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A Short Sermon

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There are times when you aro brought to realize that you stand on the shores of mystcrious cternity - when you can hear the lapping at your feet of the wavel whlch roll across the sea so boundlcss that mortal eye has never reached the feither shoro. It s when you have met soruo good friond on the street, given him a íricndly gri], and heard him say that he hasn't felt so well in years - the words liardly cok! pon his lips before he tlirows up his arma and sinks to the wall as dnad as if a ballet had entered his brain. The doctors cali it a case of heart disoase, and thoso who did not pass that way read of it to forget it in an hour. To you, who even held his hand as the wif t messengcr carne, there s sornething nerer to b fergotten - a sermón such as no divine can ever preah.


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