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W. J. Soanlan, Jan. 13. Beautiful gl ighing for New Year's. A. J. Sa wyer was in Lansing Tuesd iy. The peanut standn have been removed. The legislatura convened VVednesday . 1 Parnell, the Irish agitator, is seriously ' UI. Jas. Cary was taken to Pontiac, Mon ' day. I The toboggan slide is doing a roshing business. Tbe Hobart guild hall is faat nearing ■ oompletion. ; Mrs. Orant Jenkins is visiting friends in Jaokson. Judge Joelyn is holding oourt in Mon ' roe tais week. ( The Michigan furniture oompany era ploy 50 hands. I Chas. Edwards has been appointed a '. dsputy sheriff. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Alaby spent ■ day in Hastings. The circuit oonrt jurón are to be in attendanoe Jan. 11. The Üremen's dance, Friday evening, j was an enjoyable afiair. Miss Minnie Kemp! spent last week ■wit ü f rienda in Chelsea. M . J. Seerv will continue to offleiate as register Koi rus' depaty. There will be a meeting of the school board next Tuesday evening. Dan Haley ot Detroit, visited his Ann i Arbor home New Xear's day. i Jno. O'Kane, it is naid. is abont to ' marry a wealttiy Detroit girl. Oirouit court commissioner Nolan has returued to his Lausiug home. Miss Suaie Clark spent the holiday va cat ion with (hends in Detroit. Wm. B Gildart and Ed. Stockbridge, sen., are visimg triends the city. Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Kobison risited f rieuds in Manchester, last week. As n Mr. David Henniug's costom he made New Yaar's calis in our city. A state teachers' assooiation was organized in Jaokuon, last Thursday. Dr. Aluclean of Detroit has purohased George A. Oilbert's pai;er, for $400. Miss Alioe Lovejoy spent the holiday vacation with her parents in Detroit. Dr Fiynn of Weet Branoh, spent New Tear's with his p.irents in Fiiststreet. Michigan's representativos have forty positons to give their numerons friends. T. J. Edwards of Dowagiao, spent New Year's with his brother, O. A. Edwards. Dr. Muir of Grand Rapids, spent New Year's with his father-m-law, Hiram Kit tredge. E. S. Crawford ot the Saginaw Telegram, spent Sunday with his father in this city. Judge O. B. Grant of Marquette, is the latest mentioned as a possible senatorial candidato. Bol. Armstrong of the flfth ward telli of a togoegan slide in New York nine miles long. Mr. and Mrs. Walt Pack of Ypsilanti, spent New Year's with Walter's parents in tb is city. Tim Ryan of Jaokson, came down the firet of the week to see his many Ann Arbor friends. Bev. Dr. E irp addressed the temperance, Suuday af cernoon at 8 o'olock, in Cropsey's hall. Qustave Brehm of this oity has been appointed deputy oounty treasurer by treasuer Belser. A large oil painting of Ex-Oov. Aler, adorna the walls of the exeuutive parlor in Lansing. Sunday morning at 7 o'olook the thermometer 10 degrees below zero; the ooldest day of the year. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Gore of Belding, Mioh., have been visiting Ann Arbor friends the last few days. Wm. H. Burke of Angola, spending a few days with his parents, Mr aud Mrs. Wm . Burke. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Darrow ot Minneapolis, are viniting Mrs D.'s parents, Mr. and Mrs Harvey üornwell. Mrs. George Sheley of Detroit, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Philip Buen, has returned to Detroit. The superintendente of the poor met Friday and settled their business for the year with county treasurer Belser. A uaitnr general Stevens was presented, on Christmas dav, by the olerks in his department, wi h a handsome album, whicli oontained cabinet photoa ot all the olerka. J. O Watt visitad his fainily this week. Jno. Huddy has refused $250 for his Irwin oolt, ■ has. Richards roturned f rem Ohicugo Sunday nirht A young son of Geo. Healey f roze his feet MoDday night John FuIIerton has removed his fami !y from Ypsilauti to tliin oity. The onüuance relativo to hackney ooaoues, has passed the oouucil There will be a special ineeting ot the oouncil, probably Monday evening. Allmendinger & Soliueider shipped a oar-load of tlour tu Virginia, Monday. Justin MoOarthy will leoture