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At Cosialtica cantiles made of castorbeans are nsed. A railroad to Mammoth care has been completed. Nut ad' a stale capítol is being thoroughly repaired. It will cost someone $G0 a day to hght Liberty' s torch. Professional lamp-trimmers aro a New York development. Ia Beniaritino, Cal., ncw wine is selling at 12J cents a gallon. Epizootic is külinj a largo nuniber of horses in western Maine. One of the popular dishes ia southern cities is red snappers. Saloons in Tav lor, Nev., charge 25 cents for a drink of whisky. Missouri applea are on sale in the markets of Los Angeles, Cal. Four iteamers brought 1,916 inimigrants to New York Suiidny. Honey-rais.iijj is graduaHy becoming the chief imlusiry in Nevada. Turkish batfa parties are now the fashionable iliin in New York. The Canon (Novada) mint will begin coining wilhin a few weeks. The oystcr trade along the Maryland coast is remarkably dal] tbJs éeason. A band of sevanty-eight traiups was seen uear San Bernardino, Cal., rocently. Nearly $25,000.000 worth of candy was made in California during the past week. Bnck is being importad from Chicago to be used in a new city building in San Diego, Cal. Little Rock, Ark., is bcing improved by the érection oí' a new court house, costino; $60,000"Birdioides" is the name given to Boston women who decórate their hats with stufl'ed binls. One of the patients in a hospital at Aguascalii.'iiU's. -Mexico, is said to be exactly 115 yeara old. Every voter in Dayton, Nev., a town of tliree thousand iuhabitants, belons to somo secret BOoiety. A farmer near Manchester, Tenn., has an 8-months-old calf which gives one-half a gallon of milk per day. The Philadelphia brxle who was married on the day slie was se zed with scarlet fever is rapidly recovering. ■ In Hawthornu, Neb., sund is often used to extinguish lires in the absence of water, and it is said to be quite effect u al. A pctrifi'Ml human being is said to have been discovured in a caye on Sand mountain, near Valley, Tenu., & few days ugo. A Trenton, N. J. , Brra has used more than one thousaad tons of copper during the past season in the making of telégraph wire. Piedmout, Ga., comes forward with tho claim of having witliin its liraits a tree that drops snow from it3 branches at regulai1 intervals. An oight-year-old lad alUpshur, Va., drank so mueh brandy during the absence of his paronts that he died within two hours after. In Decatur, Ala., reccntly a man was arrested who put a counterfeit dollar in the oontribution box and took out genuine coins nehange. A check for 1 cent was recently drawn ia New York by the government in favor ef an importer who had paid excess of duty to that extent. Carson, Nev., Nimrods are talking of sowing wild ricu on the shores of Washoe lake to luie wild ducks and other water fowl to that vicinity.


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