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Latest Decrees In Dudedom

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The law in ducleiloni which ostracizes any dude who wears an overcoat appears to hold as fast as ever. Upon the strcets are beginning to be repeated the familiar spectacle of dudes without overcoats manfully stemming the wintry blast and look.ingpinched and blue, while s tri ving to assume an air of rugged enjoyment of the keen andbracing atmosphere, don't you know? The rule as to gloves is getting a little mixed. Ever since the Punce of Wales forgot his gloves one lay and appeared baioheaded no dude has dared cover liis hands. It has been the rulo to carry gloves of vellow kid which showed by their shape that they liad never been put on, and that is the rule vet. But a rumor that the Prince of Wales has or will shortly pronouuce ia favor of gloves has led a good many to put on gloves wheu on the promenade. The inimitable "stick" appêars to grow larger, and the slenderer the dude the bigger stick he scems to want. The stick is not grasped ia the middle now and carried horizontally, as it bas been for a year or two. Now and then an imitaüon dude does this, but the genuine one grasps his stick about eight inches from the ferrule on the small end, with the stick reversed, and the hcad of it hanging just over his heels. To see three or four dudes walking in a line across the pavement on Broadway and the avenue with their big sticks held in this way, exactly alike, is amusing. The sacred "Darby" hat still holds sway, but one of the dudo leaders has mountud a tall hat and marched down Broadway with his stick unreversed. It is thought he has got a tip by cable, and the rcsult rnay be a revolution in the style of hat and the manner of carrying the stick. The current style of procedure just now is to carry the stick after the manner described, in thé right hand, grasp the gloves in the left hand, with the glovo fingers upward and spread out, and hook the tluiinb of that hand into the trousers pocket, which must be a seam-pocket, of Shaking hands is not considered in good form, and is the proper thing only when some "old chappie" is


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