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UNEXPECTED. A MOTHEB SAVEB FKOM AN TJNTIMELY DEATH. Tears of Sorrow Turned to Sniilcs of Bejoi .1:1 er. RocnESTER, Aug. 31, 1886. Pabdre Medicine Gentlemen: I am now seventy tliree years old, and until I was m -v.'iny I was always Btrong and ing i have eudured since that time, I feel tú bti sufnciènt tor a life time. I bad u severo of sciatic rheumatisin, which completèly prostrated me; my limba and feet, imd in fact my whole body was so drawn nut of hape that it was impossfbla to move without assistance. I wasunableto straighten my llmba orto stop on m for more than a year and my Life vras dispaired of. Children and frieuds were called Ld toses medie. Iwastfeated by three goqd physicians, and they and my (rienda did all tliey could to relieve ni y sull'crinpr- but wifh no avail. My hips ware blistored, and my limbs rubbed, ■ I and bandagod, but nothing tboy could do afforded me even temporary relief. Tonguo cannoi describe my suffering. I urged thein to let me t ry Dr. Fardee's Remedy, as I had read so miich about it, and of those who bad been cured by its use, that it gave me confidenco in it, although 1 confess 1 had little or no faith in so-called patent medicines. The remedy was procured, and 1 commenced usingit as directed, and after taking it a short timo eould bat it was helping me. I began to perspire freely, and as the porspiration ined the pain decreased, but mv elothing and bedding was a sight to befiold, bein{ nearly "as yellow as safTron." I had taken tho remedy but a short time, when I could sleep liko a child, and relish my food liko oue. ïhank God it has cured me, and I am to-day as healthy and strong as before, and can walk and liave as free use of my limbs as over. 1 have recommended your Remedv to very many who were alllicted, and I do not know of a case it has not cured. I am cqnfident that it will cure young peoplc, if it will cnre at my age. Yon areatliberty to use my name, if it will be the means of indueing any poor suil'urcr to uso your oxcollent Kemedy. I am verv gratofully j'ours, MUS. JANE A. FLACK, 300 Jefferson Avenue, Rochester, ÍS. Y. The sale of Dr. Pardee's Remedy for the past three months in Western tew York has exceeded that of any remedy known. By cures wuolly imprecedented in the history of medicines it has proven its right to the title of "The Greatesl Blood Purifler" ever offered to the afflicted. We challenge any medicine to show an appreciation at home, or wherever used, liko that which has been poured upon Dr. Pardee's Remedy. The permanent cures it has affi have made for it a reputation that no other remedy has beeu able to attain. Send for pamphlet. PARDEE MEDICINE CO., Rochester, N. Y. A chap down in Illinois has bought up all tho good siics in the country for grave yards and is holding them for a bij; rise. After the old ones get i'ull the people have got to come to his terms or quit dying. How To Save Money. Wherever you live, you should write Halle tt & Co,, Portland, Maine, andlearn about work that you can do while living at your own home at a ]rofit of at least from f 5 to (25 and upwards daily. Bome have made over $51) in a day. All is new. Eitheraei. All ages. Hallett & Co., will start you. Capital not needed. All par tioulars free. Send along your address al once and all of the above will be pro vod to you. Nothing like it ever known to workingmen. Now doth the old folks hug tbe fire. Their shiyering to smother, Wliile safe within the parlor snupr, The young folks hug each other. 11 is!ii ,;;! 111 f 'rittC. The original color may be restored to gray hair by using Sall's Hair Renewer. Important in sudden colds, Ayer's Cher ry Pectoral is equally eiïective in lung troubles. Boy- I'm glad we don't live in California. Pa -Why so, TommyP" Boy- Iiumph! 