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He Cried Out

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Whru iild Jasner Settjps, of the Wliite Sulpliur neighborhood, reaches home and relates his experience, a certain fashionable church will be looked upon is a hot house whcre vanity s cultivatcd with paternal care. Old Jaspcr believes that it is wrong to restrain the spirit and that wlien he feels religtoua emotion, he must cry out or the rocks will cry out for kim. It is not recorded that he ever gave the rocks a chance, but that he is always ready to save them tho troublo and expense of an unnatural performance. During a recent visit to Little Rock, Jasper attended services at a well known church. The preaching seetned cold and carcless to him, but when the ehoir sang an old time hymn, he was so cmotionally reminded of a log cliurch and warm hearts, that he arose and in a loud voice uttered the startling ejaoulatiao, "whoop!" The congregaron turnod about and gazed in astonishment at the old man. "Whoop-ee!" Men snorted and women tittorcd; anil an oflicer of tho church approached old Jaspcr and said: "Old man, what do you mean?" -Whoop!" "You must kusk that. You don't know where you are." "Whoop-ee!" "Sec herc," shaking him, "if you don't hush I'H have you put out." "Have me put out?" "Ycs, Iwill." "What fur?" "For disturbing religious worship." "Whoop!" "Look herc, I'm getting tiretl of fooling with you. What do you mean?" "I-m shoutin'." "But we don't want you to shout here." "WhyP" "Bocause it disturbs the congregation." "Don't you want a man to be religious?" "Oh, yes." "All right then. Whoop!" "Come, get out, now." "Don't want me to shout?" "No, we don't." "Don't think it is right, I reckon." "No, we don't." "Want a man to let the rocks cry out for him?" "Don't fret about the rocks, they are allright." "All right then. Whoop!" "Now you' ve got to go out," taking him roughly by the arm. "Hold on a minute. I've got five dollars that 1 want to throw in for the good of the cause." "Yes, sir," with extreme gentleness, "jusl step this way. When did you get in? You'll always finct awelcome here. Hold on, don't go. Here, 1 11 take the live dollars." "No, I'm obleeged toyou. B'level'll go round here and give it to tho shouters. Take care of yourself, old starch. "


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