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The Raihvay World lias some practical iniormation about the most desirable seats in a car. It says, "A very common theme of conversation araong travellers is the question ol whether ornot a car rides easier in the middle than above the trucks. One of our railroad contemporánea some time ago published an article on the subject, and took the ground that there couTd be no difference, unless the sill.s and training of a car yielded, like the buckboard of a wagon. "There is certainly no yielding to car silla and Iraming, yet every old traveler avoids the seats, and especially the sleeping-berths, above the trucks, and old travelers generally know what they ai-e doin;. "If the party who insisted that there could be no difference in the motion in different parts of the same car had ever crossed the stormy ocean in a moderately long steamer, he might have received some enlightenment, especially it seasickness urged him to lii)d the point of least motion. "It is well known that there is Iess motion amidshipa than there is at the stem or stern, and Iess motion at the bottom of the vessel than there is on deck. A car acts in a similar way. Auything defectivo about the track ierks the wheels, whicli transmit tho irregular motion tor the truck, a"nd that in turn tothebodyof thecoach."


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