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The capote is tho niurried woman's bonnet, the smal] pointed brizn poke beinif rclegated to young lauies. Miss Liberty can hold thirty-six men in br heao, which brings her about up to the average girl of the peiiod. An Indian girl has been born without a mouth. Shewill soon begin to realize tbat she has forgotten somothing. Jet bonnetsarepartieularly stylish when trimmecl with pearl gray feathera and ist and stoel pins and coinbs. St. Jacobs Oil is pronounced a most er traordinary i-ure for rheumatism by Hon. James Harían, ex-Vice Chancellor, Louisville, Ky. A favorite bisque figure aniong holiday goods represents Mis Lillian Kussell as a Breton peasant girl. Jabots of lace are again worn on the front of the corsage, benig an appandagn to the dog collar or volvet. Mr. J. Howard James, munager Stuekert's Livery, 819 N. 5th street, Fluladulpbia, Pa., says: After trying all other remedies without relief, for a havy cold on tli clu'st. accompanied by a severa cough, I used Red Star Cough Cure, and in a very short timu yiis entirely woll. A heliotrope caftán with a brim of filigree jet is a very becoming liat for a pretty rosy blonda youug girl. What "Old Fritz" SaïdT It was an aphorism of Frederick tha Great's that "Facts are dirina things." An undisnuted fact is that Dr. Pierce's "Ooiden Medien] Dlscovery" is the most powerful liver vitalizer extant. and by ita ch&racterlstic and searching action will cure dpspepsia, constipation, dropy, kidney diseuse, sick-hendache, and other maladiea which, popnlar opinión to the contrary notwithstanding, are directly traccable to a diseased condition of the liver, by which its work :is jmrifier of the blood is mude incomplete. AU druggists. Black Brussels nets arefn-hionablr used, trimmed with Frenen and Spanisn laces, for lace costumes. "Oh! But I SaHvated Him!" was the actual exclaniation of an honest physieian, spoken of one of bis patients to whom he had (fiven calomcl for the cnre of bllioasneu and i diseased liver. And he had taHvafad htm for fertain, f rom which lie never recovered. All, these dlstressing eonsequencea are avolded by the use ot Dr. Pierce's "Pleasant PurgaUve Pellets," B purely vegetable remedy that will not salivate, but produce the most pleasing effect, invigorate the liver, cure headache, dyspepsin, biliouxness, constipation and piles. Bydruggiíts. Many of the newest Moliere waistcoats are belted. the rk'h bmid held by a costly buckle of Roman gold. Tho worst cases cured by Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. OonftmpHon. Por tho cure of this distreasing disense there has been no medicine yet discovered that can show more evideuce of real merit than Allen'a l.ung Balsam. 35c., 50c., and $1.W) a bottle. Short waisted artistio gowns in art colors and art designs are itill worn by women in London. If afflicted with sore eyes, use Dr. Isaac Thompson 's Eyo Water. Druggists sell it. 25c. All disorders caused by a bilious state of the systm can be cured by using Carter's Little Liver Pilis. No pain. griping or discomfort attending their use. Try them. It isusually unmarried women who writ on the subject of "How to Manage a Husband.y BR0WN'S IRON BITTERS WILL CURE HEADACHE ! INDIGESTIÓN BILIOUSNESS DYSPEPSIA NERVOUS PROSTRATION