1 road in a paper that in California grapes were selliug for a cent a poiind. Can 't be much fun Btealing rapes in that sort of a place - Texas Si tings No Opium in Piso's Cure for Consumptlon. Cures where other remedies fail. 250. Sign in a New York resort: "No excuse if found with another man's hat." Tur. TnuoAT. - "Brown'ls Bronehiai Trocha" act directly on the organs of the voice. They have an extruordiuary effect in the disorders of the throat. Price 25 cents. A svvcll affair nexl morning's head. Young or middle-aged men sufïering from nervous debility, lo.-s of m.' . prematiu'e old age, as tho result of liad habits. should send 10 rents in t mpa l"i' large itlu trated treatlse. Address, Viii;iii's]v-]:':s,ii:i Medii m. Associatiox, 668 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. The lap of luxury -■ the cat's interview with her mi Ik. 'I would not live alway." No; not if disease is to make my life a daily burden. But it need not, good friend, and will not if you will be wise in time. Uow many ol our Lpvéd ones are mpuldering in the dust who might have been Bpared tor years. The slignt cough was unheeded. the many symptoms of diseaso that lurked n wero slihted anddeath came. Dr. Pierce'B "Golden Medical Discovery" cannot recall thedead though it has snatched numberu from the verge of the grave, and will cure conumption in its earlier stages. A green grocer - one who doe3 not sand his sugar. Don't Hawk, Ipit, Couerh, ■ suffer dizziness, indigestión, inflammation of the oyes heudache, lassitude, inability to perform mental work anl indisp'osition for bodily labor, and annoy and disgust your frii -üdsaiid acqnalntances with your nasal twang and offensive breath and constant ettorta to olean f our noso and throat, when Dr. Sage's "Catarrh Remwill promptlj relieve you ot discomfort aud suffering, aud your friends of the disgustlng and needless raflictions of your loatbesomi' cümni-i1:" A pillow .sham - the sleeping car pillo w. No one knows betterthan those who have used ('arter's Ijittle Liver Pilla wbat relief they havo given when taken for dyspepsia, dizisiness, pain in the side, couBtipation, disordered stomach, &c. Try them. "What time did Jo' n go away last might, Mary Ann?" "lt.was a Ljuarter of twt.'lve, father." Tliree, she said to herself, are a qnarter of twelve. - Harper'a Bazar. Do Not Forgct that Carter' s Little Ijvt-.u ï'n.i.scurn siuk heftdache, olten in tw ( : lts Dei Smilli had been talkiag to Birdip Mc'ümmís aliout a eert ai n "Hunttph! 1 eiuild play the lover ter than that myaelf," he ren a ked. "I'd lik ■ i" see you try it." ?a: 1 Birdie Texas Siftings. Tho Aclcnow?eije-1 Care for 8iok 11. K I.IVKU PlLLS ene ptll. Landlady (exaruining a ngfüve boanler's trunk) Why. Bridget, his tronie is fnll of bricks! How could they get therèT" "Shure; ma'ani he bröüghl onchome in liis hat ivery night."' - Life. Irs. MeFiuld Och, Pat! and what are m doing in thal tub of waterP Mr. Faith and didn't the docto sav Oi siioiilil tako a spoonful in water t'ree times o driw 0 feDOW me business. - The Ju 'go. "Say, Mister, I get in for half price, don't "I?" "What for? You' re a íull grown man, are you not?" ' Yes; but I've only got one eve " - The Rambler. Teacher - How would you decline to drink?" Willie - C'an't be done. Teacher (in surprise) - Can't be done? No; I asked papá how he'd decline aiui he said he could' n do it - huM accept,- The Rambler. Mrs. Mulvaney - Arrah, Jamesy, phuy do yea put two thermoneyture l'orninst the shtore? Shaunessy - He gobs, Missus Mulvaney, wan :iv theiu is to tel! liow hot it Is, an' the other is to teil how cowld itis. - The Rambler. Wife (returning fcom matinee) -Oh, it was too lovely! She had on a palo nild green silk, with pásaetnenterie down the front, and the grandest diaLmonda yon ever s: w. and when she : dieil, in the last ac.l, she. rolled over Ifoni timos, and eVery woman in the house as crv'mg. IneveT enjoycd a play so nwch in toy life!" - Pu k. TIn füinily of Hon. W. B. Hoke, Judge of the Jefferson üounty, Ky., ('ourt, used St. Jacobs Oil with siñ.'il success. Two ministers of Jackson Co., Ga., are suing a cït zen Lofr $20,00 I damages for saying tliat they rot drank and ïay on a haystack all nlght. Thèy don t proposo to "turn the other cheuk ' until they liave had smim cash to lical the bllster. Mr. F. Rentschler, Ban Francisco, Cal., contracted .