before the 8. L. A., Jan. 28, m university hall. J. Kobisnn will oontinue to aol as deputy county olork nnder Mr. Howlett. Jno. J. Walker will attend the pet stook exhibition at Grand Bapids Jan. 21-23. The old Armory hall is rapidly beine transforme mto six beautiful saites of of rooms. Wm. R Hawkins of Paw Paw, was the guest of O. M. Martin, the last of the week. Oeo. Dalton maken his annual visit to the oity. He has been in the oity several days. Jas. M. Kress of Bndgewater has been eleoted permanent president of the board of supervisors. Meeting of the pomologioal society tomorrow. It promisea to be a very ínterettiag gathering. Ooroner Oiarke is now ready to sit on all defunct bodies that may require his official attention. Jno. F. Lawrenoe has a valuable ímportcd buil pnrp, six tnonths old. He values hiui at 9i5D. Died, in this city, Saturday Deo. 31, at the age of 48 years, Chas. Ë. Everest of dropsy of the heart. The new advertisement of the Arlington house, formerly Goodrich, wil] be found in to-day's paper. Freddie W., youuest son of Walter and Eva Bell, tirat ward, died Friday last, of pneumonía, aged 14 months. Mra. Caroline Gwinner, a sister of G. F. Gwiuuer, died suddeuly on the Sist uit, of heart disease, aged 55 yearx. Caroline J., wife of A loert Close of Whitmore Lake, died last Friday, of gen eral debihty, at the age of 56 years. Fifty oar-loads of ioe are shipped eve ry day from Ann Arbor aloqg the line of the Miohigan Central and its brunches. Jndge Cooley, as receiver of the Wa bash road, bas mude a namber of important appointments in -he last few days . Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Echard and Mrs. Koch, all of Detroit, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Murhlig, New Year's day. Airs. Fannie Duncan, who bas been yisiting her mother, Mrs. Devaney, re turued to her home in LaSalle, 111., this week. We are indebted to O.RL Crozier for a copy of The Reasoa, a jouraat of prohibition. The paper oontains many good things. Two larcre, undreased wild turkeys, one weii;hing29 pouuds, were hanging for sale in front o( Caspar Binsey's store on New Year's day. The sum of $15J will be retained from the water compaoy's bill for the last quarter, beoause they have not flxed the streets as was agreed. Aids. Martin, Keating and Bobison will iuvestigate as to whether any policemeu have been intoxioated daring the past month or two. A ohap at Battle Creek was oonrersing with a oniversity student, the other day, and remarked that he believed the university was looated at Jaokson . John Cl. Henne, an old residenter, and father in-law of Jno. Goetz, jr., died Friday last, of inflammation of the luDgs, in the 5Sth year of ni? age. Hon. J. D. Corey of Manchester, some years ago an honored senator from Washteuaw, has been in the oity several days on business in the probate office. Chief Sipley drew orders on the contingent f and for December, of $251.03: First ward, $21 8; second, $20.92; third, (40.64; fourth, $84.43; tifth, $60.91; sixtb, $16.25. The anance ommittee of the oounoil, preseuted bilis for the month of December araountintf to $3,494.76, wbioh were ülo wed, and warran ts ordered drown for the amuunt. The Unity olab of the Unitarian ohuroh, wiil resume their literary entertainment uezt Mouday evening. Mrs. Burt wiil read a paper on Ehzabeth Bar rett Browning. Swathel, Kyer & Peterson are running their mili to ita fullest oapacity. They ship their floar as far as North Carolina, and have a great sale for it in other soutbern states. This benig the week of prayer, union services have been held ïu tlie various ohurches daily. l'his afte mum at 3 o'clock there wiil be a unión meeting in the Liisoopal charoh. Miss Oelia Burke, daughter of Wm. Burke, is teaching ■ hooi in Jacksou. The same day that she acoepted position she was otfered an inorease f salary of $100 to go to Muskgon. The eighth annual meeting of the funeral directora' ass oiatioa of this state wiil be held at Firemen's hall, this city, Jau. 19 -20. O. M. Martin is a member of the reception comtnittee. C. E. Mitohell, formerly of Anu Arbor, now of Ludington, has the contract for furnisbiug