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Experiments In Communism

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Kr.jüi the ■ ma 1. A Cincinnati anarchist has been intervii'wcd by one oí the uewspapers of that city. In answer to tbe inquiry, "whal do the anarchists want?" this exponent of the doctrine says they want all kinds of monopolies, corporatione aiïd private jprogerby annihjlati'ii. .o man should own anythíñg in fee simple. T!io Presidènti'al, judicial and a!l legislativa offices should be abo!ish(l. !1 adds: When the anarchists come into power estimares will be made upon tho amount oí uoods it, wil) tfike to furnish i ?-y, and the labor will be divided aocordingly. Porinstance, tímate will be made as to how many .-hoes it will tnke to supply tho demand of all the people in the nation. and then all the Hnoemakers will, be put to work to make that many and no more. Tin-re will be no overpi'odnction, and is wohavo calculated it (he laboj'ing class will then only be obiigeü to toil two hovrra and a half per day to supply tha pation its wanis. There will be no sjj and profit, each tiadc will work ÍCf the other and exchange eq ivalents. The pantsinakcr will make pants for the shoemaker, and tlie shoemaker will pay for them with shoes.andeoon through all the trades. We want-this competitive busine; 9 systeto done away with. This man stitus Üiat there are at least L,000 anarchists in Cincinnati, and that 1 hey are anxious for a civil war to break out to furnish them an opportunity ot' fighting for their prin5. 15ur th.i-e is a much ensier and botter way thao that. W'hy don't these 1,000 half-brained people sell what they have, throw the proceeds mto a common fund, organiza a colony, go out into the unoccupied land of the ííL-fiit west, and proceed to found a conimunity on the principies which (hey advocate? Here is asimple, feasib!e, pracl Lcable method of testing the valueof their theories, without bloodshed, disturbance or trouble of any kind. There have not been waflting experiments inl line of social communism. Kouert Owen founded Buch a coinmunity al. New llarmony, Ind., where ho boiiiht 10,000 acres of land and dwellings for 1,000 people at his own expense. But in four years he waa convinced of the impracticabihty of the undertaking, and went back to Ene! and a poorel but a wiser man. The famous Brook Farm experiment at Roxbuiy, Mass., is familiar. It contained such splendidmenasGeorge Riplèy and Nathanial Hawthorne, and the lirilliant Margaret Füller lived there for aWhile. The dreani was of simple living, liht manual labor and hiyh moral, spiritual and intellectual enjoynient. But the Brook Farm people soon aot tired of it. In" The Blithedale Romance" Hawthorne giveá a fascinating jiicture of the idyllic but not sinless life ot' that remarkable commnnity, which failed to satisly him, is it failed to satisfy all the rest ot its menibers. The Brook Farmors were sociu back into the world again - the old, imperfect, unjust, sinful world, which, with all its drawbacks, they found more endurable than the ideal pei'fiíction of the conimunity. Let the anarchists, socialists and Communiste try some such experiment on their own adormí and prove its practicability before they plot to blow un organized society with powder anti dynamite: they will doubtless be strung up without sympatfey or.mercy, ,as they deserve tobe.


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