■ sm-ere cold, and liecame so hoarso he rould not spealf. He tried a Qumber of remedies witnout benefit, and even the eiTorts of two physieians failed to Rivc slihtest relief. He was iuduc .1 to trv Red St;r Congh Cure, one bottle of wüicb entirely cured him. "Charley, I wonder what would be a oice present to give pa for Chris tmasP" asked Clara. "Give him a pair of padded slippers," snggested !harley,gloomily. - Philadelphia North American. Pm:v est crookod boots nna blislered hels bj weurinjï Lyon's Patent Heel Btiffènero. Alpbonse Daudet says tliat Mark Twain's humor does not amuse hiiu. A Miraouloaa Escape from the Grave. I have been In pooi' bealtb with a dis! stomach and livur, causing a can kiM-! niouth continually for ten years. 1 bept about my house until a year ago last June. For three years prior to tliat time I lirul :i Bevere pain in the región of my beart, at times seeming past eñdurance. It afTected my shoulder, tooit all strength trom niv aria; eould get n relief only by poulticing. Mystomacb lieinjc so diseased, my food caused megreat distross. My age olo seetaed to ba in the ivav of my reoovery, and nottbe least of my sielcness. temployed the very best medical assistI could get while in Caro, tliis state, but little enconragement could I get. Was moved to Vassar Oct. 1, 1886, on a bed, (.■ving me every ten minutes a teaspoonful of brandv and ice witli only a teaapoonful of nourishment at a time. I cotumenced bloating soon after arriving here, every appearance of dropsy. We qfúled our Caro physician to come here, and lie said my condition was worse than whon in Caro. On the 27th day of May last we called a council of doctors from Vassar, "three in number." All of tht-m pronounced my case incurable. I had with the rest inflammation of the bowels, and 1 lay almost lifeless, and one of the leading physicians said if I could be reetored to a sane mind again it would be all my busband mtght expect, and anything tliat would Boothe me was all that could be done. My husband got me some medicine at Johnson &: Williamson's, drufgiatís at Vassar, and commenced giving ie to me. and in three weeks' time they began to put me in au easy chair, "for a short time each day," at which time I had no use of my lower limbs and my back was numli: it was a little more than two nionths Ixsfore I could walk without crutches. i am now a well woman, have walkedone and a half miles within a montb, can eat all kinds of food and enjoy it. have gained from 82 pounds, since last May, to 110 now. could say more of sickness, putdelicacy preyents. I want to say to my friends that Hibbard's Kheumatic Syrnp and Piasters are the medicines that run d me, I used four piasters with tho first five bottles; have used ten bottles in all uiid am well. If any ono who reads this has any doubt as to the authenticity of my statement, it will afford me pleasnre to refer them to my neighbors all about here, as they are all astonished at my recovery. Itis a great family remedy. Very truly, Mus. Chestbb Gaob. Vassatí. Mich.. Oot. 11. 