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Light! More light! "Led Astray," tonight. E. G. Stiles is back f rom Missouri. J. H. Vanoe, law libraría, is on the sick list. The circuit court has adjourned until January '. Mrs. Rachel Owens is a resident of Port Huron. "A Night Off," will be the play at the Grand Jan. 4. Sheriff Walsh has retnrned Foley and Kitson to Ionia. Wm. H. Lewis is doing the hotel business in Ypsilanti. Miss Augusta Benaett is visiting friends in Detroit. Geo. H. Pond of the Couriar, returned from Flint Monday. Mrs. Osman Bailey get i)ü days in tbe Detroit work house. County clerk Howlitt Rpent ('hristinas od his farm in Lyndon. Jay BlcGuire of Hastings, was visitïng is parents Christmas. Edmund Clanoy spent Christnias with relatives in Grand Rapids. Wm. O'Brien pot 90 days at Ionia for breaking in Burgraf 's door. Temperance meeting Bunday at the usual hour, in Cropsey's hall. Mr. and JIrs. L. Harrison have gone to Parma for a two weeks' visit. Louis Seyler contempUte moving to Grand Rapids in the mar future. Henry Murpliy sli) d ou an ioy sidewalk, Saturday, and ijroke bis leg. Jno. N. Bailey came down from Saginaw to spend Suuday with his family. The Pollett house, Ypailanti, seems to be a great resort for Anu Arbor people. E. B. Gidley who haa beeu oq the sick list, is again able to atteud to business. B. F. Bower of Detroit, speut Christmas with his mother, Mrs. M. G. Bower. Prof. 0. W. Belaer of Carthage, I.I., is spendiug the huliduya with his par ents. Waat can be expected when national bank directora uudertake to beat bucket shops . Swathel, Kyer & Peierson presented each oi tueir employés with a Ohristmas turkey. Mra. Dann, mother of Larry DanD, has Koue to Canada to live with her daughter Joseph Donnelly expects a position in the Detroit custom house. We wish he mighl get ït. F. L. Mallory will organize a singing class in Cropaey's hall, next Friday evening, Jan. 7. Jno. McHugh of New Mexico, a brot-hor of .Mrs. Wm. Valsh, haa been in the city for several daya. Aid. Swift has commenced puit against polioeman Amsden. ïhe charge is assaultand battery. Eider Davia severa his connection with the board of county superintendente of the poor, to-morrow. Ed. Fitzgerald of the 4th ward, is prepariog to remove to Chicago, wbich he will mak e his future home. Moses Hogers hai got the beat bob sleighs we ever gazed upon ia regard to material and workmanship. The alarm of fire, Monday eveniug, was caused by a smaü blaze in Wm. Kennedy's house, fourth ward Postmnater Duify bas iu his possession a pocket-book, fomid on Huron street, oontaiuiuK' quite a sum of money. The millers in the employ of Allmeu dinger & Sohneider were presented, by the tirm, with turkeys, Christmas day. Joe. X. Jacobs Co. have somethmg to say to the people of Washtenaw couuty. Their tid. will be found elaowhere. Samuel McDonald and Miss Dora Gould were married in Detroit a few days ago. Uongratulations are iu order. The handsome bay colt, driven by Mr. ' Clough of West Hnrou street, was purehsed of P. Sheehey of Northfleld, for $200. .Mr. and Mrs. V H. Lane, who were the guests of Prof. Knowlton and wife, Christmas, returned to their home in Adrían, Wednesday. George Sclineider, who has been in Washington territory for the past two years, spent Sunday with his motlier, Mrs. Koswell Schneider. A ohange of advertisement, this week, for the well-known flrm of Wagner & Bro., oarriage makers, whose oarriages and outtert have a átate reputation. Happy New Year. Oue woman in jail. College opeus uext Tuesday . More light and less policemen . Oouncil meeting next Monday evening No skating, but plenty of good coast ing. Meeting of the fluanoe committee to nigbt. Herman Bisele will go to Florida fo bis hea'tli. Mrs. H. E. H. Bower is visiting fnends near Parma. Dr. P. B. Rosa came down from Chioago to spend l hnstmas. Elsewhere will be found the hvery advertisement of Clay Green. The high school re opens Jan. 4; the ward bcqooIs next Monday. