowd the Frenoh faetones, and as they are generally without families, are sup poted to be much better off than Frenoh workmen who have domestic burdens. Masons and plasterera would do well to make note of a hint thrown out by an English architect, who says that the addition of saooharine matter inoreases the strength of mortar, making common lime with sugar added, as strong as Portland cement Water, to which sugar has been added, dissolves fourteen and a half times more lime than does water without sugar. The attempt to poison the family of Phil. Armour, the Chicago millionaire. looks like another anarchist crime. One of the men who gave the poisoned package of flour to the delivery boy is reported to have remarked that "there are toe many millionaires in this country." 11 is another warning to workingmen's or■ ganizations to expel anarchiste f rom their ranks, as that sort are too apt to involve them and their cause in reproaoh whioh the honest workingmen massM do not deserve.


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