1886. This is to certify that 1 have known Mrs. Gage since sho came tj Vassar, and know the facts set forthin her statement above to bo true. Very truly. OSO. IC. U'll.l.IAMSUN, Of the firm of Johnson & Williamson, druggists, Vassar, Mich. J. K. Delbridge, Condnctor on the Chicago & West Michigan Bailroad, Eecomes Heir to a Lartje Fortune. I have suffered more than language can expresa with sciatic rheumatism for twel ve yeara, and have expended hundreds of dollars for medicines. I have liever found anything that has done me as much good as Hibbard's Rtíenmatic Syrnp and piasters. They are truly a rheuniatic specific, and I take great pleasnre in recommending them to my friends. Yours truly. J. K. l)ri.BKiii;i:. :;:! Pleasant street, Graud Rapids, Mich. ' áSnRoh EiTONIC 3t -M WillpurKy !hü DLCOO recúlate MM tho LIVER and r.nd 1 KERTOnt: IIieHEALIHniitiVlQ. BHBk ORof TCUTH pyspiisia,Want Eq Wk of Appetito, Indigestión, I-iick of ; 3. Stroiritü (Dad 1 ired t'eeüng ubjT. Hhl solutely cured: }Jonf;s. mns% ■ jflk cíes ond reirás recive new forcé. Enlivens the mind lil and suppHca Brain Pov-er. ■ m. 0.13- a SuETeritit! from complflintj Li.flUIK9 ínDR. KAIITER-S IKON 1ON1C a safe and speed y cíitr. Gfvesa olear, béuthy complexión. Freinient nttemt'ts at coiiiitcrfeit■u!yald to the pop" Inri t y nf tho orlainu íq notexperimoüt- -oí the Original anp Iíkbt, a Dr. HARTER'S LÍVER fíLLS V re Constíjtation.Llver Coinniaint and Síck ■ Che. Snmple Do3e and Uream TíookH ( a reeelpt of two e. ais in pcstLge. f Addrest tin; Dit. Hauteií Mruhivk company 213 North Main Btreet. St. LÓiüs, Mo, OouM espress the agoay I cmluird fruin Khcuii:ai:-:n. and It wan ali I coulit do to endure ü. Crippled. imt aMe to walk or sloep. I twk two-ttjirtts of & bottle of ATHLO PH0R0S od In ■ few days w wcll." T K. Chatfield, SA5 Ilth Avenue, Milwkukee, Wis. Atblopboros Is the only real cure for litnumnüsm ever discovered. Ank jour druglit fur Atblovboros. If you osnri'it pot it "f tiirn do uot trr omettiing eUe, but order at once from us. We wlll êtni ft exprr-sí jiaidon nvript of price, $1.00 per Iwttle. ATHLOPHOKOS CO.. 112 Wall St.. Ntw York. I ÏL-'rnüv Cures X Prevants 1 v -t,:: ' Cold9, ' I ESftft JBF Coughs, HPVfav Sore Throat, ■■■■■L Hoarsencss, -- ■ StifTNeck, VfekHOfBnilK. Bronchitis, MalWLSëiWk. Catarrh, BSWWaWMpy Headache, HLlaSÏüyJLS Toothache, r:.iïi!,' ra!. Rheumatism, SpKsHflB Neuralgia, If ' " Asthma, Frostbites, II Chilblains, qnlfker thnn ny known remedy. It was the flrrt and is the only PAIN REMEDY Thdt instantly Ptops the most oxcruclatin(f patns, alliivs Intiaraination aml oures OongeatlOQt whether of the l.i;u_'s, StomftOb, Bowols. or othör glands, or oí ii s, b] One applicatlon, No ii'dtier how violent or c.xciuciating the pain the Klnnmifittc. Beilrhkien, Intirm, Crippled, Nerriiii-, Ni'urulgic, or prostrated wttb disease ruaysufRADW ÏÏ'S READY RELIEF wlll afford instant cure, Thïrl v to Bi iy dropa In half a turabler of trater will In b few luinuteA cure Cramps, Spasnis, 8our Stomacli. Na isoa. Voniitim:, Hlpitatton of the ){i-;m: Ia mul lever. Kaintness, lleartburn.Si k H-adat'lic. Dlarrhooa, Dynentery, Collo, Wiini ín til e ll'.)wol and all in torn al p;iins. Fiktv ('t;is pek BOTTLK. Bold by Drugglsta Dr. RADWAY & CO.. N. Y„ Proprietor of Tludwav'f Snr.aparïHa Rosolvent and Dr. Kadwuy's Pilis. "Pa, why is a girl called a belle?" asked Clara. "Oh, I gucss it's because of lier tongue," unfeelingly replied tho old man. - New York Sun. Ploasant to the tasto, surprisingly quick in effect and económica] in price - o wonder tbiit Dr. Buli's Cougb Byrup is the leadiug preparatiou of its kind ia the market. __ ___ Olil fntleman (to messensper boy, : who is running at the top of bis speed) i - "Great heavens, Lad, what the itrouble?" ÜAessenger boy (breathless1 , ) "Don't stop me, sir, don't stop me. l'm goin1 to me dinner." - N. Y. Sun "Why don't yon try tlio hot-water cure?" aiked Tompkins of a friend who waa complaining of indigestión. "Drink acupof hot water every morning " "I do," was the reply "I drink pur boarding house te:i evory niorning " The Sinu tr'ilic of Indiana have a subchief who is named: ' The-nian-whoran-so- be bind." It is needlees to say that his sqnaw was after him with a club. "Breathes tbere aman with soul so dead, who liever 1 ► hitnself h is su i.l. J"ll cure tny