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Wittrock Confesses

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Adispatch f rom I.eaveuworlh, Kansas, of thoíkitii uil says: On tho arrival oí the 'J o'clock Rock Islam! train lat evening, four linkorton detectives in charge oí Wittroek alichted ! and took a close carriage for the residence ' I of his mother on Miatni street. Arriving at the residence the four detectives, with Wittrock heavily ironed, entered tha hou-e. The cliief demanded that the premises be placed in his charge, when a thorough sparch commenced. The United Press correspondent endeavored to gain an entrance lato the building, I luit was ordered to remaiu on the outside, One of the detectives stepped out on the porch and stated that nothfn? could be said concerning the presence oL Wittrock and Ihu olllcers ín Laaven wortb ; that today thuy would be in a position to tullí. Every door of tlie house, which is a onestory, four-roora brick, was bolted and barred, and two of the oificers were placed in charge of Wittrock, while the other two commenced a gearcfa of the premises. i No statement could be had concerning their Entended dupaiture, but it isbelieved they will go to Kansas City on the 4:5 Missouri Pacillc train, and one thoory is that this visit with Wittrock ís merely a blind to cover up several very important arrests to be made there to-day. Among the number is to be Dan Moriarty, the yard master af Ht. Louis at the time of the robbcry. The press has failed to get any clew to his whereabouts since 1 p. m. yesterday. He was last seen at that hour, and partlee who were shadowing him have lost track of him and claim tbat he is not in the city nor at his homo. The appearance of Wittrock with the four detectives at the Union depot, although hurried through the crowd,created the wildest excitement, as several parties knew Wittrock and attempted to follow after tnem. Wittroek made a full confession of the robbery, but it cannot be stated who are his accomplices. A large amount of money has been recovered, it having been concealed in a box under a bain near the house The detectives were taken to the spot last night by Wittrock and the box dug up. It was brought to this city by Cook and concealed by him and three other young men whoso naines are not kuown. The amount of money recovered is stated to be $22,000. Every party implicated in the robbery is a former resident of this place. Weaver, Cook, Wittrock and Haight were school boys together. As they grew up they became wild and reckless, and were classcd as rough charaeters. They were all here last suuimer, and it is believed the robbery was planned in Leavenworth.


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