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pORNEB "A-lllM,TiV AND 8BCOÑD J Btreeta. Win. I.. Frank, p'oprietor, Sarn ple ii I aVcling men. Every room u .lied by steam. eooDRicH house; AH. GOODRICH, Proprietor, corner Ann .ml Fonrth streets, opposite tho Coui-t lloiio Sonare. Everything in firstclass order. Niewly furnislied. Barn aocommodations. J. R. JOYNER, T ICKNRF.D AUCTION2YR, is nowpre JJ pated torender his services to all deEiring them. IVli-n you wish to sell anytbing at auction give him a cali. He may í foiinc! tlie ürst door west of Nat Drake's puce, Hurou street. P. MKERNAN, ATTORNE Y-A T-L A W. Collections promjitly atended to. Moneytoloan. Houses and lots or sale. Office in Court House. JOHN SCHNEIDElïj Nó. 37 North Main StTeet, opposite the postoflice, dealer in Fresh, Kmoked and Salt Moats of all kinds. Lard in any quantity. MRS. N. H. Pli;i?,!'. MMediSpeclalty. yield at once. Wil] answer calis Bui-i. lor, ,,.,„. -Street, otli ard, Ann FOLLETT TlOUsí:. Wu. LEtvis, proprietor, Ypslla itft'i, Micli " i h stpam. DEANM. TYWSR, M. D. 1 ï i ■ i n.l resi !t. : r. COOK HOVSE. TirRS .n. m'n.OX, Proprietor. : HX Newly Furnished. The leadlng house In Ann Arbor. UNION HOTEL. T[1IRST-CLA8S in all respects. Evervthin? ncw. Fine rooms, well rurnlihed. Titids, $1 per dav and upwarris. Special r ates to wcekly boarders. Meals, 2 centR. Jolin Sclmcidcr, Jr., Propriinor. Corner ol Washngtou and Second streets, Ann Arlxr, Miei NIOflOLS BROa Xr. W. & A. U. NICHOLS, D. 1. 8. Dental ï oilice Masüuic Temple Block, over S, aviugs Bank, Ann Ar):or. '. JOSKl'H CLINTON, ' TllERCITAXTTAlLOR. Shop orer & liX ordeu'a. All work guaranteed or oo charge. JOHN F. LAWRENCE, ATTORNFYATLAW. . nos. 3 and i, Grand Opera House, , Ann Arbor, Mich. ■ NOKRIS, A TTf) 1 : I V AT LAW. Does a ceneral law collection and convoyatLce business. A moderalv patronase s resoectfliUy solicited. Office in the eourt house, Ann Arbor, Mich. O. C. JENKINS, SÜKOEON DIvNTlST. Rooms No. 10 South Main'Stti te tliu First National Bank, Am ;ieh. A N TON EISELE, ' DEALER IN MONUMENTS and Gravesu.ncs mnn-ifactured from Tennessee aml Italiao Marble and Sctoeh and American Granite. iJBop -r. Detroit and Catharine sta Ann Arbor, ilicb. WILLIAM HEKZ, HOUSK SIGN, Ornamental and Fresco Paint.r. Gilding, Calclmininir, -Glaziiur and I'aper liaiiL'ing. All work done in the best Btvlo and warrauted to give satisiaction. Bhop, No. 4, West Washington streut, Ann Albor. Mlch. Abstracts of titles on Reasï Éstate. J HAVE a complete comnüatioiil of the Offiriol Records of Washtemw County to date, inWud me ;ill I.ix luk-.. Executioqs or nav on Real Estale, thnt i, of Record In [he Reristtr'-. offiicc, ]s snown l,v mv books. Office m th, offictof the Bècrttary of tliiVashienav Mutinl iiisurimre' MJU'kzïiïct Court HThe Anrv Arbor Savings Bank prranizfld 1869, udr the Geocr! Banking Lw K tui.sstaie hu now, incluoiuc capital SwH orín $sgo',ooo juajtTê. BM1nM miin. Ouardfans, TraaW n, La4ie ana Hbcr persuns wül ilud thi fiante aSAFE AND CONVENANT flao at whiob lo make Dtpoait ad do timlnc. Interest is Allowed on All Savings Depsslf Of Jl.Manlupwkrd, accordlnc to th ruU á lh bank. aud utrt vompoua ded ïimi um Uj. Nloney to Loan In Surtí a of $28 t 8,000, lecorea by 0laouaber4 Kaal BitoW aad - lood sccttritia. DIRE0TOR3- Chrljtiaa M4 o. TT. W. Whim W. L). Hurriman, vrilli bul l, Daiid Rinsc, Daniel iljscook and W. B. Smltfc OFFICBH8- Chr!u Mad . Pro.Ment W., Wluei. Vlce-Presidcnl; C. IL t llsoock. Chiklv NEWCiALYARü! For the finpst coiil in the 11 tarket, anfl low priCcs, the public art; iny'%% ttl to cali on CdMICHAEL STABLER Cor. Wasliington and 2d sts, Who a!su lillnonlei:.-! for "VST O O 33 2 Now is the time to lay in your coal. MICH..I, STABLKR, Ann Arbor Get Your Property InsareáBy C. H. NfULLOl, INSÜKANCK A.GHÍ3NT, I No. 4 Souih Main atret, Aan Arbor Thr oldart ' aaf'i' luarWof century k Uowlnx fin elass conipaoiei, irltii or $:■ .WP.GQu a'gaw. Honie Ins. Co., of íí. Y.; ;Ctmtinital Ids. Co., cf N. ï.; Kiaifura ï?ia. 0, ,4 N. Y.; Oirani Ins. Oo., of: iiil u; 0mÖ In. Oo., of Hartford ; Onr perenal Utum I Londci; LiTerpool .c :■ Lndaiiu4 GÍob Rat low. Lmhi KWally adjaiiMlW 1


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