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Noble are visiting at their old home, Albion, N. Y. Editor Pond, wife and daughtere, spon t Chri8tmas with f rienda in Flmt. Jno. Hibeck of Battle Creek, came down öaturday to see his friends. Mayor Robison has the thanks of The Dbmoobat for a Chriptmas turkey. Wood has decreased in prioe materially, Qood sleighing accounts for it. Jos. Donnelly, jr., is teldgraph operator at Wyundotte. for the M. C. R. R. The postoffioe will be open to-morrow from 9 to 10 a. m. and from 6 to 7 p. m. Patriok Dolan, circuit oourt oommissioner of Lansing, is home during tbe holidays. Register of deeds Kouros presented his daughter with a piano for a Gbristmas present. Now is a good time to make that resolution. Remember the commencement of the new year. Thí ohildreu of the Baptist Sunday eohool were treated to a good supper on Wednesday evening. Miss Belle Fletoher of Detroit, is spending the holidays with her sister, .Miss Sarah Fli-tcher. Wm. Lainborn was the reoipient of a 29}L-pound turkey from his friend, Chas. Edwards of Owosso. Mr. John Earp, son of Rev Dr. Earp, is spending the holiday vacation with friends in Pittsburg, Pa. Prof. C. P. Cady was in Jackson yesterday, one of a uumber to form a state assooiation of music teachers. Allniendiuger, the organ manuficturer, has cotnpleted a íiue instrument for the Monroe cüapel at Northville. "Tickle Toe," a charaoter well-known about the city some 20 years ago, has been iu town for several days. Miss Mary Gibbs and Miss Collins, both of Detroit, were the gviests of Miss Maggie Walsh daring the holidays. Benj. Bradley of Foster's Station, had a stroke of apoplexy, Fnday, and in f alling he fraotured two of his ribs . Nelson Bradley, oitshier of the Lansing Savings bank, spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Bradley. Saturday 16 children and grand-chil dren were royally entertained by their párente, Mr. and lira. Jno. J. Robisou. Some of the director of the First National bank have made f rom $5,000 to $10,000 the paat year out of the buoket shop. Miss Minnie Frank, who has been vis iting relativos in Ionia for the past six months, arrived home the last of the week. A very fair house greeted the Louise Litta company at the Grand, Ohristraas night. Tho21st Miohigan infantry will hold a re-union at Grand Rápida, Jan. 13. Hon. A. B. Morse of Ionia, will be the orator. Wm. Lutz, who has been in the employ of Fred Stabler, at Foster's station for the past two years, has returned to the city. Thos. Roe and wife of Detroit, and jas. Duifv and sinter of Séneca Falla, N. i., have been the guests of Sheriff Walsh this week. Jas. Robisou, court reporter for the Free Press, and Prosecutmg Attoruey Robisou of Wayne county, were in the city Christin day. E. Luick of Btlmont, Iowa, after 14 years' absence, returued to the city last week and is viaiting hi.i brothers, Emauuel and Gotleib Luiok. The Democrat only $1 per year to subscribers in this county, and 15 cent additional for postage when mailed to parties outside of Wa-;htenaw oouuty. Edwjird Bu ns, a ri ipected citizon of the third ward, celebrated his83rd birth day Christmas. He was preseqfed with a handsome gold-headed cañe by bis son Richard. The remains of Flora Norton, who died in .Detroit last week, were brought to this city for inteiment. Funeral ser vices were held Friday forenoon, at the Presbyterian church. The flouiing mili of Swift .v. (lo., has a oapaoity oí 3üO barrels per day. Since last August this tirm has mauufacturod and sold 25.000 barrels of fiour, besides furtushlng their many oustomers in this city. " Whitey" Sheirle of East Saginaw, spent the holidiiys with his Aun A.rbor frienda. His conueotioo witli tbe" Diamond Dusteua" lodge, when a resident of this city, waa one of thrilling experience. M r. Jno. Lony had a Christmas festival at his reaidence on Nortti Main atreet. Mr L , it set'ins, is partiol to old ladies, and of the colored people who partook of his hospitahties, they ranged in age from 69 to 9? years About the handsomest Obristmas tree we have seen in maay a day was one gotten up by Wm. Frank, propretor of the Germama hotel. It was ïugpected by several hundred of his friends and very muuti adinired. One week from to-morrow will occur the January meeting of the pumologioal society, in the basement of tbe court hourse, at 2 p m. Frank Allmondmgsr, secretary of the busiuess men's association, will propoae a scheme for the ereotion of -a f i uit preserving factory ia this eity. There will be the usual question box and exhibition of fruit. To date the following persons are reported as uapirants for the United States senatorship from Uiohigan: Frauk JÍJ. Htockbridge, Kalamazoo; ex-oongressman Edward S. Lacey, Charlotte; J. C. Fitzgerald, Grand Bapids; Senator Couger, the present incumbent; B. M. Cutoheon, Manistee ; president Edwin Willets, of the Agricultural College; ex-Liuet.Gov. Fairfield, Manistee; Jay A. Hubbell, and Judge Thomas M. (Jooley. Messrs. J. E. Beal, T. C. Phillips, ï. N. Jayui-, J. H. Lee, Geo. Manly, L. B. Lee, and Misses M. Kuth Guffy.Stella Guflv, Violet Jayne, Mary VVheeden, Jennie B. S leryer and Daisy Richards