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The Women Suffragists Of This Country

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will hold their annual convention in Washington, D. C, Jan. 25-27. Oitizens of Ann Arbor and vicinity should be oareful how they invest their money In gsave yard insuranoe polioies. Thb Logan fund is inoreasing. Already f20,000 have been invested in goveinment bonds. Let the good work go on. _ E. V. CniLSON has bonght his partner's interest (C. F. Newkirk) in the South Lyon Picket, and wül continue to publish a brightand readable newspaper. Pbrhaps when the oity 1 asked to pay hundreds of dollars damages, oaused by detective sidewalks, theu the alJermen will fully realize what Thb Dbmoobat has been talkiug abnut. This city will be fairly lighted with silty-three eleotric lights. In the outskirts more light will be needed This will, of oourse, inorease the expense. With oue or two polioemen less there would be an ofifaet. The Lansing Journal wül shortly issue a daily publioation in oonneotion with their weekly. The new firm is Rowley & Stitt, and we bespeak a live democratie paper f rom suoh snterpnsing men. Succesa, gentlemen. In the death ot John A. Logan, a prominent republioan predicts that the second place on the republioan presidential tioket, in 1888, will be offered ExGov. Alger. It will read " Blaine and Alger." Well, perhaps it will. The oarrier boys' address, issued by the Detroit Evening Journal, is very unique. It is in pamphlet form, the oover oí embossed paper, with a Journal in minerature and a calendar for 1887 on one side, and on the otber a quotation f rom Dickens. The address is handBomely illustrated througkout, showing how eagerly the jouraal is watohed for by the young aua the old. We hope the news boys were generously remembered, as they certainly deserve to be. General Maater Workman Powderlv has written a letter to the Secretary of a Good Templar lodge in Brooklyn, in whioh be says: "I am pleasod to know that my humble efforts in bebalf of the sacred oauae of tiniperance meet with your approval. I have never said anything upon the subjeot that I did not mean. To the use of liquor may be asoribed nine-tenths of the ills that befall our working people, and while our working people are always held up those most likely to be injured by the of rum, it is only because, through poverty, their faults are more easily disoovered than those on the other side, who drink fully as muoh and are as much the sla ves of drink as are the working people, the only difference being ia thequality of the drinks. One has to oontent himsolt with flve-cent beer, the other with $15 champagne. The effect is the same, and the use of both should be a bolished if we hope to have strong men and women for the future." A man down town was presentad with a pair of twin boys yesteiday. He re marked that it was a warm day, but he didn't expect two sonstrokes. From the universal law of habit, little by little, day by day, act 1 y aot, thread by thread, ïmk by link, we mould tho character, we weave the woof, we forge the chains which bind our being, and, in forniiuff our habits, trom our character. The man who can learn, reasou, and xecute with equal facility possesses the elementa of aucce-s, even though his qualities be of but an inferior order; while one who has any of these f aculities abnormally developed at the expense of the others will alwaye be crippled by the absence of the essential features of a anocessful life. It ia now claimed that oelery is a sure cure tor rheumatism; indeed, it is asserted the disease ia impossible if the vegetable be cooked and Í reely eaieu. The faot that it is always put on the table raw, prevente lts therapeutic power from being known. The celery should be cut into bits, boiled until soft, and the water drank by the patiënt. Serve warm with pitees of toasted bread, and the painf ui ailment will soon 3 ield. Republicana are very much worried becauee McCullough, Arthur b secretar}of the treasury, endorses Becretary Manuiug's tarifl views. They will have constaut and multiplied worries about republicauB tavoring a reduotion of tariff taxation fiom now on till "protection" íb done away with and the people are freed (rom the terrible buiden under which they at present labor on accouut of both unnecetsary and unjust federal taxation. It íb to be hoped that the átate of Illinois will not do itself the discredit of electing cowardly Dick Oglesby lo suooeed the brave Logan in the United States Beuate. Otflesby is already workin to secure the seat, but it i harJly posBible that the republicana of tbat átate will jjermit him to capture it. He showed himself to be underserving of any great public trust in the labor riots last pring, when he made a record that ought to end nis public career. - Alarqatie Mining Journal. Paper bottles, says the Boston Journal of Commerce, were patented in America in 183. l heir sale was not extensivo at flrst, but now that European patenta have been secured, covering nearly all üelds of probable competition, the controllers of the patenta, we are infonued, intend to manufacture the bottle ie large quantities. In the item of freighl alone they will effect a saving of ouothud less weight than glass or stoneware, and are on the whole lesa hable to breakage. Paper being also an excellenl non-couductur, fluida stored in the airtight paper bottles will withstand a more intense degree of heat or oold than they could endure without injury in bottles of any other material.- Mechan ical News. The advance of the ladies is as niarvelous as ït is irresistible. Here is Miss Dolores Lleonart-y-Casanovas, M. D., wbo has just taken her dootor's degree at Barcelona. She began her university studies at the age of eight; when thirteen she became a B. A., and now, at the ripe age of nineteen, after coming out flrst in all her examinations, and takinf numerous prizes she is a fully qualiflei physician and surgeon. Fanoy a fetnal B. A. of thirteen discoursicg on hideoui diseases witii six-tyllable nemes, anc correctly diagnosing and prescribing fo her brothers and si-ters! But it is wha we have got to expect, and the fai öpaniard i to be cougratulated on be ing the lirst of her sex to how wha oau be done iu the way of rapid deve opinent. Miss Dolores, eto., niay be fairly addressed, hke her namesake suug of by Mr. Svvinburne, as "wise ainong nomen and wisest, our Lady of Pain." -


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