the timber for the constmotion of the ooffer dam neodssary to the building of the new look at tne Sault. The Forest HUI oemetery oompany. Tuesday, eleoted Wm Wagner, W. vV. Wines and E. Mann trustees for the next three year Next Thursday a board of dir cturs wiil be eleoted tor the ensuing year. Matthew Olarken for manv years a resident of this city, died Monday at tbe ae o' 75 ears. He bad livej in the third ward for 41 years. The deceased was an unole of George and Thomas Clarken. W. C. Jolly has a fine imported setter dog. Dr. Jenkins has a dog on wuioh he would wager his last cent. He was raised in the village of Milán. Competen t judges say that Jolly 's dog is the finest bred. Mrs. Gilbert, who was injnred by falling through a detective sidewalk, would hke $500 in damages trom the oity. Her attorney, N. vV. Cheever, says she wiil take nothing less. The case wiil undoubtodly be fought out in the oourts. One of the whitest republioan otñcials in the oaiutol building is Wm. Stagg, deputy state treasurer, and we are mighty glad to hear that tttate treasurer Maltz han arked him to remam in tne offloe. - Lansing Journal. Wiil is Bn old Ann Arbor boy. Congreesmen Kelley's statement of the immense present and prospectivo riohes of tne mineral regions iu the south wiil interest many Miohigan men, as it is re ported that a good deal of Miohigan capital and enterpise has gone there, and more wiil doubtless fellow W. J. Scanlan wiil sing new songs in 'Suane-na-Lawn." Wbile in Irelaud he went tem gathering with a pretty peasant girl uamed Mary. The outcome is "Gdthering the Myrtle with Mary." Other songs ar, "ïou and I, Love," and "Why Paddy is Always Poor."- New York World. Howell Democrat: Mr. J. L Reed, o Port Huron, Chief Engineer of tbe Pt H. Sc N. VV. R R., au aoknowledged ex pert iu bis profes-ion, carne oi Tuesdav at tbe request of State Rail roa Comm sfioner McPherson to run linei and determine grades at the croBsing o the D., L. & N. and the T., A. A & tí. M. railroads. His report wiil forra tbe basis for an djustment bv the State Board o' the dilferenoes ansing trom tbe great [ rilrod war. John J. Robison was in Adrián yesterday. The ice on CornwelTs dam is 15 inohes thick. Geo. Wahr will oontinue in the book business. Mrs. J. Muir returned to Grand Rapida, Monday. Miss R. E. MoCaughna is teacbing a olass in short hand. A new paper staned in New York oity is called the üatholio News. Oounty elerk Howitt will move bis family to this city in the spring W. A Chamberlain visited bis daugk ter in Flat Rook, New Year's day. The Courier appeared Wednesday with a new head. It is a great head. The professional oard of Dr. Jas. O. Wood will be found in to days paper. The case of Aid. Swift against polioem-n Anuden, was witndrawn yesterday. Get ready for the Oity band's masquerade, nest Monday night, at Beethoven hall. The Michigan (urniture oompany deolared a dividend Wednesday of 7 per oent. Eight arresta were made in this oity by tlie pólice, during the montb of Deoember. Mary Keating of Ypsilanti, has oommenced proceedings for a divoroe againnt Win. Keating. Mrs. Taylor will address the temperanoe meeting, Bunday afternoon, in Oropsey's hall. The sink hole, on the T., A A. & N M. railroad, near Whitmoro Lake, has been setihng again. Fifty dollars was the amoont the A. il. E. ohnroh realized from Rev. Dr. ïamsey's leotnre. Supervisor Butts says that a vígilance oommittee should be organizad at ouoe o deal with trampa. Mrs. B. F. Watte went to Holly, 'hursday, to attend the funeral of a reltive, Dr. T. J. Jackson. A youug son of prosecuting attorney íorris, near I y bad bis leg broken on ie tobo .gan elide the la-t of the week. We want a little more ligut and leas olicemen. Tuis seems to be the ory of uose who live iu the outskirts of the yNo city in Miohigan lives up to the aw regarding the olosing of t aioons on egal liolidays and Sundays, better than .uu Arbor. J. B Arma, jr., presen ted the pioneer ooiety a pair of cart wheels manufuoured in the east and brought to Washenaw oounty in 1830What Ann Are or needs is more manaaotaring enterprises. uive us more uruiture factories; yes, industries that eud to build up the place. New Year's day one of H. Kittridge's orses broke through the ioo on the ri ver. 