m, went to Ypsilanti last Thursdsy night and partook of supper t ttie Follett huuse. Thuy afterwards went to the toboggan slide nd enjoyed a ride or two, when. retnrning to the hotel parlors musio and dancing were indulged in until a late hour. Prof. Hutchins has inaugurated a new feiture in his method of instruction, wbich redounds to his credit, inasmuch as it gives the sfiniors, who soon expeot to battle with the intrioaoies and mazes of professional life, an insight into the ! system of praotical work, w:iich sooner or later will i.e reqnireci of them. He told them thiit, when tuev assembled tor lectures after the holidays, he would give them a statement of facts, as related to him by a garrulous woman, and from it they were to evolve the essentials of a bilí in chancery, wit h itn concomitants of the people's writ of subpoeua, the people's writ of injunction, atliiavits, prayer for relief, etc They were aghast at the formidnbleness of the undertaking. yet all were unanimous in the verdiot that it was just the thintf, as it would be : helpful in their future undertakinga. ! Prof. Hutchins is very popular with the [ olasse as a leoturer. Grand sleighiug. Ohier Sipley was in louia Tuesday. Evart H. Scott waa in Toledo yester day The board of supervisors meet nex Moiiday. There seems to be a dearth of news this week. Mias Matie Cornwell is visitiDg f riends in Washington. A . A. Terry has the only exclusive hat store in the city. How would a hoisting maohine do for the toboggan -lide. Qeo. Walker, living near the cemetery, has fallen heir to $1(1,000. M. C. Sheehan bas movedhis dancing sohool to Hangsterfer's hall. Larry Dunn has been visiting his gister Mrs. McDonald in Pt. Huron. Another month in whioh to pay your taxes, unless the time is extended. Flags are ñying at half-mast on account of the death of Jno. A. Logan. Abe Polhemus celebrated the 15th anniversary of bis marriage Christmas day. Geo. Stadel was presented with an X Christraas day, by his employer, Fred. Brown. Ostin MoQuire of Manqhester, has been visiting fnends in the oity for several days. A wagon load of rabbits wrs brought to the oity yesterday by Peter Tuefel, of Hamburg . Jno. Huddy lost a 10 pound roHst of oeet Wednesday f rom his outter. A dog was the tliief. Juetioe W. J. Clark has turned over to he county treasurer $66 during his brief ierm of office. Daniel F. Danforth, an old Ann Arbor oy, is engaged in railroad work at Cansas City, Mo. Drayman Godfrey and family visited riends during the holidays at Oxford and II linter Oreek. The "Two Sam8" report the best holidav trade since they have baen in business in Ann Arbor. Tue electric light oompany will have every thiug in running order abont the niddle of January . Misa Paulina Bengel, of Detroit, is he guest of Miss Emily Gruner, of iorth Vlaiu street. Miss Carne Parsous, of Kalamazoo, was entertained Christmas day by Mr. nd Mrs. W. A. Hatch. jr. Mack & Sohmid's store has been rowded with customers all intent on making holiday purchases. Welch Post. G. A. R., was the flrst in lie state to respond to the cali for funds n aid of Gen. Logan's widow. Harry R. Hill expeots to visit his old lome next monih. For years Mr. H. was manager of the opera house. Tlie American express company have ïad the largest holiday business in this ity iu the history of the company. Of the several hundred cutters manuact ured by Wagner Bro".,for the winter rade, ihey have only five on hand. The T. A. A. & N. M. R. R„ reoeived a ew locomotivo Tuesday, whiok now makes twenty-eight in use on that road. Traína on the Toledo road are orowded. t would seem that everybody from the orthern part of Michigan were destined or Ohio When you areabout purchasing goods, ook over the advertising columna of he Democbat and see who are the live dvertisers. Gustavua T. Mann ir doing a fine busiees at Kan-as City. He was many 'eara ago a member of the flrm of Hyatt & Mann. Jdo. J. Walker shipped last Friday iwo game ohickens to Laratnie City, Wyoming. The birds flght to day for a puree of $100. The person who picked up that pocket )ook ou Ann street, will please return it o the owner. For further partioularg nquire at The Democrat oftioe. Martin Clark w about taking the genoy for a sewing machine. This, in ddition to his other business, as book gent, etc, will keep his hands full. To-morrow being New Year's no busiess will be done in The Demockat ftlce. The editor will be absent from he city, and the typos will take dinner n the country. Frank Minnis, who has been flshing at iuse Lake for several days, brought aok a pickerel woighiüg 21 poumls. It 8 probably the largest finh ever taken rom that lake. Superintendent of the poor Aprill, urchased for the oounty nouse, Tuesay, of Jno. O. Feldkamp of Freedom, ie fineut load of pork probably ever rought to the city. Thos. Nolan and Mat Spierg, two ramps, were arrested Taesday by turn ey Brenner for stealiag a bolt of annel from Baoh & Able. Thev got 0 days each at Ionia. Sever,il petitious will be preuented to be next couucil by pertious living in the utskirta of the city for eleotric lihts. 