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Aimed At Socialism

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The conten ts of a secret communication from Mr. Powdorly to a knight of labor has jubt been uiade public. Ia it he üays there ure men in New Yorli wlio vvould restore the old oatli and thus seek to antagonize the Catholics. Tbe curse of the knights has come from the promineuce oL the soc-ialisiic element, who plainly bint at the gutling gun and tbe niusket as the only remedies lor the workinguian's griovouces. "Many men who advocate the principies oí socialism," he savs, "convey the inircssion that the only weapons by which labor can hope to secure the desired reforma are the kmfo and bludgeon. may entertain sik-1i ideas as tney plea e, they may advocate ilicjn if they pl hut they should not seek, onder the cloak of the knights of labdr. to promúlgate such doctrines and make the onler responsiblfl for them. it is ïny flrm and honest belief that a-i vast as is this country, as broad and exclusive as is its territnry, thore is not room enough within it.s bound.s for the exercise of a single rifle. "I have no respect for the mnn or men who will flaniit that accursed red flap; and advo cate the uso of dirk and bullot !■ days in the year and who, on the day, deliberately walk up to the polls and vote for the continuance of tho system i they denounce. I am sorry thut the order ever found a foothold in New York, for no good has ever come from larga cities which are prolific ot" whisky and "crime." The letter concludes with thia emphatic hmiiiinge. "However, the knights of labor will live, their principies will spread und eventually triumph. Üah! on the crea tures who btand up as championü of labor in the j pre once of unthiuking men and advocate ; the knife aud bullet. Bah! on the men who flauut the red flng. They are too i vile to 1 1 Ut y tq uphold i the Amei-ican llag, sanotifled by the blood of patriots. They disgrace it every time they go to the polls and vote for monopoly and ursury. They are not to be trastea.


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