'he water was some twelve feet deep, nd it took half an hour to get the amina I out. Jake Pol he raus' ooun ten anee was reathed in smiles when he sec ured tinontraot to carry the bagggge for Seaulau. 'his is the seooud show troupe he has carried this winter. It is said that studente are picking up ogs and disuecting t hem. A geutleman n North Main street will iiave someïiug to say aoout them in an artiole in ext week's paper. O t singo Lodge, I. O. O. F , elected the ollowing oltioers last we k: N. G, R. A. Lutz; V. G., Geo. Klambach; Seo., eorge Alezander; P. S., E. 8. Manly; 're .is., Wm. J. Miller. Paul G. Uinka had a horse injured by rossing over the M. U. K. K. bridge reently, and asks damages from the coun il amounting to the sum of $61. Reerred to the city attorney. Tuursday afternoon a passenger enine ou the T. & A. raa off the track in ie gravel pit, jast south of Howell. 'üe eugiue was slightly damaged, and ie engineer and flreman a little bruised. Last Tursday night some misoreant set re to a barrel filled with straw, ia the jar of Wines & Worden's store. Thos. kuner digoovereJ it ju-t in time to pre eat what might have been a serious oonflagrttion. The railroad hatohet is beinjj buried at lis poiut bet ween the ü. jj. & N. and T. ; A. A. oompanies. The transfer of the atter to the formar for a few weeks past ïas been nearly as great as in any period f its existanoe. - [So. Lyon Exoelsior. At a meeting of the superintendente f the poor, Tuesduy, VVm. Apnll was lected president and D. B. Qreene seo etary. Mr. McDowell was elected leeper and Mrs MoUowell matron, of he oounty house. Thursday night the outhouse in the ear of the Lutheran ohuroh, and in lose proximity to Qranger's barn, was set on Üre. When discovered the iiames were making lively headway. D. F. Allmendinger, and Mr. ttouthard suoeeded in putting out the tire. The Ann Arbor tja ving. bank will landle the money of the oouiity for the omití year, thuir bid being 5 05 pt-r oent. and over drafts to be oliartred up against tbe county at the same rate. he bank will give bonds in the some of 15U.UÜJ. The bid of the Farmers' and Mechamos' bank was 43 per oent. In another column will be found the 'epurt of the condition of the Ana Ar or HaviugH bank. Tuis bunk is one ot' he oldest institutiuns in the city, and is loing au immense business, l'he dejosits are f 50,o0u larger than a year ago it this time. The bank shows a larger surplus than any savings bank m Michigan. NewYear's day Dr. Jeukins started out o make calis. Everythiug weut along smoothly until he struon Htute street. when tüs horee broke loose from the outter. It was thought, for a lew momeuts, that Alartia Clark, ooroner, would e obliged to hold au inquest oa ooroner Jenkina, but he revived and U ark lost be job. The outter was repaired at VVurnter & Kei ng shop. Ou the afteruoon of Jauuary 3, wbile deüvering oo il tor Miss Morse, one of b'jitnk HuKan's burees broke througb a oisteru covered witu inch boards. Air. J. Fogerty, who is aiways present in immergeucies of tbis kind, w. ut to tbe rescue. aud eueceeded in extnoatiug tbe animal. i'his should be a warmng to kil wbo have poorly oovered oisterns to lave tbe defect remedied. Nezt Sunday morning Rev. M. Sunderlaud will begin a series of sermona on "Practical Obristianity, or Important Pbilantbropies and Reforma, " to be given on alternata Uundaye, and to inolude suob t pies as 'Crime; lts Causee and Prevention," "Pot rty; its Causes and Prevention," Child - Sa ving Work," " Prevention of Crueley to Dumb Animáis and Cbildren,'1 " Botter Homes for tbe Poor,'' etc Iu tbe evening be will speak on "Tbe Infallibility of tbe Bible." W J. Soanlan is in tbe second week of hi-j very su oessf ui engagement at Pi le's New Theatre, where be bas attracted orowded bouses at every performance sinoe tbe opening nigbt. and tbese bave ijeen largely made ap of the best olass of tbeatre goers, wbo bave applauded with great vigor tbe olever aoting of tbis bandsome young comedian. Mr. Scaulan's new songa bave become very