bilLg lioad, with Sulvatiou Oil;' "Yes a few tellows, but thoy are of ligbt woiglit. " Randall's sóbeme for reducing the revenue ought to bu popular, tlioro aro so niany men who would Ije glud to have free sugar and whisky. - Boston Post He Thanks His Paper. Mr. Editor: 1 was induced by reading your goöd paper to try Dr. Harter's Iron Tonic Lor debility, liver disorder and Miol'ula. -iinl three bottlcs lmve curod me. Accept my tbanks. Jos. U. Boggs. - Bx. It is curious but a man is called f aster when lie goes slow on food. - Boston Post. lsadancaroas u well sa dintrefisir.L complaint. IÍ neglected, it tend. by inipairin imtrititm, and deprtíiii(t che tono of the itystom, to prepare the waf for Rapid Declina. _ I ÈËhè M i W B ' BEST TÖM!C l Qnicklj nd comnletely Onren JyutpHÏa in all it forms, llcarfmirn, KflrhiiiK TaNthtff the Food. etc. It onricims nnd pur:: ■■mulates the appetite, and aids the aaaimilation of food. Mr. Will Lawrence, 406 8, Jackson St.. JackBon. Mich., wij-h: " I have used Bromt'a Iron Bitters for Dydpepsia, and considor it nn unequaled remedy." Mr. A. A. Guiffiíí, Saginaw Ciry, Mich., saya: "I have been troubled with Tyspepsiji foryears, and have tried ntany romcdiea with littleorno benefit, I used Brown'B Iron Bitters with much beuetit and cheerfully reoomineud it," Genuine has above Mark and crossed red linet on wrapper. Tako HO otlier. M'idc only by BKiMV.N OBSmOiX CO.. BALTIMOXE, MD. Havo beon heartily enjoyfid by th6 citizens of nearly every :own and city in tlie Uuited States. Marvelons Cures have been performed, and vitnessed by thoueamls of people, who in testify to THK WONBKKFt'L HFAI.INO POWER OF Hamlin's Wizard Oil. IT HAS NO EQCAL FOH TI1K CL'RE OF RHEUMATISM. NEURALGIA.TOOTHACHE. EARACHE, HEADACHE, CAfARRH. CROUP. SORE THROAT, LAME BACK.CONTRACTED CORDS. STIFF JOINTS. SPRAINS. BRUISES. BURNS. And Many Olher Pains Caused by Accident or Discase. It is safo and nnre, ((x-s itrf work quiokly and givesnn i versal satipfaction. Forsalebydrní?f?iste. jPrice.50c. OoirSonBook malled freetoevorj'body. Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO. THE GKA2ÍD HAPIDS IIEItD Holstein-Friesians. Abont 100 ins.T of hoth sexes and all ages. Sevoral Head of BULLS READY for SERVICE Up to two years old. Choice Cows and Heifers breci to my prize service bulls Prins Midlum and Jonge Carré, Who have no superiors. A specialty ol yöunp pairs not akin for foundation stock. J5verv Head Keffistered and Guaranteed Fure-Itred. Write for Catalogue and pricest and state age and sex desiretl, or come and see the herd, M. 1. SWKKT, Brccder anl Importer, [mention this paper.] Grand Kaplds, Mich. REPU3LICAN VALLEY STOCK FARM. AVERY & COLEMAN, PROPRIETORS, WAKEF1ELD, CLAY CO., KAN. Theoldestand ■■MHHHHIBPI most eztn- ■ - .i- - T. estahlinhnu'Qt JUBBGttWÊ " '' -+MÍ w-m of i.l HEBsE ■ jh Over KurhtT jwüBÍHmMB Head of I'urt' Brcd and VBSmHH siLiB Hifh ör Peroheron gj StitlHons aad Mhchou R band; a so rew recor E ded d Frcncli M CoachiTh. Save the H risk an1 o x pc n long railr l ■ mvi H sliippink' ü tltl K, ,.:ir BEBE H'iTM-S at HHfl rel, ui lelia I. lp IHBh reputt.uns as "!iW"B era. Oup tmported Stock II rejflstred In the P.-f-heron Btud of Fe in-'' xnl A ".ie ( ■■. We .iiranteO all st k 1c Bi-et'ilcrs ju-t as r. pre-euud. Eend f oi ctlogui; No. 5, tree. AVERY & COLEMAN, Props., Wakefield, Clay County. Kan. Tho Graal Nurs.ry of PERCHERON HORSES. j 200 Imported Brood Mares B9W_ O' Clioicost Parailles. mB209BBEXii AU Asia, hoth Sexes, r H Wk IN STOCK 300 to '1OO LHPOHTED ANM'ALLT rrom PYaiice. al u extended podlffrew in the Perdieron Stud BoOKa. Tho Pcrchrron istlioonly draft )recd oí France posseinpc a stud buok that nna the rapport and endoneioent Oi Ui Fit'nch Government. ïeml for 120-jjagü Ottalotïue, ilhislration by Uoê BoiAeup. M. w. DUNHAM, Wone, DuPsbo Co., Illinois


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