'lioy Hhould have them, eveu at the exense of a policemau's head. The members of the A. ME. ohurch .esire to express their sincere thanks to he Rev. Dr. Ramsey for his lecture, l'uesday eveaing, for the benefit of the ciiurch, to help pay off its mdebtednss Trains on the Toledo road were de layed for several hours Monday night in cousequenoe of a freight train being oñ the track. Wm. Frank and several other citizens were obhged to pat up in Milan for the night. One of our prominent and well-known oitizeus will be called upon ere long to ill a respousible aud lucrativo position n tbe west. Wuen his name is announoed it will be a surprise, for the individual is not a politician, in the oommou aoceptatioa of the term. A sad sequel to a Christmas family gathering was the death of the infant daughter of Mr. iüarnest Basaett, of South Lyon, the funeral occurnng Wednesday inormug. His wife is a daugbter of Mr. A. B Case of this city, and they. with other children oame here to spend the holidays when the httle one was strioken with pneumonía and died in two days. No more enjoyable entertainment has been given in Portland for a long time than the one furnished by Sheppard's company. The pieoe itself is one of the best examples of light oomedy, witty, sparkhnij, clean and dramatioally well wrousrht iu every respect. The oompany seeras to have been made for the play, so well does each fit his or her part and so evenly balanced is it tbroughout. Whf-re all are equally meritorious it is needless to particularize. It is enough to say in ït's totality the oompany is one of that uniform mer.t rarely seen outside of a metropolitan theatre. It is rare that a piece is so well put upon the stage by a traveling organization. The costuines of the ladies were partioularly elegant. - Portland Advertiser. Charles A. Chapín died on Tueaday moruing of hemorrtmge of the lungs. He had resided ín Anu Arbor sinoo he was a young child, and was one of the throe chiklren of the la'e Volney Chapín formerly n leadiug citizen . Only one o their children now survive, the wifeof exregent Walker, of St. Johns. For sev eral years Mr. Chapín had been a olerk in the pension office at Washington where he contracted the dinease whioh uaused his death. Mr. Chapín was a most. estimable oitizen. He won the respect of all who knew him. His fine penmanship, his methodioa! habits, his correctness bh an acoonntunt made him a very valuable aud efficiënt offioer in the various public positions, of a clerioa character, whioh he has fllled. His genial aud i 'easaat oonntenanoe will be miss d by our citizens who knew him so well, and the death of thiskindhusband and father will be irreparable to the wife and two childran who survive him. The funeral occursthis afternoon at 2:30 f rom the Lpiaoopal ohuroh. QMrs. Daniel Roes died yesterday, of typhoid fever. D. F. Almendinger received an order, Monday, for a chureh orgnn, to be Bent o Fenwick, Mioh. Fred H. Beker has accepted the posiiion of bookkeeper in the Firet National jank. His depnty as county treasurer will be announoed next week. Miss Maddern was greeted with a full ïouse at the Grand, Tuesday evening. Che play, " Mignonnette" written by Prof. Hennequinn, was enthugiastically reoeived. A man was put in the Chelsea look up, ast week, to oool off. During his sleep lis pants, boots and overshoes were stoen. This speaka well for the villuge marshal. Mr. D. L. Quirk, wife and son, Mr. and drs. Walt Faok, Miss Gertrude Farrier, 'oe Sanders and farmly, Dr. Jas. H neson and family, Edivard Bogardus and 'liss Mattie Wartz, ate their Christmas [inner at the Follett house, Ypsilanti. On last Monday evenuig a Christmas Sunday school festival was held in the ohool house at Geddesburg. This Sabath sohool was established durint; the ummer by the reotor of St. Andrew's hurch, Rev. Dr. Earp, and now numbers over 80 members. Senator Evarts is quoted as payine -ently : "It is strange that in adming stering justioe the wisdom of this world or 6,000 years has discovered no other way than for both sidos to hire a man to xaggerate