MALARIA CHILLS and FEVERS TIRED FEELING GENERAL DEBILITY PAIN ix the BACK & SIDES IMPURE BLOOD CONSTIPATION FEMALE INFIRMITIES ! RHEUMATISM i NEURALGIA KIDNEY AND LIVER TROUBLES FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS The Genuine has Trade Mark and crossed Red Lines on wrapper. TAKE NO OTHER. Sk __"';'-__ _ ■"'■- -v''''''■''■- LYDIA ï. PINKHAM'S ga V e COMPOUNU iSwSJv 0FFEB.8 THB i SUREST REMEDY PAINFUL 1LLS AND DISORDERS SUF' FERED BY WOMEN EVERYWHERE. Tt relieves pain, promotes a regular and healthy recurrcncc of periods and is a great help to youDg girl8 and to women past maturity. It strengthens the back and tbc pelvlc orLans, bringing relief and comfort to tired women who stand all day In homo, shop and f actory. leucorrhoca, Inflammation, flccration and Displaccments of the Uterus have beerv cared by it, as women eyerywhere gratef ully testify. Regular physicians often prescribe it. Soldby all Druggists. Tricel.OO. Mrs. Pinkham's "Guide to Health" malled to anr lady sending stamp to the Laboratory. Lynn, Mass. Dr.Pardee's Remedy, The Greatest Blood Purifier in the World. A SPECIFIC FOR .RHEUMATISM, Scrofula, Salt-Rheum, Neuralgia, Ring Worm, And all Other Skin and Blood Discases. It Regúlales the LIVER AND KIDNEYS Cures Indigestión and alldiseasesarising frorn an enfeebled condition of the system. j Sendforourpamphlet of testimoniáis and read of thote who have boon por manently cured by s use. Ask your drugist for DR. PARDEE'S REMEDY and take no other Price, $x per bottlc, or six bottles for $5. Pardee Medicine Co. Rochester.N.Y DO NOT POISON YOUR SYSTEM with medicines yon know nothing about. Nearly every so-called remedy for Rheumatism and Neuralgia now offered to thO public contains powerful and poisonousmedicines that injuro the storaach and leave the patiënt worse off than before. Do not use them, but take "the old reliable" one that bas stood the test for twenty-five years. One that is free from anythinR inuirioui to the gystem, composed wliolly of roots and herbs, the medical properties of which are particularly adapted to blood diseuses. Dr. Pardee' Keinedv is safe and effective. Can be used by 10th old and younff with beneftcial results. Five hundred dollars will bepaid for any case vvhere the use of Dr. Pardee's Kemedy has ia any way injured the patiënt. Pardee Medicine Co. Mr. R. Foitr, 320 Matn itrt, Terre Hote, Indtin, loffcred from Nruralfi anil fouml do rlif tlll h otad ATHLOPH0ROS. tben tn one únf time tbe pala wy ftll CODc; liwtll sivi prompt relief In all oue of .Nooralgia. Aik yourdrugglat for Alblopburo. If you caanoi eet it of blm do nat try somethlutf ul order at ono from ui. Wi-wlllieod it eipren paid od receiptof prlc, &HLÏÏPH0E08 CO.. 11 Wall 8t. Nw Tork. It takea fort y yards oí lace for a lace boa. So says Mío Harper'8 Bazar, whlch is the best autliority in the matter of uress. Corsages are trimmed. cut and decora ted in evei'v st yin imaginable, so tliat it does notdestroy the lotac waisiud otlect. Badger is the latest faucy in forg. Important- IJo not let your druggisk palm off on jou any new, Vheap retnedy ror colds when you inquire for Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup or you wlU be disappointed. Prico, 25 cents. Black lace, ïmitation Chantilly and real Spanish are made