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Some months ago there rrived in this city a very slick young man. He announced tluit be was agent for one of the best insuranee oompames in Michigan, and commenced vrork. His sucoess wrs phenomenal, beoause he took pohcies on old people, nothwithstanding tbeir ages ranged f rom 75 to 100 years. This geni goes to a person and says, " Cannot 'on think of some one who owes you? íever mind his age, the older the better; ake out a polioy on this person 's life; he will die soon and you will realize hnndsomely on the investmeut." A large number of policies are held in na city and viciniry. It is a burmng isgraoe that a compnny should be tolrated in the great state of Michigan to arry on such a ntfarions business. Perïaps the commissioner of insurance will ;ake a hand and deprive suoh a corporanon of their charter. Some aution ertamly should be taken, and at once. )own with grave-yard insurance. In 'ennsylvania they were driven from the ;ate, and in Michigan they ought to go. There are old men walking about the ;reets to-day who have had polioies ssued on their lives. We have a large mount of information bearing on this ubject. The Dbmoorat knows what it s talking about, and in a future issue omething interesting as to grave-yard nsurance agent and oompames will ppear.


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