their side, and then try to nd out the truth between them." The following are the deputies apiointed by Sheriff Walsh: AnnArbor - eremiah Walsh, under sheriff; Joh. H 'reston, Oh ris. Brenner, Nelson Suther and, Jas. B. Murray, Jasper Imas, Paal Sohall, Chas. Sohott, Fred. Sipley. Ypilanti- George Palmrr, Stephen Hutohnson; Manchester - Mike Brenner, Jas. ielly; Ohelsea - Thos. McNamara, Jacob Staffen; Freedom - Jacob Knapp; Saine - Jno. Warner; Augusta. P. fl. )'Brien; Milan- Joseph Gauntlett; 8aem- Jdo. R. Mnrray; Whitmore Lake- Wm. Boper. The millionaire Oorcoran has a new portieru, which is the envy of Washington. It is a sort of national affair, made up of gorgeous silk squares, representing the States in the Union. The leading oities have contnbuted to it, and each state is a wonder of beautiful embroidery. It is to hang in the main drawng room of Mr Corooran's mansion on jafayette square. It is liued with goldclored on it in large red letters. The squares on the outside are bordered with orimFon plnsb, finished with a heavy silk oord of red imd yellow. Among the coutributor to it are the wives of Postmaster-General Vilas, of Sentors Teller, Van Wyok, Vanee, and others. Ou Tuesday the annual Christmas fesival was giveu the inmates of the oounty ïouBe, by tLe members of St. Andrew's oburoh. A ( 'hristmas tree was decorated with handkerotnefs, fichus, dolls, pioture looks, etc, which gladdened the eyes of ihe poor as they were ushered into their seats. A portion of scripture was read y the Kev. Dr. Earp, folio wed by a few remarks, af ter wbich each persou re ceivrd a gift, together with oandy, oranges and nuts. A large number of vistors were present, and all were unaniniouB in saying ït was one of the pleasinteet Christmaa festivals ever held at ;he county house. Dr. Earp invited the Sunday Bohool to go down asila large number aooepted bis invitatiou, after whioh a sleigh ride was induiged in, wbioh was enjoyed by all, each oue happy in the thought of returning to a good aome. The county is to be congratulated in ha ving such persons as Mr. aud Mra. MoDowell to oare for the in mates. One of the most hilariously amusing plays ever in a Portland theatre w,ie tbe play of "A Night OU," presented last night and tobe repea ed to night. If the house is not orowded to night it will be because the oommendations of those present last night leaye no impressiou on the minds of their friends, and many who enjoyed the play last night will be sure and supplement thrir pleasure again to nght. The audience was large and renned, juat euqu a oue as oan enjoy the amusiut! aituations thoroughly. Nothiug so intensely f uuny, go rapid in aotion, so witty in dialogue, so charming in stage dress, so artistioally metropolitan in every detail has ever been presented at the tkoatre. There were no stuffed clubs or red mouthed policeman, no rusty meohanioal ohestnutn, no sypbon fizzles, no singing and datioing and yet the audienoe fairly soreamed with delight. It íb almost useless to attempc to partioularize as regards the company for a 1. etter une throughout is seldom een in this city.- Portland Argns. To-night Hardie and Vou Leer appear at the Grand in "Led ABtray," at the matinee Saturday afternoon tuey repeat "A Brave Woman," and on Snturday evening the play will be "Our Bos.' The prices are 25, 35 and 60 ets. The Sandusky Daily Kegister, of November 20, 1886, says of the troupe and "A Brave Woman": "Standing room only," were the worda that met the eyes of the late oomer at the Opera House last night, and many of them were glad to even flnd standing room. Cheap prices and firstolass attractione is what Sandusky wantB and must have. The Opera House was orowded from pit to dome last night, and the liirge audienou completely carriec away with the fine aoting. 'A Brave Woman,' ia the title of the play written by Mr. Álortimer Murdook, and it is one of the strougest plays on the road. The play is aoted exceedingly well. Itspric-cipal oharanters are ansumed by Mr. James M. Har.iie and Miss Sarah Von Leer. The former has always beeii considered a good leading man, tus mauly Htage presence, resouaiit voioe and histrionio ability plaoing him in the higher rank of aotors. Baby Pallook, as little Archie, won the love and admiration of every one. The audience was well satisfíed. This oompauy will again appear iu ' Camille.' whioh is said to be Miss i Von Leer's greatest role. Nptwithstanding the great expense, the prioes are only 25 cents for the galíery asd 35 and 5Ö cent for tha lower floor.


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