up for evening wear as much this winter as in the glimmer. Plush stripes, ivith a winding design upon asatin ground. are bordered on either side by a faille stripe on a velvet ground. Among mechanioal toys comes a walking Santa (.'lans, who stcjs nimbly around the room with a pa'jk full of toys on his back. "Pa, why is a (firi callee! a belle?" asked Clara. "Oh, 1 pup - t's because of her tongue," unfeelin 1 replied the old mui, Snowflake plush b&9 pluited stripos and s usi-d in combinatlon with plain snowflake velvet in correspondía color, lt is to be had in all the day colors. A Juniata woinan opened a bureau drawer and fovind a large blacksnaka ooiled therein. It is Bupposed hor husband kapt his lisli balt in that drawer and tho crk carne loóse. Salvation Oil the celebrated American remedy for cuts, brutees, sprains. bnraa, scalds. ehilblalns. &.., (-an te had of all druggists. It kills pain. Frice twentyñye cents. The velvet pockets which now adorn the fronts of dainty tea gowns are made in the shape of tlie moon in its tirst quarter. MÊ&rVW ONLY TRDB gRON EfTONIC b wJSk Wi'l purify 1I10 BLOOD reeiilaU VpVH tlio LtVcJR iii-d KIDNEYS and C BSSTOBB the 21FALTH andVIOV& Bt 0R of YOUTH LKM'f-nbia.Want o-t BA of Appm tt, 1 ii'Utri'--t ion.Lock of nï3 Streuüth anti Tired Feelingab ' V L solutely cured: Bod es, muií ükt. C'BS nnC f16168 receive new BBBW force. Kr.livens the mind Bk and 6U[itHR Rrain Power. ■ mk iwl n tm-L Suiïerinii from romptainti ViPnllCiO in DR. HARTER'8 IRON TON IC ft saf and spewiy cure. Gives a clear, heal'hy fOTiplexion. Frequent fittrmpts at counterfeit- ■. ly add to the popnlrtrily of the original. Do iiot exporiment- get tlie Original and 4 Dr. HARTER'5 LIVER PILLS V : Cure ConstUatloTi.Liver Comolalnt and Slok m ch. Sample Iose and Dreain Boolcl BÚ on rcceipt of tv; o cenia In postage. j Address tho Dit. Hahtek Medh-ink Compant 213 North Main street St. Iuia, Mo. I "fe y Ht .A # ft. áSw Li M Have been heartily enjoyed by thö citizena of nearlyevory lown and city in thO United SUites. Marvelone ('uree have been perforraed, and witnessed by thonsancïe of peopïe, who can teatify to THE HKAIJNO POWER OP Hamlin's Wizard Oil. IT HA8 KO EQI7AL FO11 TUE CURE OF RHEUMATISM,NEURALGIA.T0OTHACHE,EARACHE, HEAOACHE. CATARRH. CROUP. SORE THROAT. LAME BACK.CONTRACTED CORDS. STIFF JOINTS, SPRAIN5. BRUISES. BURNS. And Many Other Pains Caused by Accidentar Distase. It is safe and snro, does it work qoickiy anl gives nniversal satisfaction. For Rale bydruKKiste. Price.50c. OurSongBook muild frcetoeverybody. Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO. ,, s Catar rH loooipsjgsa TO ANT MAN PjAYFEVERM k Womau or Gliilf fe fwi CATA R K II. HfêM A. E. m; man. J $xix Grayling, Mi AY-FEVER A partióle i aiplied into e i h n tril mul i crc able to uva. I'rlce aO et., hr nm'l nr ut ilrnstglut. owgo I y Kr-V BR0THBB8, Drnsglaté. O THe IIIÏERS' GtlIDK U issitdl Sept. and Marcli, each jear. ÜBr 313 pagea, 8%x.ll}.j tnches, with over 3,5OO illustrations ■- m wholr Plctnre Gnllrry. ÜIVKS Wholcialo Pitera direct to eonsumorê on all c;oo(1h for personal or family wie. Teil to order, and give exact coat of ivtrjrtAlng you uset eat, drink, wcar, or have fun with. These 1.WALUAB1.K BOOIvS contaln infurmation gleaned front the marlceta of tlie fvorld. We TiU mail a copy FltEK to any addresa upon recelpt of 10 ctji. to defray expense of mailing. Iet ob licur trom ron. Rtspectfïilly, MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. 