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Oov. Swineford oí Alaska is said to be en route to Washington. The governor has some great schemes on the tapis commensurate with Alaska s future greatness. It is his desire that tho territory be admitted to statehood; failing in that, that she shall havo a representativo in congress, who shall be the governer of the territory, on the presumption that he best knówa j her material wants. The governor also comes loaded with other mutters that will be made public on hls arrival. The studeuts' lecture association of Michigan university is making an effort to secure Emma Hopkins, vice-president of the Emma Hopkins instituto of Chicago to deliver lectures on Christian sciencè and mind healing. George L. Burrows and Amasa Rust have brought suit for damages in the Wayne circuit eourt against George M. Flotuher and Albert Pack, who. they claim, trespassed on their pine lands in Alpena county. The damage is placed at $35,030. j The govornmont has won in its suit against ex-postmaster Saylor of East Saginaw. It was shown that the defendnnt had received $1,000 per year from the government to pay the rent of his office, that he had paid but $7C0 per year, and that he he had received $CO0 per year from a subtenant. The amount of the verdict against him was $3,700. The farm house of Caleb Russell, uoar Saybrook, O., caught fire at an early hour Christmas morning. When the neighbors arrived, Russell, who was 80 years old, and his wife,aged50,luuleseaped from the house, but they wore so much overcomo by the heat and smoke that they dled shortly after. A dementad son who slept upstairs was burned to death. The Chineso mlssion has been raised to the fiist-class, and the salary fixed at $17,500. Fall River, Mass., woolen mili owners are shut down duriug the settlement of labor troubles. They will recognize no labor organization. John Forstner, a Philadelphia jeweler's assistant, died suddenly the other day. Among his effects were $4,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his employer. Rear-Admiral Worden has been placed on the retired list of the navy, with the highet pay of that grado The W. C. T. U. of Sit.2x City, Iowa, have efTected an incorporation for the building of a Uaddock memorial building, to the memory of the Rev. George C. Had. doek who was murdered tlioro in August last. The Hon. James G. Blaine is making preparations to spend the coming summtr fi Europe. The índian commission has conoluded a treaty with Gros Veutres, Mandan nnd Arickaree Indians, who agree to cede all their reservation north of the 4Sth parallel and the larger portion of the territory lying between the Missouri river and the Fort Buford reservation. The Indians take i land in severalty. Every business house in Vitonia, Ark., ' was siniultaneously fired at 2 o'clock the other morning, and also the barns, cribs and outhouses of the Harris brothers. The loss is $150,000. The incendiarios have not been arrested, but one or two are suspected. Twenty-eight buildings were burned in ' Galveston, Texas, on the 21st inst. Lossi $100,000. The secrotary of the treasury has in i formod the secretary of state that he has inforiuation that two firms in HongKong, Gim Tung Hi and Wing King Tung Kit, are largely engaged in selling certiñcates I to land Chinese in tliis country, and that ' they smugsle fomalea through American : ports for immoral purposes. He suggests that the matter be investigated by the United States consul at Hong Kong. Putent Medicine Warner of Rochester, ' offers his employés a choice between a $250,000 interest in his business or the same amount in cash, decisión to be made by July 1 next. The body of Miss Maud Hill was stolen from the cemetery at Carlisle, Iowa. and a few days later was found in the dissecting ' room of the Iowa college of medicine. The Temple theater in Philadelphia owned by W. M. Singerly, was total destroyed by fire on the 28th uit. Singerly paid : 1336,000 fur the building, and expended a i like amount in remodeling and fnrnishing it. He claims his net loss after deducting ' insurance will be $100,030. The lessee and teuants of the building also lose heavily. The roof feil in taking a portion of the wall with it, and buried three firemen nader the heavy timbers and stones. j One of them. Hugh Colgan, was dug out , alive, but the others, John Johnson and John Gibson could not bo reached.


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