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EBERBACH&SON, Dealen Ib Drugs, Medicines Aid fine lot of French Hair Brushes AND Enclish Tooth Brüshei, W oaD spacla) attentloa to our stook of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pura Chemicus of aur own Importatlon. Afull Une f TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At üt priOM. STTTIDIEIÊTT S &xe oordlallj Invtud to eiamln our stock C ;uiUty uui prieel. EBERBACH A, SON. IACKSUN FIRE CLAY CO, Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe AND TDTl -AIiTST TXTIU I All our Drain Tile aromad of Fiie City, ar of unusual strength and licht weight, wh;ch material i y reduces the breakage and expende oí kraosportatJon. The ditching of this cl asa of tilIng; Ii leas expenaWe. as they do not requfre to be lald below f roftt but onlj deep enougo to enape the plow. lVhile this'ls more económica. 4 also aida Ir obtalning a bitter or grade to Ibe drain. ▲ full asiortmant of all sisea, for ïalnin graal! quantUíes, or car load Iota, at the POON LUMBER YARD, James Tolbert, Agent. 1 THe, the Createst Labor-Savlng Machine of the Age." 1 tht Editor of Th Chlcaoo Trtoune. Dwibt, 111 , Marcli 16.- On of the strongeat and mort couvincing fact thai I har yet seen wlth regard to til drainage is brought ot la the December report of the Afrlcultural Depar mest ot Ilünoia. It la thi : ACRaAOB. AwakC In corn in Livingston Cousty, ISl. 8,8W Aoreae In corn In Logan Couaty, 1881.. 140.8H Iiringgton OTr Logaa 137,71 TIILD. Tl14 of corn In LMngston County.1881. .6,9SS,5M Tleld of cora in Logan County, 188J 6,070,94 LlYtagxton OTrIxgan l,90t,5M In other words. Logan County bas raised near ly as mucb corn on 140.859 acres as Livlngataa county has on 268.597 acres. Put it in anothr form, th farmers In Livingston County nar been oblired to plovr nearly doublé the acreair of land (zS8..''97j, and hav raised but a very ■mail percntagof inerfas of corn over theur brethem in Logan County, whKnlv had to plow M0,ê6 acres. Let us giv itnother twiBtl A A farmer who has liis land well tilld ned odIj work elghty acres of land and grow Just aboul as much corn as the man who plows 160 aa talces all th risks of drouth and much beeld, It Is not fair, then, to conclude that the rreatsl labor-savlag machine to-day of the age is the tila drain? From the aam source of inforraaiioa 1 gather th following as regard th prognes of lüe-drainage in these twocounties: rut. Total number of fee Uid in LMnputom Countyupto 18fl 1.140.TM Total number of feet laid In Logan Countyupto 1881 8,WM Thi tabl proves beynnd all thcory that owlng to th fre use of til that on county has ea ableto produc na-lyas much corn on 140,004 crs ofland another county has produced apon Í6S.000 acres.whlch is naarlv doublé, aad lbo beauty of the whole is that it was don wlth kalf th work I Mr. Editor, suppoi a kind ProTt 4enc should lengthen out th spin of our daya anti] w saw Illinois thorougnly tile-dralnd, whvr would b put th corn that thls Stal vould produce, and what would we do with our "allver dollars!'' Euun. T. K. ïiiïl RINSEY & SEABOLL No. e & 8 Washington 8t. Have on naad a complet stock of verything in th Grocery Line. Teas, Coflce and Suran, Ia Iarg amouata. and at z?cOs And can sell at Low Fleur. Ik lag lavólo of txas thuy Buy and 8IL t rood prooi that la Quality ind Prica they Giva Bargain. Ttaey Roast thetr own CoffeM every wtek, tmi bob but prime articles ar usad. Thlr Bakery turns out excellent Bread, Ostkd nd Crackers. Cali and them. PricesGone Down A. large rtock of Wall Paper ■Hing at A CREAT REDUCTION! I claim to hare the largeat and tÈÏ SELECTED STOCÏ Ot Wall Papar and Deoorations in th oounty, and can gi ve perfect xatiafiiotioi in Ooods or Work . Pain tg and P sinten Bupplies a ipecialtjr. -A_HDez?ti Sorg, Buoor or tof, AA. Boro;, 9B k 88, Wakslngton it. - Imm Arkof saleratHs SO0A BatmtheWorTi


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