827 Sc 22 Wabanli Avenue, Chicago, UL Leading Nos. : 14, 048, 130, 135, 333, 161. Tor Sale by all Stationers. THE ESTERBRÖOK STEEL PEN CO., Works: Comden, N. J. 26 John St., New Yo.-k. Pages Árnica Oií The best ulvt la tlie worlrt íor Bnnis, Wouuds anJ sores of all kinds. Hm Is. Folons, Clulblalni. Frü?cn Keet, Pil -s. Barber8 Itch, Sre Eyes, Cliapped Sanos, Bon Throat, Bcald Bead, l'imples on the Face, and all skin dit.';i'. ForIJverComplaint. Stek Headacbe, ContUpaüwL uso Pag e's Mnjuliaku í'ills. Abovo remedie.- suW by Driik'Kistu or si'itt hv mail lor "o cents by C. W. Snow & CO-, Syrmu r, N. '. igrsX j PoeiTelTcuredliieo aayspriVni SiVVr JjjIloriifV Hl tM'lro.Mmf net lult fitKgeJVfflkij-ifflf li i ui ni ni i CtKirantecdtlj firTTTMrtm itfeHTJjú (l n ' Y 'M' 'n ''"' wur'(' Reneratln LtiOTHZS?3' OitJniinuoii Electric tt Magnrtta s-lt-'ntillc, Powerful, Durable, Lff JÊ Comfort able p.nd Effcctive. Avoid frauds. i&Ê oviTü.OOÜciircc]. Sen! st:imp forpamphlet ALRO ELEC TRU BELTS JOU D19EAHË6. 08. HORNE, IHVLKTOR, 191 WABASM AVE. CHICACO. (50NSIÍPTI0N 1 bve a posl'.ive Cor tuu &'iove iIIíl-j-íí; Lj Itg u thomandi of laics of Ib worst kliid tiJ of Ion? ttaodlic hve been cure.l. Iwieed. fi rW-i.K H my u-::i !:i im ftlracy. tbt 1 wl'.l iend TWO BOTTLK- PBSK, tofff h-r with ViXÜABLK TRKATISE ou tlill .!!, to nny tütttrtr. Qivt, E. prH Bil P. O. addi cm. 1H. X. A. t-LUCLiï, lal lerl St.. H.1V UÖMË fRE ATSVi EM T& V readers luffering from Orffaiilo W eaknas. Kenp■ ons or Oirmic iboutd writ to DR. WILLIAMS, 189 Wis. St., Milwauke. Wis., tor a 64-pftge book. giTiliK the proper ireat' oient in full, ud rhi-t aroid A6ENTS wantedi;:;;1 WE WANT YOUI '-"'erB' ma profltble emplojinent to rppieaeut us in Tery couuty. Salar $75 per month and expenses, or a lar coniniliwion on ües lf preferred. Gooosstapl Krvry one buvs. Outfit ajici partienlam Free. 6ÍAJÍDAIÍD SILVEBWAKE CO., BOSTON, HAS4 D 1 1 D T 1 1 D Cll'-Hevcd anil curcd bj Dr. J. A. 11 II f I I fl r" Sliermftn's raethod. '1 hoce who ■ iwi ■■ %.tnn,It avnil thcmsplves of pei sonal attendsnee can hav homo troatraent appllance and niratlvp sent forfiuouly. Send stamp for circulara, 2ÍM Broadway, N. Y. ■Ja lKr11 '■"■Cl1 Ht Homo. Troatmcnt Hlllll 'ent on trjal and NO PA Y asked NI V untll you are benentpii. Terms Ix)w. BVB Uumnne Komedy ('o., LiiFayette, IuU. KIPPERS PASTiLLESJ,;rc:4CTi: HMIHVHMSVBMWW'VW 'Italië slown, Haaa, I ITrklTP V. A. I.EHMANN.Solicltoi r A I rnl I f rtmm, waskinqton, I Hl Uil I O IX C. Si-mt for Circular. fn ■■ ñnn . lames Rlrer, Va., In Clnremnnt I Hl 1 III O 1 r. M. HA (larrminCVa. ' 1"CATQTO1MQI o F'CER' Pay.Bountr. l-'lliJNOHJlNö.Pt ■. Wrlto forrirciiluriand A laws. A.W.M.("irnii k ,'i -v.m. Washington, D. C. VTBiTYf t FARMS! MIM Cliniate: Choap I llvlxl A 1 A Homes! NorLliorn Colonyl Illuirat.1 circular íro. A. O. BJ,ISS, Centralia, Va. (t r totxadiitj. Samples worthW.1 n-Ki:': r.lnns 'WH not neder (tic feet. Wrlte lir'ic&ur'a PU Sufriu l!r muer (■.. Hollv, ilich, W.N.U. D.--5--I Anillll Mornhlne CurM In 1 U I I II ITI lí. J. STnrusm Ltbsaua, 01


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