popular an i are enoored again. His engagement promiaea to continue for maoy weeks to profitable business. - Jewisb Messenger. The wonderful popularity attained by Hood's Calendar last year, will be repeated by Hood's Household Calendar A Imán 10 for 1887, jast publiahed. A happier combination of calendar and almanao, of beauty and utihty, of art aDd advertwiug, has seldoin been produced. The lovely chilü's head lithographed in many delicate colore, will be welcome anywhere, while the pad is a wonder of oondenseJ, unefu! information. Copies may be obtamed of the drugiste, or by sendintt siz oeuts in stampa for one oopy, or ten oents for two. to 0. L Hood k üo., Lowell, Mas. Sixty or more gentlemen availed themgrlves of the time houored custom and calied upon the ladiee on New Year's day. D. F Allmendinger's organ faotory was damaed by tire, Fridny nigut, to the amount of $800. Loss covered by inauranoe. Jas. Linden's new house in Fredom, was destroyed by fire Sonday morning. Loss $1,500. A portion of the contenta were sa ved. Jno. Keek will go to Grand Rápida to lire. A friend of hia will open a store and furnish him furniture to Bell on , commisaion. C. S. Qregory of Dexter, purohasad in this city, for New Year'u presenta for bis three grand-ouildren, handaome walnut bedroom sets. Jno. O'Kief was made happy New Year's day by a pn-sent of a box of cigars, from hia son-in-law reáding in Leatlviile, Col. Trams on the Michigan Central were several hours late, Satarday and Sunday, i ou accuut of the great snow storm in the western part of the state. ' Duean MuMillan, whu is traveling for I a Chicago house, seiliug mouldings, left ' the oity Tnesilay, expeoting to be absent from three to tour months. Ex-regent Walker and wife of StJouna, attended the funeral of Mr. ChasChapín, last Fnday ai ternoon. Mis. Wwaa a sister of Mr. Chapín. David Ring had the oonoraot for ' ing the old building reeen tiy purohased by Jno Pflsterer. It was taken to west i Uuron street, near the fouudry. Gov. Luces idea of making all the State appointed oiSqers who are to d j business in the Capital reside in ' sing during their several terras of office, is a popular one. Since the opening night the house has been orowded to th doorn at every performance bv the friends and admirers of Mr. W. J. Scanlan, the handsome yonng comedian and vocalist, who is appvaring , in his picturesque Iiish drama, " Shane na-Lawn," and is winning new honors l nightly . The new songs have oaught the popular taste and are already bemg sung in hundreds of private houses and whistled on the streets. Mr. Scanlan is : giving an inteiesting impersonation of tiuane, the aeroic Insh lad, again and again for nis aehgntful singing. He has ■ the asaistaiioe of an excellent oompany, . and the scenery and oostumes are i ally handsome. Fooie's new tbeatre is an uudoubted success; W. J. Scanlan has made a hit, and from present . pects his engagement will last for many weeks. - New York Evening News. Mr. J. Goodwin Pnoe, of Toledo, ( ed the K. X. Commandery Tuesday even ing, and gave an in i itation to attend the reception to the Grand Commai dery of Ohio tendered by the 'i'oladu Knights on , tüe titü inst. ihe Templar work will be exemphüed in the afternonn and tho reception in the evening will be enlivened by a drill of the Toledo Ureys, one of the crack oompanies ol the Btate. The proceeds are to go towards clearing off a mortgage of $4,700 on the home uf Geu. t. ü. Slevin, who for years has been doinga graud work among the poor children and the friendless of Toledo in way of preaching and industrial home work. The mortgage is held b Mr. J. Austin tícott oí t .is city, who generously offers to throw off $1,500 if it is paid now. The General had calculated to meet the mortgage at hio death by his life insurance, but the compauy recently fmled and left bim with a ioor prospect ahend, but the Kuights htaring of tue distress of tüia noble worker come to his relief, and adopt this plan of aecuring enuugh to clear it off. The i oledo road offers a rute of one dollar for the rouijd trip, and quite a aumber


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