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Fortunes In The Moon

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What tire tlie facts of the unclaimed fortunes In the Bankol F.ngland and In ohanci rj f TLe bank haa Issued an official statement whichsays: "Thcre are no larfre amouuts of unclaimed stock or diTldends standing ia our lunik'. Tbere are few amouuts of L1,00!), and probablj noue tbat exceed thls sum by more tban L100 or L!00." So mueb for the bank. Statement like this liave been Usued since the days when James Buchanan, theu our minister ni London, made some inquines about the inythical Kvans estáte. As to unclaimed funda in chancerj, the Becretarv of our lpgatlou yrcpared last. year a statement, onde? Minister Lowell'a directlon, In whlch he said that tliere w:is In the enstodv of the court only j 000 in unclalmed or dormant fnnds. So much for the court of chancery. Where, theu, aru the Jenneus ct.atc ($500,lior estáte ($:c2,0K),0Oj), the Hradford estáte ($1'Í.(XW,000), the LawrenceTownley or Chase-Towniej estáte ($S00,000,0uO), and all t lic other enormous estatea that go Daany peraona in América in trylng to obtalal UQQUGStloDBbly tli-y are in the moon. Those who tliink they are entitled to real estáte or personal propertj in Kuiand should licar in inind the followlDg Ueelnration made by our legatlon and sent to eongress last year: "Auy attempt to recover real estáte from the Crown or Individuáis after a lapse of twclve ycars, (whlcfa uiay be extended to thirty under eertain cireumstanceB), aud personal projuTtv aftei" a lapsG of twenty ycaii, bowÓT1er valid the claim of the persou m&Ktng the atteinpl may hare heen orlginally, is certaln ti end in fallare." Persons who have been led to belieye that they are entltled to estalepor funds in Holland slnmld read a report receutly made by Mr. Bell. our minister at Tbe llague. He describes tlio law of 1862 whlch pruvidc.l for the e&chealfoff of all uneiairneil estates within a ■il time, and adds: "ihe law bas effectually and linallv dlsposed of all unclaimed funds and estates ín thla country orlirinatihg prior to Marcb, 185). Tbere na, thereforo, slnce 185 ', been no such thlng ñi Holland as uu unclaimed estáte orlglnatiDg prior to that date." If tbuosiinds of delnded Americana who dream of euonnms estates iu fon-i :n lauds to whlch they are the rlghtful helrs would only consult an honest and tnteUlgent lairrer or dilIgenüy read soms t; 1 Dewspaper they would save some nioney and a $rreat deal of time. There are Dien who for many years have made ood liviuiis out of the delnslonfl of these people, l)'i the swindiers can be defeated and ex)08ed if those whom they live upon wili odly aak :t thc rhgbi place for mfonnation and then use the facts for the enlirhtenment of


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